Saturday, August 23, 2008

Memphis And Ollie Pictures.

For you ladies that may feel we go a little heavy on the posting of female pictures. Here is Memphis and Ollie from just now. No clue where Dan is - sorry.


Anonymous said...

Who says you have to be a lady to enjoy that man-candy!

IndyMike said...

very true ;)

Anonymous said...

Memphis is beginning to look soft and puffy.

Anonymous said...

love the first two photos...but why did ya have to go ruin it for me with the last ones?
ollie sickens me...same as jessie did.
see guys, it's not all about muscle. it has to do with personality and charisma. jessie didn't have it...ollie sure as hell doesn't have it....but memphis has something about him that makes him appealing to woman...and i guess some men. :) i adored brian before he left and that man doesn't have any muscles. he has a great personality...and that is most important to us woman.
memphis is quiet and laid back but can get aggressive when he needs to (chewing jerry's ass out over womanizing comment). woman like that...or is it just me? lmao.
plus memphis likes to shop for nice things...that is a bonus right there!!
memphis is playing hard in an under-toned way. he has the ability to get his point across without being in your face or melodramatic.
slow and steady just like i like my men. :)
okay...let's get back to the game!