Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Happy Couple's Last Night Together

These last couple of days have been pretty uneventful. Jordan and Jeff have been doing their usual routine of making out and bickering. Jordan has finally figured out that Natalie is not to be trusted, although I'm sure that will change the next time she talks to her.

Kevin and Natalie have continued their scheming. She came up with this great idea of trading her vote for the Jeff's vacation and Michelle's TV that they have won in earlier competition...but not follow through with the vote. Good one. They've also continued to pull pranks that nobody else seems to care about.

It's all rather boring.


Philly Bob said...

Instead of "Big Brother", they should re-name it "As The Paint Dries". no afternoon soap opera here kiddies!

bish said...

At least if Natalie would have done that, the good thing for her is that the winner isn't decided on by votes from the other house guests, so if she royal fucked them over like that it wouldn't severely hurt her chances of winning.

Philly Bob said...

The winner IS decided by other houseguests (jury) but it would only be Jeff or Michele that she screwed so she'd still have the votes from the rest of the jury. And if Michele was in final 2, there'd only be one of the two against her.

bish said...

I know, I was being facetious.
And you never know what kind of damage Jeff could do in the jury house. If, and that's a huge if, he was smart enough to piece a bunch of things together he and the other jury members could compare notes and realize that Natalie pretty much screwed them all at one point or another.
Anyway that's all theoretical, because if and when Michelle wins the HOH next week, barring a miracle in the POV, I'm pretty confident Natalie will be out the door.

Philly Bob said...

Let us pray... OK.... :)

AName said...

I guess some peoples prayers are just not answered-LOL

God only answers stuff that matters. Im sure he didnt care a damm thing about whether Michelle or Natalie won HOH

God Bless us all for some of the crazy stuff we ask for