Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Shaping Up To Be a Lazy Day

It's only fair, I guess, that I post some pics of people besides Angie. I even included one of Queen Libra.

Meanwhile, Memphis is sweet-talking Keesha. Supposedly, he'd rather that Jessie stay over Angie. He does gets in some good shots against Libra, though.

Ok, I can't resist including a few shots of my girl Angie, especially since I probably won't have too many more opportunities.


Christine said...

figures, I am home an able to lose myself in feed watching I I cannot get my feeds to connect, either thru BBviewer or real directly. Jusrt my luck!!

Thanks for the caps to give me the taste of what I am missing Scott!!!

Anonymous said...

yea get your last few good pics of that boring gurl.... cant wait til she is gone