Saturday, July 26, 2008

Libra and Jessie's Confrontation

Libra decided to confront Jessie about why he’s lobbying for her to be his replacement on the block. He’s telling her that it’s her alliance members that are her biggest enemies, but they’re obligated to her by their word. He’s being “persuaded” into campaigning against her because they can’t do it themselves. Ok, that just makes so much sense. Libra is admittedly “oblivious” to the dissent within her alliance, as well as Jerry and Renny wanting her out. Jessie doesn’t believe that she’s as clueless as she claims to be (and neither can I, isn’t she supposed to be so smart?)

He is also accusing her of being the reason for his nomination due to last week’s events. He’s going into the same ole shbeal about not being responsible for Steven’s nomination and eviction, and taking zero responsibility. Basically, he’s saying that he’s a spineless idiot who did what other people told him to do. We get it, you tool- loud and clear!

This is a one-sided conversation, with the tool talking Libra’s ear off and making me wish I could mute this thing.

Edit: It continues in the kitchen, in front of Keesha. Same shit, different part of the house.


Scott said...

Ugh, thank you for taking over. I saw that Michelle was having a similar fight with April at the same time.

Now, Libra is saying the four of them conspired to make up the Libra banner story. It is a lie, but it's Memphis and Memphis only that came up with it. But again, Angie's guilty by not participating.

ale said...

Manchelle and April's fight would have driven me over the edge. That's another level of stupid that I can't handle.

Scott said...

At least when Angie does talk about the others she's got a fantastic sarcastic wit.

Add that to my list of reasons why I love her.

ale said...

Well, to give Keesha some credit, she did just acknowledge that Angie took no part in the lie about the banner.

Sydney said...

I had to shut it down. I could not listen to him!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Scoot you love her coz shes a loser like you.... birds of a feather always flock together(lol)