Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday - We've almost reached the end of BB11

Hello Big Brother Peoples, one day to go and as is usually the case this time of year we've run out of steam ;)

Has the game changed at all since Friday when I last posted? Not really.

Do we know for sure who will take who to the final two tomorrow? Not really.

Any better sense of how the Jury will vote? Nope.

America's vote? For Kevin over Natalie and Jordan over the other two.

So what in the world have I learned? A couple things not related to the game at all.

Last night the HGs talked about Chima's eviction. It was pretty un-censored and Natalie told the other two that one thing that went on their neither knew about was that she and Lydia and Chima covered the cameras in the Red bedroom and put pillows over all the mirrors and took off their mics - they then were called into the DR as a group and told to knock it off. Truth or fiction? We won't know unless someone asks them after the show.

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Oli Smythe said...

I saw Chima put the cover over the camera in RR, and I assume they did the other as they were all schemers. I don't doubt that at all. I heard production tell Chima to cut it out, and I think they went to the fish. For what the live feeds charge us each month, we've had far too many fish all season. I don't understand why this group of HG's have been able to get away with all the junk they have. A most disrespectful group of HG's in BB history. I mean ED's antics don't compare at all to the lie, cheat and steal tactics of this group.

Reefer Jello said...

A plane pulling a banner flew over the BB House at 2:10 PM BB time today.

If any of you know what it said...would you please post it for us.

Reefer Jello said...
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Scott said...

It appears that BB flew their own banner over the house...probably for tomorrow's show.

Sorry I haven't posted the last couple of days, but there really hasn't been anything of note. It's been nothing but the same multiple promises from all three people, and Nat driving the other two crazy with her neediness.

Unknown said...

i watched the recaps on sunday and cant believe the way nasty was crying over jessie[known 2 months] where she gets a surprise engagement and no emotion[tears,giggling,hugs,etc.]didnt she say her bfs family doesnt care for her. guess $500.000.oo can turn things around[for alittle time]i HOPE she gets called out. i HOPE the jury house sees all.i HOPE that pbs HOPE is still in the house and will come into play...I HOPE..

Cal said...

Darn, I was hoping it said "Surrender Dorothy"

Cal said...

Never understood the nutjobs who paid for banners to fly over. It's a bloody game...