Thursday, September 3, 2009

Operation Jordan!

Natalie wants to get into Jordan's head to make it easier to get rid of Michelle. She's even planning on sleeping in the same room as those two to prevent Michelle from talking to her. She also has again pledged final two with Kevin.


Cal said...

I don't believe she'll keep Kevin. She can't. He could get Team Jesse votes. She needs him in the Jury House to be Vote No.4 and assure America can't break a tie.

I'm thinking it's more likely she'll put up Michelle and Jordan, and if either one wins POV she'll "reveal" to the winner how Kevin was so evil and backstabbing and Kevin should be voted out. And be able to say she never put anyone on the block to be voted out (this week she would claim she had "no choice").

Of course one can hope that she stays true to form and can't win the F2 competition (certainly won't get the endurance part; Kevin or Michelle should win that).

AName said...

I dont think shes even worried about americas vote. If she wins the pov and get rid of Kevin, she will lose Kevin and Lydias vote after Kevin goes back and tell her what happen.

Shes in a tough situation you ask me, Kinda like Jeff was with going with siding with either Kevin or Russell when both of them was going to take him out anyway.

Her best hope is for Jordan or Michelle to win the veto and put Kevin out and maybe, Kevin and lydia will side with her. Anything other than that and she looses

Personally, i would take my chances and take Kevin so at least im sure to be in the final 2. Banking on Michelle taking her to the final 2 is flat out crazy

bish said...

It's so hard to say. Either most of the jury looks at it and goes, okay you lied to every single one of us and have been so shady and sneaky this entire game, that we're going to give it to whoever you're sitting beside. Or they could look at all the lying and deception as great game play and give her the money based on that. She obviously has Jesse's vote for sure, but everyone else is a toss up.

I'm pretty sure she'd easily lose to Michelle considering how many comps Michelle has won, and although she floated around she never really went against her team. And that vote to keep Jeff tonight was a genius way of helping secure his vote, barring she's not sitting beside Jordan in the F2.

And I think Cal is bang on with her putting up Jordan and Michelle, hoping for Michelle to win, then getting Kevin out but playing it off as it was his fault for not winning the veto, which it would be.

As much as we all find her insanely annoying, she's playing a decent game. I hope the ludicrous amount of lies she has told come back to bite her in the ass, but she's making a huge push for final 2.

bish said...

Oh and I don't think Natalie can bank on anyone taking her to the final 2. Well, maybe Jordan.
Kevin doesn't trust her, and Michelle obviously wants her out. So she's either going to have to continue to work on Jordan or win the competitions for herself to make it.

AName said...

I think Natalie looses against everybody and possibly Jordan too. I think Jeff and Michelle are sure votes and possibly Russell and Lydia could vote against her in a final 2 with Jordan.

I dont know whether Kevin will take her or not but he dont trust Michelle even more than he dont trust Natalie and to be honest with you, we dont know how people will vote for Jordan. Unlike many people who have went to the final 2 and done nothing in the game, none of them have had the down to earth personality that Jordan have bought to the show. I promise you that all she need to do is get one of those votes and America like everybody on all the boards will def vote for her to get the money. Michelle and Jeff is voting for her no matter who she goes up against

But to be honest with you, her screaming out Chimas revenge gaurantees that CBS will do everything in ther power that she dont make final 2. It will make all you folk happy and puts a clamp on her acknowleging Chima anymore under the spotlight.

Im willing to bet my house on it, so relax people, you will get another coup d'etat under disguise

ale said...

The best thing about Natalie winning this week is that she has no power beyond this point. As gullible as Jordan is, I think she is fully aware that Michele is her best bet to get to F2.

DaveA said...

does Aname have a nice house?

As soon as Stinkynat started yelling I was out. Can't stand her. I hope Kevin wins the POV and kickes out Michelle and takes Jordan to the finals after he wins the last HOH. I like Kevin not for his game play or his wishy washy floating do nothing attitude. I like his DR sessions. Very funny

We have a black president so why not have a gay winner??? the world has gone crazy.

AName said...

Yes Davey, my house is 3 years old and do you have a problem with gays and blacks. Seems like in your view the world has gone crazy because of them. Oh, i get it, that didnt go your way either so you just want to quit. hilarious