Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live Show on Sunday too?

Feeds have been on Trivia for a long time this morning - when they returned briefly a few minutes ago we heard Kevin talking and he commented that they would not know the final two until Sunday.

That makes it sound like Sunday might be another live show - and we'll see one of the three walk out the door that night.

That would give America time to vote in place of Chima and give the jury time to get together. The HGs usually sat around bored for 5 days anyways when the season wound down with an eviction on Thursday and final show not until the next Tuesday.

Nothing has really gone on since the last post. The HGs practiced last night - they assume it is for Part II so Kevin only tried the ball game a few times. Mostly he helped Natalie. He did work with Jordan early in the evening but after midnight Jordan had to practice alone while Kevin and Natalie played pool or hung out inside.

The consensus among those watching is that Jordan was better at it that Natalie. Of course Jesse stunk at the ball in the bucket competition and won HoH so the practice isn't really much of an indication as the final game will be different - and will most likely also include some questions.

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Unknown said...

nah, sunday's a clip show. read the bottom of this:

Scott said...

Don't you think all of the reminiscing that was going on last night was at the urging of production for the clip show?

bish said...

Oh god a clip show. Well if they have a whole episode dedicated to rehashing the season, what the hell are they going to fill that extra hour at the finale with?

Philly Bob said...

What to fill an hour with?? Gnat telling the world how great she is and how she played an honest game!
Hell, that'll go on for YEARS! :)

ale said...

I'm looking forward to that extra hour, actually. I think it would be nice to have a reunion-type situation once the finalists come out. The finale always seems so incomplete to me.

gmas3 said...

What name did kevin use for natalie when he gave his speech tonight????

gmas3 said...

What did Kevin call Natalie tonight when he said he would not take her????