Wednesday, September 2, 2009

(Potential) Final (not very fab) Four!

The HGs aren't being too interesting these days, and unless something drastic happens between today and tomorrow night, it appears Jeff is a sure bet to leave the house. We've found out that the most worthless luxury (possibly ever?) was not game-altering in the least bit. I mean, making it rain money and having HGs stuff it wherever they can? I hope some Fat Joe featuring Lil' Wayne 'Make It Rain' played while it rained on them 'hoes'. (Side note, am I alone in being really disappointed by the quality of competitions in the latter part of this season?)

So it would stand that our final 4 is Natalie (post surgical removal from Jesse's neck), Kevin (still spineless, even as HoH), Jordan (who is probably just as confused as the rest of us about why she's even there) and Michele (*giggle*). Let's review their actions in the game, shall we?

Strategy: slept through half the season with Jesse, waking up to stir the occasional shit and make him a sandwich now and then. Post Jesse, she is yet to cook her own food but does wake up to occasionally engage in what she does best: cheat at pool and lie, lie, lie.
Best known for: worst hygiene in BB history. She refused to shower the very same week she was on her period. I don't know how aware everyone is of ladies' situations down there during that time, but SHEESH!

Strategy: I..really don't know. Lay low? To the point where, how can I put this, we forgot he was in the house til last week.
Best known for: being Chima's bitch, trying to contain Lydia, delivering entertaining DRs- a total of 2 minutes of liveliness per week.

Strategy: scratched Jeff's back. Jordan is Jordan, although she did win a Veto (fair and square), which is more than can be said for Natalie.
Best known for: not taking Jeff up on offers most of the women in America would not decline. (Side note: I'm not being a pig, just stating facts. So haters, chill out.)

Strategy: mumble everything, so that when confronted with her lies, she can deny them and others will be nonethewiser, because honestly- no one can catch half of what she says if they tried.
Best known for: 3 Vetoes, one short-lived HoH where she didn't even have to lift a finger to evict her target! (Thanks, Chima!) Of course, being the winningest competitor this season.

So there they are, our F4. I'm still wrapping my mind around it, but what do you think? Who has the best/worst shot at winning it all? Who would you like to see in the F2? Two weeks to go, get your bets in!


Scott said...

Fantastic analysis!

Scott said...

And I agree that the "make it rain" luxury comp was a complete waste. I love how they attempted to edit it into a parable about greed.

The whole key thing was worthless. I'm not saying that it should have saved Jeff, but finding it should have meant at least an additional prize.

lmanson said...


Natalie: I swear if I don't get a heating pad I am going to bust out this f---ng house

Jeff: YES! would that mean I am safe?

Natalie: If they don't get me one I am going to take a chair and bust it into that camera

If I was Jeff I would go find a camera and say "Please BB don't give her a heating pad!"


bish said...

I think this season on a whole has had some of the worst competitions ever. But especially during this last stretch. Shouldn't now be when they are weeding out the shitty players, and making the HG's really earn it?
A face morphing POV this late in the game? Really? I think Allison Grodner has done some good work since she's taken the helm, but it's definitely time to get some new eyes in there and to revamp the game.

Scott said...

Hell, even I Love Money has better competitions.

Unknown said...

I am sorry to say, but this has probably been the most BORING season to date. For the first 10 season I would watch every move, watch the live feeds, read blogs, and of course watch the episodes. And when BBAD came out I was so excited.But I have barely watched this year, I just catch up with whats going on right here. Yes, there are have been a "few" interesting moments, but that was about it. I hope next year we get some more interesting houseguest. And a lot more game play.

bish said...

It seems that it's really hard for them to find that good balance though. Of a personality but also a smart game player. It's either one or the other.
They fill the house with strong personalities, but horrible game players and it turns out like season 9 and 10, which were two of my least favorite seasons. Everyone was playing on emotion rather than strategy and just evicting the people they didn't like, save for a handful of people obviously.

This year it seemed like they had a pretty decent balance of strong personalities and strong game players, but unfortunately for all of us watching those people were the first ones evicted. Jesse and Ronnie were annoying but they had good game skills for the most part. Casey was hilarious and I bet he would have done some damage in the house had the power been on the other side. I think Laura would have done alright. She seemed smarter than she looked. And Russell was good all around.
But obviously those people are the biggest threats, so they were evicted the first chance people got, and now we are left with two idiots, a socially inept scientist, a compulsive liar, and a guy that is hilarious and feisty when he's in the diary room, but as soon as he's around people he gets absorbed into the furniture.

Scott said...

Well, evicting good players is good game play.

Believing whatever bullshit you hear (attention Jeff and Jordan) is not.

Natalie is the hardest working player left, but I'd hardly call her a good player. (Cue to a certain person to bitch at this response - lol.)

Unknown said...

i think the first mistake of the season was allowing a former HG in the game. it seemed like half the house was star struck by jessie. which is just sad.
I think the season would have been a heck of a lot different if jesse wasnt there.
its now the season of the coat tail riders.

bish said...


Oh absolutely it was the smartest move to get rid of the strong players when you can. But like I said, it's just unfortunate for us that those players were ousted so early, and now we're left with the scraps.

And Harlan is absolutely right that it was a bad move on Grodner's part to bring back a former HG. He didn't even do anything and he already had about 6 people under his thumb. Personally I'd rather see the house divide after week 2 or 3, hell even wait till after the first eviction. But day one? That got us off to a pretty lame start.

Scott said...

I agree that allowing a former house guest was a big mistake, but an even bigger mistake was the teams. It allowed way too many people to skate by the first few weeks...most notably Kevin and Jordan.

catnap said...

I don't Know, Know care.
What you said about the final four
was right on.

Who thought up these comp. this year.
My eight year old grandson could have done better.

David__ said...

Here's to next year...hopefully it's on.

Philly Bob said...

Yeah, it's not like past seasons (even 9 & 10) where when the hamsters weren't playing game, they were socializing and playing GAMES! The Natalie / Chelsia thing had to be the wildest thing on BB I've seen in some time! And even ED, he got involved with other players playing beer pong et al. This crew was nasty to each other within the first week and were about as exciting to watch as a field full of phone poles. I actually applied this year... I'm glad I didn't make it. I'd have evicted myself! :)

AName said...

Hiliarious at Best

Natalie: Not Much to defend here.
She is a good liar and cheater but she managed to suck my favorite player and americas goody 2shoes player into believing a big lie that may have cost him the game. Plus there have been so many people that havent cooked in the bb house that I dont know if thats even worthy of talking about.

Kevin: Use the same lay low stradegy that Memphis used last year and even won more contest than Memphis did and and if I recalled, you admired him to death last year. Hmmm And thats funny, I never even thought of him as Chimas bitch but hey lump all the ones that were together(jesses team) and just make them one big cesspool

Jordan: one of the worst players ever in BB history. Was to jeff what Natalie was to Jesse but from your perspective(she scratched jeffs back) and natalie was surgigically removed from Jesse)LOL. Oh and won a veto fair and square???, even Jordan admits she knew nothing and guessed her way to that veto. admiration, applause,whatever

Michelle: Great competitor but I still say Russell was dead on about the fact that she is KOO KOO KOO KOO KOO KOO. One of the most low self esteem players(those fake looks-smiles into the mirrows where priceless) I have ever seen and is matched only by Natalie with their open mouth chewing into the Mics

Nothing new about this review. Very Bias as usual about team Jesse with nothing positive to say and very little bad stuff to say about americas team with at least 1or 2 positives things to say.

If someone had asked me before hand, I could have told them how this review would be written

Reefer Jello said...

Natalie is constantly shuffling cards. Card shuffling is an act of passive aggression. The sound of constant card shuffling will drive people berserk after awhile. I have know a few people like her and I have had to thump a couple of them over the years to get their attention.

ale said...

Ok, so it wasn't just me. The comps suck gnarly balls!

Re: Natalie, I'm just waiting for her to burn out. She just NEVER stops!

bish said...

So a bunch of people over at Sillyhamsters are throwing out the idea that Russell may return to the house or something? They gathered this because his picture was in color in the opening credits or something?
Do you think this has ANY legs whatsoever? It would be pretty interesting if he returned, but I don't think they should throw him back in the house just for the sake of shaking things up.

Irishcurse said...

The biggest mistake was bringing past season HG's back. Meathead wins the first HOH by doing what? Then he gets a couple star fuckers to kiss his ass and in the first day the house is divided. Usually it takes a week or 2 to get the house that split. It went downhill from there.

Natalie is a disgusting human being. She cheats at games with her friends. She has skated as much as Jordan ( she hasn't won anything ). If the stupid cliques thing wasn't there she would have been gone sooner because she wouldn't have had the support of the "Team ".

Michelle has played decent and has endured more than any other there. She does have something wrong with her but I still thinks she deserves to be there.

Kevin floated but as the numbers got down to about 8 he started becoming competitive.

J&J were a good team. Jordon was likable and considered not to be threat while riding with Jeff. Jeff played well until he believed Natalie ( why I don't know she showed lots of signs of being a snake earlier)

Worst season easily yet has great ratings. Makes no sense.

AName said...

Jeffs my favorite player but he havent done jack shit in this game but get a pass.

J&J would have been gone long time ago if it wasnt for the gift.

Of course its the worst season, americas favorite players are gone as of thur.LOL

Cal said...

Russell coming back? What, BB needs to stall a week for the finale?

Someone in production most likely was careless and didn't update the opening.

I don't think it's happening. And even if BB was so out of ideas to think of bringing Russell back, if he's not in there before Thursday's vote, what is the point? A replay of James' return?

And it would have been hyped a lot more than the "game changing" effect of that silly key.

Besides, someone should be able to look at a calendar and figure out what would happen if they still had 5 players after Thursday, yes?

On the analysis, Kevin makes all the right sounds (agrees Nat has the votes, she left him in the box, blah, blah, blah), but when it comes time for actually doing something, he's like an ice cube on a hot griddle, hissing as he melts into a puddle and evaporates. He's next on Nat's hit list and road to the money (of course, she'll get Michelle or Jordan to do the dirty work so she can continue to say "I never put any of you on the block" as she adjusts her halo. Important point to make with the Jury.)

ale said...

To pick up on one of Richie's points, the rating being great for this season is probably not a good thing for game quality. I'm afraid good game players will become more and more rare, as AGP focuses on chaos and drama being ratings grabbers over strategy. D'ya think we'll see more unstable casts like this as a result? ;/

bish said...

Ale, it's sadly been going that way for a while now. Like I said earlier season 9 and 10 were probably my least favorite seasons purely for the HG's that were in those seasons. It was all about over the top personalities and drama rather than skillful game play, or game play at all in some instances. Hell, season 9 reminded me more of The Real World than anything else. Unfortunately Joe Viewer isn't interested in strategy and the human chess match parts of Big Brother. They're drawn in by people bitching and screaming at each other.
This seasons cast seemed to be a decent balance, but with how much coverage they got over the Chima incident combined with Lydia's bi-polar behavior I can only imagine things getting much worse cast wise before they get better.
I'm all for personalities, otherwise the game gets boring, especially in the later stages like right now. But I don't like the thought of sacrificing an interesting game in favor of making trashy reality TV.

lmanson said...

there might be more 'real' game play if they would stop recruiting more than half the cast and go with more applicants that have seen more than one seasons worth as prep work... It can't be that they don't get enough that apply?!

AName said...

I agree 100% with Imanson on this one. Stop trying to put beauty and atheletic bodies in the house and just maybe we can get some real players in this game.

Also, I know its for ratings but no more gifts to players who havent done a damm thing in the game either. It makes the game look like its fixed which we already know it is.

You hit it right on the nail IMANSON