Sunday, August 31, 2008

Workout time - and Renny and the hurricane

For the most part everyone is avoiding Jerry if at all possible.

He has to get a sense that no one wants to be around him.

People have asked several times if Renny will be told about the hurricane.

In previous seasons we have seen people affected in some ways by the hurricane, I believe in BB8 someone in the house was from Florida and if you recall there was one if not two hurricanes that came ashore then - they HGs were not informed. Nor were they informed about Katrina way back when when it hit. If someone in Renny's immediate family was injured from the storm I am sure they would let her know - otherwise the only way I think she might find out is from the Jury House if she gets to talk to home.


Anonymous said...

When the towers were hit and fell in NY, that one lady had a cousin who died there. Yet BB took a few days before deciding to tell her and give her the option of leaving or staying. I doubt they will tell Renny anything until after the fact, and even then, only if they find out her family died from it. I think BB will remain silent on this issue.

Zoot Mantis said...
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