Friday, September 4, 2009

Ross Matthews interviews Jeff from Big Brother 11

via The Insider


Singavette said...

Jeff's biggest mistake was falling for the web of lies that Kevin and Natalie spun. He had final 4 locked but didn't think he was up to a head-to-head battle with Russell. He dug his own grave.

bish said...

I think Jeff is going to surprised at how much he and Russ get along in the jury house. They both have a lot of common sense and they both seemed to have been able to separate themselves from the game pretty quickly after their eviction.

bish said...

So Natalie is planning on playing the Christian card during her speech for her reason of nominating Michelle. Something about making a deal with the devil and saving her soul? I don't know. Does she not realize that the entire house already knows Michelle is going up regardless?
And my favorite line was "What America doesn't know is that Michelle was what caused Chima to throw her microphone". Again, does she not realize there are cameras all over the house and we literally see everything that goes on?
If I talked that much bullshit that constantly I'd probably punch myself int he face.

AName said...

Great interview Jeff and you were so right dude, Russell is not a dumb dude and he would have took you down if he had won the HOH that Kevin won. It just was the smart thing to do even though people seem to forget the Dan move he put on Ollie. This is Big Brother, final 4 deals or any other deals dont mean squat.

GO JEFF GO, and i bet you and Russell will become good friends in the Jury house