Friday, August 29, 2008

BBAD Folks must be havin fun tonight.

I tuned in the feeds over an hour ago.

So far I have heard Jerry come out of the DR and tell Rennyhe needed to take his pills - and then Renny say she was ready for her Diary Room visit.

The HGS are on an inside lock down while the back yard is prepared for the POV competition that should take place tomorrow.

And as I type this everyone seems to be getting up - I swear I didn't hear BB tell them to but they seem to realize they are on BBAD so they are all up now prepared to talk about whatever for the showtime viewer's enjoyment.


ale said...

I came home to this : Attention HGs, the Veto competition will begin in two hours.

I can see it being one of those puzzle/matchy things they do at night.

Anonymous said...

BBAD absolutely sucked! Almost an hour of watching everyone just sit there or sleep...then they got annoyingly goofy.