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Big Brother Season 10, Episode 21 Recap

Well, here we go with a special holiday edition of Big Brother. What’s special about it? We’re going into this without knowing the new HOH (unless, of course, you’ve been watching the live feeds).
So we’re (hopefully) looking at an action-packed episode tonight. We’ll have the HOH competition, some campaigning, and the nominations. Oh, and lots and lots of reactions to everything that happened last Thursday. Oops, it’s not so action-packed after all. Look for lots of recaps and reactions, I guess.
Obviously, that’s where we begin, starting with the news that the show was a double-elimination. Dan says that his only hope on hearing the news was that his alliance would come out unscathed. Yeah, we know, Dan, you’re above using such an obvious cliché.
We now see once again Michelle’s eviction. What a great moment. Jerry also states the obvious (as usual) when he says that Michelle’s departure meant that any alliance he may have had is dwindling. Keesha “can honestly say” (how many times have we heard those three words this year?) that she felt bad for Michelle, but “I was one of her biggest targets”. Renny says she wanted to give her a vote, but she’s loyal to her alliance. Ollie claims he’s going to avenge her eviction.
After she walks out, we hear Memphis say “thank God” she’s gone, as Ollie sprints away from the crowd. “The things that came out of her mouth were ridiculous. She’s a complainer; a pain in the ass. She thinks she deserves this money more than anybody in this house.” Keesha babbles about how there’s no time to think about her eviction.
It’s time to move on to the first HOH competition, and Memphis laughs when the tie-breaker between Jerry and Keesha involves numbers. “She’s not going to be able to this math. We’re screwed.” Yet Keesha does win, and she’s excited. “I just needed it so bad, for me and my teammates.”
Dan’s also happy, obviously, especially since he thinks he knows who she is going to nominate. Keesha does exactly as expected, nominating Jerry and Ollie. Before replaying the veto competition, we again hear Jerry talk about how “you never feel safe” when you’re on the block. Is this old footage again? He says he just kept telling himself to “play your hardest” and “keep your composure”. Ollie repeats the usual “my back’s against the wall” b.s.
As you probably know, Dan won the veto competition, and he goes on about how “nobody’s dumb enough to think I’m a week player at this point”. He accepts congratulations from Jerry, and rounds up Memphis and Keesha to find out who they want to see go home. Keesha says “Ollie”, and Memphis says it’s the “best scenario” that could happen. Dan informs Renny of the decision, and he runs into the bathroom to celebrate with Memphis. “We’re taking them out one by one.” Meanwhile, Ollie is in the bedroom, clearly upset.
After Dan announces that he’s not going to use the veto, Ollie whispers to Jerry that “we don’t have a week to campaign”. Jerry laughs and says “life is short”. Ollie is then sent packing, and sprints out the door. Dan says in the diary room that “I couldn’t have written a better script for myself. Michelle left, and Ollie leaves about an hour later…the only person we have left to get out is Jerry.” Jerry whines that he wants everybody to talk to him over the next week, and everybody but Renny leaves the room. Renny is tired of him within seconds, as Jerry goes on and on in his analysis of what just happened. “We have nothing in common,” she says in the diary room. She finally gets away from him, and Memphis promises to try to keep him away from her. They all celebrate as we see the lonely old codger unpack his suitcase.
They’re all getting a bit too cocky, though, which is clear when we hear Memphis say it’s now a “cakewalk to the final four”. In fact, they all laugh when Renny says “he may win the game…you can’t get rid of him”. Trust me, there’s some foreshadowing here.
I guess there’s still time for useless segments, as we now see Renny confused over time differences between California and her home town of New Orleans. She seems to think that when it’s 8:00 in L.A., then it’s 6:00 at home, and gets angry when Dan laughs. Oh boy, this goes on wayyyyyyyyyy too long. Finally, she gets it right, and they all have a good laugh.
For more idiocy, we have a segment where they all make fun of Keesha’s laugh. “It’s definitely one of a kind”, says Memphis. Dan adds that the only time he’s heard laugh like that is when he was “walking by the hyenas at the zoo”. Please, spare us! I must laugh, though, when she wakes up Jerry with that awful racket, and his imitation is horrendous.
Finally, we get the HOH competition. It’s a carnival setting, which Renny says brought back memories of a child. Really, it’s just an oversize recreation of skeet ball. Memphis, Dan, and Jerry all say they need to win it.
First we have commercials, and then we finally get to see the competition. Instead of the usual skeet ball game, the score they get has to correspond to a question regarding the specific day something happened in the house. Renny says she’s only played the game once or twice, and her first roll is godawful. Memphis says he doesn’t remember any days, so he broke it down into weeks and went from there. Dan is confident he can get the first one correct, as it had to do with Jerry’s “Judas” comment.
Dan takes the lead on the first question, and the second question is when the “aliens” appeared in the windows. Jerry says his roll was “off”, and Dan is still in the lead in the second round.
The third question is the day that Brian was “blind-sided”, and Dan is still in the lead. For the fourth question, it’s the day Brian came back to host the veto competition. Jerry almost hits this question perfectly, but Jerry is catching up. Dan’s upset that Dan is doing so poorly.
Next up is the day of the earthquake, and Jerry hits the exact number. Dan’s still winning, but is only two points ahead of Jerry, who is beginning to gain confidence. The next question is the day Jessie was evicted, and Dan’s roll bounced ten away from where he aimed.
We’re now on the final question, and Jerry is in the lead by six “penalty” points. Memphis is bummed. This question is what day the house was given lollipops, and Dan says he needs a big play. He rolls exactly what he wanted, and it is the perfect score, but Jerry is only four off. Jerry wins! Yet again we get to hear about how he’s a survivor, while the others are clearly disappointed. “My heart sank into my stomach”, Dan says in the diary room, “and I know it’s going to be a rough week. I put Jerry up; I’ve double-crossed him twice. I have a pretty good feeling I’m going up on the block.” Keesha just adds that it sucks.
Sitting in the kitchen, Jerry says he has no idea where he’s going with this, so “just talk to me”. Yep, Jerry’s using this win to gain companionship. Keesha doesn’t buy it, and tells Memphis that “you always have in mind who you want to put up”. Dan joins them, and says he thinks it will be “me and Renny”. Memphis points out that all of them have fought with him, but he’s not going to make a deal with him. “He’s a loose cannon.”
Now it’s time for my (least) favorite portion of the Sunday show – the entrance to the HOH room. They all act excited, but Memphis sets it straight that they “all have to pucker up” with Jerry as HOH. Even Jerry knows it’s all an act as he shows off his pictures and knick-knacks. Everybody falls asleep as he tells a lengthy story about a stuffed animal named “Hissy” that’s in his box of treats. Dan says it best – “at the end of a long day the last thing you want to hear is a story from 1935”. Yet he knows that “staying awake may be the difference between me winning $500,000 and being sent home this week”.
With storytime over, Keesha heads back downstairs and starts strategizing with Memphis, who admits in the diary room that he’s “covering his bases” as he tries to win over all three of them. He informs her that he has no plans to ever see any of those other people again, and that’s why “I need you here”. I think he learned more than just how to make drinks in his previous career as a “mixologist”.
There’s lots of extra time to fill tonight, so now we get some footage of Renny sleepwalking. “Renny is completely off the reservation”, observes Memphis. Keesha adds that Renny is “completely hilarious, no matter what time of day it is. Even in her sleep.” She babbles more nonsense, much to the amusement of Keesha and Memphis. The next morning, Renny doesn’t remember any of it, and doesn’t believe Keesha whwen she explains how the candy got in her bed.
Back to gameplay – Renny is lying down and Keesha comes in clearly upset. Renny first asks what’s wrong, but immediately goes on to ask what she thinks “The Colonel” is going to do. Keesha thinks it’s the two of them, but Renny thinks the two boys would be his best bet. Keesha says she’s “really going to need you this week; probably more than ever”. Renny is convinced that Memphis WON’T be going on the block.
Meanwhile, Dan and Memphis are having a similar conversation in the backyard, and Dan advises him to say yes to anything Jerry offers. Memphis says that he’s going to point out that Dan put him on the block. They continue to debate whether it’s worth making a deal. Memphis says that no matter what, they both can’t be on the block.
Memphis heads upstairs to talk to Jerry, who says he’s been lying awake for hours and hours trying to figure out what he’s going to do. Memphis says that he wants to stay off the block, and work with him to decide who goes home. Jerry comes right out and says he wants to make a deal with him to go to the final two. Memphis says he’s willing to do that because he “wants to go head to head with the best person in this game, and right now that’s you”. Oh boy. Jerry says he’s going to put up Dan, and that one of them has to win the veto to ensure that Dan stays on the block. “He doesn’t deserve to be here”, Jerry adds.
Memphis agrees with the plan, even saying that he could never trust Dan. Wow, he really is saying everything Jerry wants to hear. Jerry says in the diary room that he is starting to really trust Memphis because he’s never seen him make any promises. “See, I’m not vindictive”, Jerry babbles as Memphis starts to leave the HOH. Memphis says in the diary room that the entire conversation was a farce to “keep the Renegades alive to next week”.
We’re now finally at the end of the show, so we see Jerry read the HOH script and stare at the pictures. Memphis says that he was initially very scared when Jerry won HOH, but now thinks he’s going to “escape” the week. Dan says he’d be “shocked” if he’s not put up, and Keesha and Renny both say something similar. Jerry claims that his decisions are not “personal in nature”; it’s all to “further his game”. Yeah, right.
The first key that Jerry pulls belongs to Renny, and the second key is Memphis. Yes, it’s Keesha and Dan on the block. Jerry says that both of them have nominated him in the past, and that in Dan’s case “it’s a matter of trust”. Keesha was put in because she’s won two HOH’s and a POV. Jerry says in the diary room that his plan is to get Dan out, and that Keesha’s just a pawn. “Renny is very loyal to Keesha. I think she’ll vote to keep Keesha in the house if they play any games with me.”
Dan is happy that it is Renny next to him, as it offers an opportunity for both of them to survive the week. The best case scenario would be for Memphis to win, as “he can take me off” and remain safe. Guess what Keesha said? Yes, it “sucks”, but she’s going to fight. Memphis says that since he has deals with everybody but Renny, the goal is “to get her out of here”. MMMM, we end with a nice shot of Keesha’s lovely cleavage.


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