Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeds Over - Whose Going To Win?

It's possible we'll get another last look, but this screencap indicates we're not going to see the final three until tonight's broadcast.

So who do you predict is going to win tonight? I'm starting to believe that neither Jordan or Kevin will select Natalie to go to the finals (which should lead to an interesting outburst), and that Kevin will beat Jordan in a landslide.

As for tonight's format, Kevin said last night that the finalists will get a 90 second closing speech, and then will get a question from only three jury members. Unless Natalie somehow makes it to this point, I doubt that this segment will be that interesting. Jeff did all of Jordan's dirty work, so nobody truly hates her (ok, maybe Lydia), and the only person truly pissed at Kevin would be Jeff. Natalie may perceive herself as having the cliched "no blood on my hands", but at this point everybody knows this is not true. Plus, the age lie won't help her.


IndyMike said...

Feeds are back - but all we have are three sleeping HGs ;)

AmazingGreis said...

I think Jordan may take Natalie and I hope she'll beat her. If it's Kevin/Jordan I'll be happy either way. Just as long as Natlie doesn't win. I'd prefer she not make the final 2 at all.

Unknown said...

I really think Jordan will win if she makes it to final 2. She will have Jeff, michele and americas vote all she needs is 1 more.

JayRich said...

Kevin definitely deserves to win it all but unfortunately for him, he wil take Jordan and lose all the half a million to Jordan. On the other hand if Jordan wins, im not sure she wont take Natalie and still win it all. Jordan will get split votes with either one and win this hands down with America giving it to their dumb country sweetheart who really dont deserve to even be there.(Hot diggidy dog)