Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who Will Kevin Vote Out Tonight?

From a late night conversation between Natalie and Kevin, it is almost a lock that Kevin is going to vote out Michele.

However the production staff has managed to get in Kevin's head where he is questioning his moves and Natalie is not pleased.

If you have the feeds - use Flashback to tune into the early morning feeds - around 1:45am or so on camera's 3 & 4. You can watch Kevin discuss his options and how Production has talked about him possibly keeping Michele tonight and even taking her to the end.

Natalie is obviously not pleased that the production staff is putting these thoughts in his head and has said to him that if he doesn't take her to the final two he will have no chance to win. She will ensure Jesse doesn't vote for him to win and she will vote for Michele or Jordan as well. Kevin tries to calm Natalie that he won't be going against their plans but I personally would LOVE to see Kevin mix it up and am a bit annoyed with Natalie's bully tactics with Kevin to get him to do what she wants - its his POV to use by gosh.

Natalie also says she will throw the endurance competition to him once Jordan is out. She wants Kevin to understand that she COULD beat him if she wanted to - but she is going to let him win (really miss slip and slide?).

Jordan apparently may have agreed to throw the endurance competition to Kevin as a sign of loyalty for him to take her to the final two. A plan that at the moment Kevin isn't planning on keeping.

I was enjoying Natalie's game for a bit then - but her attitude is getting on my nerves now.

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AName said...

Oh Really, i wouldnt have never knew you was enjoying her game. You seem to had all of us fooled with that comment.

Plus what else is knew about production, they tried to get Jeff to get rid of them when they was telling Jeff and Jordan to keep Rusell too. Jeff and Jordan complained over and over again at them. Now Kevin and Natalie is saying the same thing. Got to give America what they want right. They will do anything to get their way including writing people to say that Kevin and Natalie are cheating even after they have gave a gift to the other side.(lol)

Seems too me that Kevin and Natalie has been fighting more odds then anybody else. They been fighting the house, production and the americas great caring fans also(lol)

And now america wants to vote for Michlle to win, anybody that goes against Kevin and Natalie is right OK. LMFAO

IndyMike said...

Aname - I said a long time ago I thought Natalie was playing the best 'game' in the house. Check the tape.

Philly Bob said...

Sorry Mike, I have to disagree with you. If Gnat were playing the game using the usual lies and deceit, I would say yes, great game. But, to do the things she is doing to Michele is just deplorable. Not even Evel Dick or Dr Will would stoop that low. Wanting to put a known allergen in her drink could have killed her and now I hear she was talking about putting bleach in her contact solution?? Sorry man, that piece of shit is sick in the head. It would be like a defensemen pulling out a crowbar and breaking the knees of the opposing receiver. As much as I hate "The Thing That Won't Die", I'd still NEVER wish or do bodily harm to her... I have to look at myself in the mirror in the morning. I think even the DR has had it with her.

Reefer Jello said...

Well...here's where I'm at.

I have dumped BBAD for obvious reasons. I don't have the feeds, so I'm down to just watching the regular show to see how it pans out.

Natalie is a despicable human being. Her parents must be embarrassed beyond belief, watching their daughter show the world what an evil little scumbag she is.

P Bob...I know how it is when someone has habits that drive you up the wall...and it looks like Michelle has those habits for you.

But I look it it this way.....if Michelle was my old lady...I would be proud of hell of her for what she has achieved.

First of all...she has dropped TWENTY FIVE pounds and has gotten her ass looking tight and sweet.

She played the game without a partner and was NOT a floater. She got in there and mixed it up in the competitions.

Yeah...,if I was her old man...I'd be pretty excited about getting her home and in the bed. Good job, Michelle.

Kevin is amazing to me. How did CBS ever find a gay guy that had NO sense of fashion? Talk about an oxymoron?!

Some of the color combinations that fella puts together would have even gotten him thrown out of Haight/Ashbury...in its prime.

Philly Bob said...

Reefer... believe it or not... Michele is pretty much just like my old lady! Everything I love about Michele, I love about my wife. They have SO much in common, it's hilarious. It's just that my wife is 51 and STILL looks as good as Michele does! (except for the legs... M has legs that won't quit, but then again, so did my wife 25 years ago!) I also think M has more patience than my wife but then again, if you knew me and my warped sense of humor, you'd have lost your patience years ago too! :)

Scott said...

To be fair, while Kevin is blaming it all on production, he did have a lengthy conversation with Michelle an hour before these comments, and she laid out a pretty convincing case for saving her over Jordan.

It won't happen, but she had to give it a shot.

bish said...

As much as Natalie is strong arming him to do what she wants, it makes the most sense to me that Kevin get rid of Michelle. As of right now I think the only person he could win against in the final 2 is Jordan. There is no way I believe he wins against Michelle or Natalie. And by getting rid of Michelle he's just improving his chances of winning the final HOH.

It sucks to say, but Natalie has the best chance of winning this game. I think Michelle would be her only competition, so much so that I feel the jury votes would be 3-3. So as long as one of Jordan or Kevin is dumb enough to take her to the final 2, she has this thing wrapped up. In a perfect world of course all her incessant lying will come back to bite her in the ass, but I doubt that will happen.

And Kevin's only shot of winning is to bring Jordan to the finals. So again, Kevin's best move right now is to get rid of Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Get that psycho bitch Natalie OUT of the house!! She is dangerous!! What she's talking about is at the very least attempted murder.. and the bleach in the contact solution.. that could blind Michelle for life. This has gone way passed game talk.. that bitch has lost her freaking mind!! Michelle better invest in one hell of a restraining order when she gets out. The producers need to get Natalie out of there. Let's see.. Chima (who was crazy too) got kicked out for breaking a microphone and talking back to the producers, Justin from Season 2 got kicked out for playfully holding a knife to someone else and asking if they could kill them. NO ONE took it serious but he was kicked out. Natalie is by far the worst of anyone who has ever been on this show and she is a threat to anyone who doesn't bow down to her and I can't wait till she gets out and sees just how hated she is.

AName said...

Scott, youre kiddin right. Michelle didnt say not one thing that Kevin and Natalie knew she was going to say anyway. Also, when Michelle first went up to Kevin after production strategiclly called Natalie to the DR. Kevin told her he would do it if she came up with something to make Natalie dont think he didnt just stab her in the back by taking Michelle. What Michelle came up with was nothing. The regular garbage, "you can beat me but you cant beat Natalie" in a final2. That didnt change anything. Then the DR called him in again for an hour so Natalie couldnt get back with him and hoping that Natalie would fall asleep and she didnt. They called Natalie and Kevin in there over and over again to give Jordan and Michelle time to tell Kevin what production had told each of them in the diary room.

You know like I know they told him to go with Michelle, that is what america wants and at this point they are trying to please their fan base which is talking about never watching again and reporting that Michelle and Kevin cheated on the POV to te TV industry(bullshit again)

So to say what Michelle convinced Kevin with the garbage that she took to him is pure bullshit. He wants to get rid of Natalie anyway but knows she has some pull in the house and if he puts her out, he will not get her and Jesse vote for sure(at least thats what she has made him think.

Im not sure who would win this thing but I do agree with Bish that Kevin would not beat Michelle and would be stupid to take her. On the other hand, i think its a toss up against Jordan and Natalie and he could go with either one of them he wants. I do think that if he dumps Natalie that she will vote against him and it will be a 3-3 tie with Jordan and Jordan will win the whole thing if america gets their way about it.

Which ever way it goes, i just hope it is solved in the damm jury house where the game is suppose to be decided. You always hear how revengeful the jurors are but in reality, the people that write on these boards are 10 time more revengeful and negative towards people than any jurors i have ever seen

AName said...

You can talk anything you want too as long as you dont do it November, Ask Jeff who threaten to kill peoples family. Oh but he was joking and Natalie wasnt so that makes it all good

Im with you on I hope she gets put out but not just for saying shit and so called cheatin or taking a bath. Those are not reasons for her to evicted no matter how you try to make it like its a felony

Scott said...

Aname, please reread what I wrote. I never stated that she succeeded in her plea; I just stated that she laid out some truths. Of course, he dismissed it and told Natalie everything she said. That's what he has (stupidly) done since day one.

AName said...

Not going to argue with you but she asked him why was he doubting their plan and why was he in the dr so long and he told her production was telling her to take Michelle. You said it wasnt all on production and that Michelle laid it out for him. Im saying that Michelle laid out something they knew she was going to say. You are wrong, it was production trying to make him go the other way period not Michelle. case close, end of conversation