Thursday, August 21, 2008

Manchelle Out!


Anonymous said...

How does it look??? Ollie fixing to fall??? I can't pull up my feeds!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's see...

So far she lost because
1. She wasn't wearing a rain jacket
2. Hers was the only spot with netting hanging down and she got caught in it.
3. She got her period right before the live show

Any more excuses, Michelle?

ale said...

4. Jessie got evicted.
5. She wore a unitahd for a week.
6. Julie didn't address her during the live show.
7. She had eggs before bed last night.

Anonymous said...

8. April got evicted
9. She didn't get her Hawaiian vacation
10. It was hard to balance on that little seat so soon after a sex change operation.

ale said...

AHAHAHA...saving the best for last ;)

Scott said...

11. April stole back her only friend, the stuffed animal.
12. Her various theories about Dan being AP so confused her that she forgot to hang onto the cable.
13. She forgot what her uncle's best friend's sister told her when they had that wild party back in junior high.
14. Jerry stood by the back wall, and he's never, ever stood there before. He must be up to something.

ale said...

15. Her small boobs upset her balance. Hers are the smallest in the house, dontcha know?

Christine said...

you guys certainly are creative LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL