Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 19 Recap

In 1975, Neil Young famously sang, “Tonight’s the Night”. Yes, I know Rod Stewart also had a song with that same title, but let’s ignore that travesty.
But tonight is the night every fan of Big Brother should be watching. Depending on the edit, it could be the most epic episode in years. In fact, with Thursday’s episode featuring a double eviction, there’s a fair chance that we’ll actually see the fallout from the explosive veto meeting that was held yesterday.
There’s so much material, though, that it should be interesting to see how they structure tonight’s show…especially since they have to waste a segment on one of the houseguests receiving a phone call from home. Otherwise, we’re going to see the reactions to the nominations, some campaigning, the veto competition, more campaigning, a plot to shake up the house, and the actual veto meeting. It’s impossible to fit all the fun into 47 minutes.
So here we go with the reaction to Dan’s nominations. Ollie says he “couldn’t be in a better position right now. I get all the good stuff that comes with being HOH. I get to call all the shots, but my hands are clean.” Memphis is still pissed, though, and waves off hugs from Renny and Michelle. “I think Dan’s plan is crap.”
He does shake Jerry’s hand, though, and we once again get to hear about how Jerry is a “fighter”. Yes, we get it. Dan babbles about how the nominations will look to Ollie like he’s doing as he wanted, but will hide the awfully-named “Renegade” alliance. “Any risk I take in life is very calculated.”
Memphis follows Dan up to the HOH, and is asked if he’s really pissed. Memphis confirms it, and adds that he’s “taking a huge, huge risk”. Dan tells him to keep playing it up that he’s pissed, and Memphis says that won’t be a problem.
Dan now adds the bombshell that Ollie gets to pick a replacement nominee if the veto is used. Memphis can’t believe it. “What the hell were you smoking when you were up there?” Dan replies, “that ain’t happening”. He adds that if Ollie wins the veto and takes down Jerry, then “Michelle is going home”. In the diary room, Dan adds that Ollie is dumb to believe that he would send one of his own home.
Keesha is sleeping, but Dan wakes her up to ask if he made a mistake. Keesha won’t comment, but does admit that she doesn’t think “it will go the way you want it to”. Renny (literally) bounces in at that moment, and Dan repeats the question. Renny and Keesha have now finally figured out that Michelle and Ollie are together. Wow, that only took two weeks.
Keesha asks what happens if Jerry comes down, and Dan responds that neither of them will go up. Renny’s a quick one, that’s for sure. “You’ll have to put (Michelle) up!” She adds that if he puts her up, she’ll come back and “xxx you in the ass”. Hahahahaha! She’s not any happier when Dan once again says that they just have to trust him.
It’s now that evening, and Ollie is now telling Jerry and Michelle the third part of the deal. Michelle says that “it’s a pretty good deal”. Um, yeah. Jerry’s not so confident. “I think that’s a terrible deal that Ollie made with Dan. I don’t trust anybody in this house that they will live up to their end of a bargain.” There, my friends, is the smartest thing Jerry has said all season. Hats off to you, my friend.
Jerry also points out that they don’t have the votes, since Dan would break a tie vote. “He has us by the balls.” Ollie doesn’t agree. “We got the game in our hands right now.” If Dan doesn’t follow through, Ollie promises that “hell will be unleashed on him”
After commercials, it’s time for “America’s vote”. CBS put up a poll to see who would receive a phone call, and you can see Renny and Jerry’s eyes light up. Luckily, we can’t see Manchelle’s eyes, as she has her hands in front of them praying that she wins. Keesha doesn’t show much emotion, but cries in the diary room about the prospect of talking to her parents.
Michelle runs off into the bedroom to cry, and Renny goes in to comfort her. Ugh, we get to see her cry some more in the diary room. “OMG, I would be so grateful to America, because I think of everybody in the house I’m the one that’s by them self the most.” Jerry also comes in to cheer her up. Jerry also cries in the diary room while talking about how he hasn’t been away from his wife for this long.
It’s now the following morning, and a phone that has been placed in the living room begins to ring. Michelle is putting on jewelry, and after gathering everybody in the living room starts wondering if they should answer it. Ugh. Finally, she does, and it’s Jerry’s daughter. The phone is handed on one end to Jerry, with his great-grandson grabbing the other end. He completely breaks down when his wife takes the phone.
Michelle then starts to cry as Jerry concludes the call. Funny thing is that some people were bitching afterwards that he didn’t tell his wife that he loved her, when he clearly ended the call that way. (We also don’t see Michelle’s temper tantrum that she threw the rest of the day because she didn’t get the call.)
With the sap portion of the show out of the way, we now see Memphis join Keesha and Dan in the HOH. Keesha asks if Memphis thinks Michelle would vote him out. “If you would have asked me two weeks ago, I would have said no. If you had asked me last week, I would have said I don’t think so. You ask me this week, and I have no fucking clue.”
Keesha then asks who Michelle would have put up if she had won HOH. “Not Ollie”, says Dan. They quickly figure out that two of the four of them (including Renny) would be up in that scenario. Memphis answers Dan’s question about the best scenario with “Michelle goes home”. Dan says in the diary room that Michelle is a “tough competitor”, so why should he not send her home? For that to happen, though, somebody has to win veto.
It’s now time to pick players for the veto competition. Dan pulls out Renny, Memphis gets Keesha, and Jerry gets “player’s choice” and picks Michelle. Dan’s not happy, but Jerry explains that it’s his best move since Michelle would remove him from the block, and Dan could not put up Ollie.
Obviously, Ollie’s not happy that he wasn’t picked, so he heads upstairs to “reassure the deal”. Dan says that Ollie “must be crazy” to think he’s going to follow through with the third part of the deal.
For the actual competition, everybody is dressed up as astronauts, and brought out onto a set that looks like Mars. Silly Big Brother. Dan babbles about how he always wanted to be an astronaut. Think that was scripted?
The contest involves “floating” across the surface and picking out puzzle pieces. The winner is the person who puts their puzzle together first. There’s two heats, though, and the winners of each will face each other for the veto.
Dan says that (as usual), his plan is to not win. He wants Keesha to win the first heat. Michelle babbles that she’s “hanging on a thread”, so she has to ensure that she survives by winning veto. She goes on and on about how she was making herself move across the fastest, but it’s really not that interesting. Dan explains her best – “what she has in strength she lacks in brain power”. Hahahahahah! Hahahhahaha!
Sure enough, she struggles with the puzzle, despite the fact that she claims she’s “really good with puzzles. That’s what I do at home all the time.” Didn’t some other twit make that same claim last year?
Keesha, meanwhile, says that she figured out the puzzle right away, and she’s way ahead of the other two when she gets the last piece in place.
The second heat features Memphis, Jerry, and Renny. Memphis knows he has to win it, and Jerry also again says “my life is on the line”. Renny is having fun, especially since she gets to wear a costume.
Jerry’s age is clearly a hindrance, though, as we see him struggling with the pieces. Again, though, he’s great at puzzles in his own mind, even though Memphis is waaaayyyyyy ahead of him. Yes, Memphis wins.
In the final heat, Ollie says he’s happy because he “knows” he gets a final say in the veto meeting. Dan also is happy, saying “I couldn’t have orchestrated this thing any better”. Keesha struggles this time around, and Memphis easily wins. Ollie still thinks that Dan has to replace Memphis with either Renny or Keesha, and giggles in anticipation. Dan promises that they’ll be shocked with what actually does happen.
After commercials, Dan and Memphis celebrate by bouncing around the HOH. Memphis asks if Michelle is still the target, but is concerned by the hostility that will be created if Michelle is nominated. Oh, if you could only see the future, Mr. Mixologist.
As they continue to talk, Keesha rings the bell. Dan now informs her of part three of the deal. Renny also comes in just as Keesha figures out that either her or Keesha are now supposed to go up. Renny can’t believe her ears, and Memphis jokes that “Dan is not very good at negotiating”. Dan tells them that they can’t let Ollie know what he’s going to do, and that they “better have my back” when it goes down. “You’re going to need protection”, laughs Renny.
Later that night, Ollie asks to talk to Dan. He says in the diary room that he’s now not completely sure that Dan will follow through. Dan tells Ollie that he’s trying to talk Memphis out of using the veto, and Ollie responds that he wants Keesha to go up when the veto is used.
It’s now almost time for the veto meeting, and we see Dan watching the spy cam in the HOH. He says in the diary room that “no matter what happens, somebody is going to be mad at me. In order to take the attention off me, I’m going to have to cause drama and fights between everyone else in the house.”
He decides to turn the veto ceremony into a game, and calls Michelle up to the HOH. He says that in the veto meeting, he’s going to ask everybody who they think should be the replacement nominee, and that he wants each houseguest’s name brought up. “That’s going to make an enemy, possibly, out of the person sitting across from them.” Hmmm, that’s an interesting theory. He asks Michelle who she would want out, and she says Keesha. He then cons Ollie into promising to say Renny.
Renny and Keesha are then brought up and asked the same question. Keesha agrees to say Michelle, but Renny’s not happy with this plan. “I think it’s a copout. You really don’t want to make a decision, so you’re making it look like Keesha and I are doing it for you.” He then tells her that Ollie and Michelle are going to say their names, and Renny now gets fired up enough to say that she’ll do it. Dan thinks that he’ll be able to sit in the HOH and watch the fireworks that ensue.
We now get to see Memphis perform the scripted portion of the ceremony. Ollie still thinks he’s “in the driver’s seat”, while Dan says when he woke up he knew he had to stir things up to take some of the “eyes off me”.
Everybody is brought in, and after Jerry babbles about how he doesn’t expect Memphis to use it on him, Memphis indeed takes himself off the block. Dan then gets up, and says how as HOH he’s already made two people mad at him, and now a third. But…”everybody in this house knows I like to have some fun, and I have fun by playing games. Right now, we’re going to play a game - a very high stakes game that I like to call ‘replacement nominee roulette”. You can see the blood drain from Ollie’s face. Oh wait, actually it’s going back into his head as his rage intensifies.
The rules are that Dan is going to ask everybody to truthfully name who they want as the replacement nominee, and if anybody refuses to answer then they will go up. Michelle is first, and names Keesha. Ollie says Renny, and Keesha then says Michelle “since my name was thrown out there”. Renny does the same to Ollie. Jerry sits confused.
After babbling about gambling and losing bets, Dan says that Ollie lost the bet so Michelle’s on the block. WTF? Even after knowing how this went down, I’m confused. So is everybody else.
Michelle is completely confused. “How did I get backdoored for somebody else’s veto? I swear to God that if I find out he’s a plant (Dan), which I know he is…seriously, do you think I’m stupid? Do I have stupid written on my head? If you don’t think that I don’t know what the fuck is going on here. Then you have another thing coming.”
Dan is now seen patting himself on the back in the diary room. “Wow, I surprised myself with that one. I’ve been playing this game very passive, laying low, but when the opportunity presents itself to take a big shot in this game, you have to take it. I just lit a fuse to the dynamite, and I walked away.”
Ollie is seen throwing a bottle, and in the diary room he says “if he wanted a circus, he got a circus. He’s done nothing in this game but piss people off. For him to disrespect me in the way he did, I’ll guarantee you that it’s rectified before I leave here.” During that statement, we see him smash an outdoor light fixture.
Wow, I really wish that we could have seen more of Michelle’s rants, especially when she screamed at the cameras to stop filming her. They BETTER show more of this on Thursday!


ale said...

"Ollie, you lost the bet. Michelle, get on the block!" Nice.

I liked this episode, not as much as I thought I would though. The dramatic buildup was sorely lacking, imo.

Unknown said...

OMG!! Can't wait til Thursday and the live show!!! Double Eviction!!! Can't wait!!

By the way someone remind me do they get to play POV or does everyone just vote??

ale said...

I'm almost sure they get to play PoV. That will be one seriously important Veto, all of them are from now on.

Christine said...

wonderful recap, as usual, Scott, thanks for the effort you put into these each episode. I enjoy your own touch you put into them.

Anonymous said...

As much as I want to keep using all caps, I'll respect the constant complaining. But, I don't see how I can be allcapsanon and not use all caps.

This episode had the chance to be so good and it was very anticlimatic. Once we were about 40 minutes in, I knew there wasn't enough time to show any of the reaction to the POV. That is what I was looking forward to the most.

I don't think they will show much of it on Thurs due to the fact that it is a double-elim night.

What a disappointment. Why would the producers not want to show the good stuff?


Kristi said...

I was looking forward to seeing a lot of the aftermath of the POV ceremony also! I thought this was going to be a great episode, but it let me down. oh well!

callie44 said...

why is it BB always recap's the same crap over and over? i know i'm an obsessed feed watcher but isn't it possible that a big brother t.v. watcher would have caught up by tues from what was going on last thursday? it isn't neccessary to rehash thursdays crap on tuesday.
if it is "building up the excitement" producers are looking for in the recaps..how about using some OTHER footage that we haven't seen before? how many hours do they film and they can't throw something else up? maybe a few more diary sessions for the "inside look?"
sorry, just had to rant.
the veto comp was fun though...glad my boy got the veto otherwise, i would have been PISSED!

Anonymous said...

I just read on the CBS comment page that supposedly they are punishing Ollie for his violent temper tantrum by not allowing him to compete in the HOH and Veto competitions on Thursday. Has anyone else heard this? Is it true??

Unknown said...

I hope so!!! That would mean we just have to beat Jerratrics!!! Yea!!!

Christine said...

i haven't heard that but I would venture to guess it's not true. the most they may give him is a penalty nom but I would be very surprised if they did that.

To ban him from participating in HOH and POV would be ridiculous and they may as well just evict him from the house on the spot instead.