Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Is Excited About Tonight's Eviction Episode?

I'm nervous yet intrigued by what's going to happen tonight. The actual eviction, and the time running up to it, will probably be a borefest, but I'm worried about what happens tonight during the HOH competition. This could be the best HOH ever, or the worst.

Here's who I don't want to see win tonight:

1. Libra. Oh, hell no. This would be a disaster, but it's also unlikely as she hasn't shown any athletic or mental skills.
2. Michelle. She may be aligned with people that I like, but I can only imagine how egotistical she'd become if she ruled the house.
3. April. She might tell Keesha she wants Libra out, but I have a feeling if she won she wouldn't have the backbone to follow through. Instead, an April win wouldn't be much different than a Libra win.
4. Ollie. See the April entry.

Here's who I wouldn't mind seeing win:

1. Angie. Well, duh. More screen time for Angie means more happiness for me. More importantly, there's no way she wouldn't put up Libra.
2. Renny. I've had a complete turnaround on her. I find her funny, adorable, and also one of the few who won't take Libra's shit. Plus, not only would Jessie probably find himself on the block but he'd be in misery with her in power.
3. Memphis. I don't think he'd put up Libra, but I also don't think he'd screw over our girl.
4. Dan. Nobody really knows what he would do if he won HOH. Yes, he's got his top-secret deal with Jessie and Michelle, but he'd probably just do the predictable Jerry/Renny nominations.
5. Keesha. Yes, she plays both sides, and I don't think she has the guts to put up Libra. But I think she'd show a lot more confidence in herself if she won HOH, and could be the only person other than Renny who would risk a Michelle or Jessie nomination.


trevor said...

Libra hasnt showed any mental skills? umm she was runner up in the tiebreaker last HOH what are you talking about???

Michelle is going to win HOH tonight.

Scott said...

You really think that was a taxing contest? Those kind of competitions are nothing but luck. If tonight's is like that one, ok she's got a shot.

bish said...

trevor I hope you're being sarcastic. One both counts.

Monica said...

Scott, I couldn't agree more with your HOH choices. As much as I thought I would dislike Dan, Memphis, and Keesha, they are quickly becoming my favorites in the house. Angie is my other top pick. But whomever wins the HOH, I really hope to see them make a strategic move and not just emotional nominations.

Trevor said...

strategic like getting rid of memphis or jessie??

Nah its gonna be all emotional estrogen drama this week! Get ready :)

Anonymous said...

I gotta say I want to see Angie win it and put up Libra and April. please gods of Big Brother let Libra go this next week....she is just awful

Christine said...

I am excited about tonights HOH competition and I agree 100% with Scotts take on who I do or don't want getting HOH.

I tuned into the Dick Pre-show and it was lame so I tuned out just as fast, kinda disappointing as I was looking forward to it, I was hoping it would be more BB centered.

Oh well less than 15 mins, I'll watch The Phillies game instead until BB starts!!