Friday, September 18, 2009

Live From the Studio - Live In Vegas This Weekend.

As I type this I am watching a meet and greet in Vegas. The HGs will be on camera tonight and tomorrow so if you have your subscription to the feeds you might want to check them out this weekend. I've already seem Jeff (BB11), Chelsia (BB9), Zach (BB8), James (BB6), Howie (BB6), George (BB1), and many many others come up to the camera to say hi.

Left to right is James, Howie, George and Chelsia. The lighting is a bit dark but tonight's broadcast wasn't even planned - they just decided to do it. Fun to see!

If you never tried Real Superpass you might do it this weekend. There are links all over the site for a free three day trial.

Here is one more picture. Jordan and Missy (from Real's BB Talk Show):