Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dan's HOH Blog

Head of Household #7: Dan
First off, I have to thank AMERICA for voting me America's Player!!! Finding out that I was voted America's Player was a huge surprise for me personally. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I am very humbled by those who voted. I did my best to give you (America) exactly what you asked for, especially with the masculine yet awkward 18 second hug.

In this house I try not to take ANYTHING too seriously because this is a once in a lifetime experience. Everyday I am in this house I try to stay as positive as I can because even when the chips are down a positive attitude can pull you through a lot of tough situations.

Regarding the actual game of Big Brother, it has been a lot tougher then even I imagined. I came in this house trying to play as hard as I can right from the start and I found someone with a similar mindset in Brian. When Brian was evicted it changed the entire game for me and I realized I had to shift gears to play the "weak player" strategy. I've had to throw A LOT of competitions to get to where I am now and being a competitive person it was a very difficult thing for me to do. I'm not a huge fan of losing so to intentionally lose is a lot harder then it may seem. But make no mistake about it, with every competition I have thrown (I like to call it the Art of the Throw) I have had SO MUCH fun doing so. Anytime I would throw a competition I would try to "one-up" or do a more convincing job of each throw, and whether I fooled anyone or not, I hope you all got a kick out of it!

This brings me to my current state of the game as HOH. Clearly I have abandoned the Art of the Throw and am now playing the game as hard as I can. This week by gambling with my hidden alliance member (the Renegades) Memphis' life in the game, I took a huge risk. Lucky for me it has paid off so far, but I have had to do some shady things in the process. I did break a major deal with Ollie by nominating Michelle (someone who I actually like, but is a tough competitor) and it was not an easy decision. In this game you have to make tough decisions because you are fighting for your life every week. Whether or not the decision is right or wrong I am sure I will find out, but at the end of the day I felt it was the best move for me and my alliance in Keesha, Renny, and Memphis. It is nearly impossible to win this game by yourself, so I hope that trusting my alliance does not come back to haunt me!

In this house I try to have as much fun as possible, which includes messing with Renny, making fun of Renny, Swim Club (which has been canceled due to lack of enrollment), poking at Renny, eating Renny's dinners, trying to feed birds in the backyard, making Renny cut my hair, doing cannonballs in the pool, and of course acting like a "mature" 24 year old teacher. Big Brother has given me the opportunity to do things I never thought possible, which includes acting like a kid again, and I am taking that and RUNNING with it. You can't take life in this house too seriously because you will never get out alive!

Some people may wonder why I have not gotten angry at Jerry for the "Judas" comment or any of the other personal shots people have taken at me. The reason that you do not see me respond or fight with them is because I know that people say things in the heat of the battle that they may or may not mean. I do not take any of the things people say in this house personally or seriously.

Real quick I would like to play a game, its called Big Brother Word Association (don't worry, no more Replacement Nominee Roulette, that didn't go over so well did it?). It may give you some insight as to how I actually feel about people in this house.

Renny - Caring/Crazy
Memphis - Strong/Loyal Friend
Keesha - Midwest Girl/Great Heart
Michelle - Defensive/Strong Willed
Jerry - Giving His Best Effort
Ollie - Confused without April / Funny
Brian - Hilarious/Loyal
Stephen - Wild/Smart
Angie - Fun/Guarded
April - Driven
Libra - Opinionated
Jesse - The Hulk

On a personal note, here are a few loves of mine if you are interested (if not skip this paragraph). Monica, coaching high school football, teaching young minds, spending time with my family, running, following Michigan State University sports, and hanging out with my friends.
Pretty wild, huh?

I may take some flak for things I have done in this game because I am a Catholic School Teacher, but I would just like to say that I take my job and responsibility as a teacher VERY seriously. It is my passion in life and I hope that the students that I have taught and players that I have coached have not lost any respect for me or look at me in a negative light, because no amount of money in the world is worth that happening. If I could deliver a message to the Men of St. Mary's it would be: Keep the faith in God even in the most crazy situations, trust Him for guidance, and play as hard as you can within the confines of the rules of the game!

Last but certainly not least I have to thank my family, friends, fans, the city of DEARBORN Michigan, students and faculty of Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep (who I hope are still keeping my teaching job for me), the St. Mary's Eaglet Football Team (BEAT EGR on Thursday and get the Red Rowdies going!), and of course my beautiful girlfriend (whom I love VERY much) Monica for their support. Seeing the photos and reading the letter from home has re-energized me in this game. At this point I am playing this game for my family and everyone back home in Dearborn! I hope I have made you all proud even with some of the shady moves that I have made (and trust me I KNOW they were shady, but I am trying to WIN). My thoughts and prayers are with everyone back home in Dearborn and of course with the Orchard Lake St. Mary's FOOTBALL Team, get a win and start the season out 1-0. I miss you all, TAU Monica.

And always remember, OLSM #1 In Michigan!

a.k.a Father Dan
a.k.a America's Player 2.0 - the new and improved version, a little bigger, a little stronger, and better looking ;)

P.S. I really am going to go to Confession as soon as I get out of this crazy house, so get ready for a marathon session.


ale said...

That'll probably be the best HoH blog this season. Pretty insightful, I think. I like that emphasizes that he's aware that it's a game, and he's playing it for all its worth. Nice post, Scott.

AName said...

Hope like hell ollie,jerry or renny wins next week, and dan you are toast.... cya

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this blog. I actually am liking Dan more now that I read this.

But still worried Michelle will stay this week. Renny come on!!

David__ said...

renny is a lose cannon shes starting to worry me. maybe its her time to go. as much as i dont want to see her go.

Scott said...

Dan and Memphis are laughing at something on the spy cam, but none of the feeds are showing it.

AName said...

Renny must think for herself at this point of the game... i still say get rid of Michelle but after that, its time to go after the boys before they come after her. You all are so caught up in that alliance that you are forgetting that after ollie, Renny will be the next target.... They dont even have to wait to get rid of jerry before they get rid of her

Renny Look out for yourself now, youre at the bottom of that alliance

Go Renny

ale said...

Renny is in a good position for another 2 weeks, it seems. Whichever "side" wins will target the other, and she's in the clear. It seems to be the reason that she's making nicey nice with everyone.

Scott said...

I've said for quite some time that outside of Michelle I really don't care who wins. Just get that shemale out now!

AName said...

Ale I agree with you to a certain point... But after ollie leaves, she is just as vulnerable as natalie was(with 5 to go) in bb9. And probably more, People knew natalie could win comps thats why they let her go although stupid ryan should have tried to carry her to the end

Renny on the other hand has no enemies and i dont think no one especially them boys think they can beat her in the finals. So if her and jerry is on the block after ollie, They will consider getting rid of her and letting jerry stay. The odds are with you beating Jerry than they are beating renny...

Just my opinion

David__ said...

it almost sounds like keesha is voting to keep michelle. i'm gonna puke.

AName said...

Well David, I really think keesha and renny must make a move soon but like you, dont do it now

Go ahead and get rid of a strong player like michelle now and then go after the other 2 headed monster in Dan and memphis with the next hoh

Keehsa and Renny got to start seeing that Dan and Memphis is only using them to advance to the finals. I for one would like to see Keesha and Renny in the finals with Renny winning it all but if they keep listening to the boys, the will get rid of renny and keesha cant win any comps so you will see Dan and Memphis with memphis winning it all

David__ said...

i wouldn't mind seeing dan,memphis,keesha or renny winning. anyone is better than michelle. i do agree with you with dan and memphis using them to get to the end. but who doesn't use people to get to the finals?

theorgnlman said...

Dan seems quite intelligent, though he's a teacher and a lying one at that. What should we expect, being it's only a game, right? Sad fact to the matter is it has become somewhat predictable, causing for a dull, boring nature. It seems time for all the hamsters to; shed their arrogance and/or certainties, thus becoming wary of the unexpected. Time being Thurs., compiled with the magic of BB. In turn, this could develop into an intriguing, intense, uncertain, fun-filled ending to BB 10. Here's hoping that history repeats itself, sonewhat!

callie44 said...

thank you for posting this scott. it saved me a trip to cbs site.
anyway, very insightful. dan is not only smart in the game but is obviously smart out of it. his letter made sense and was fun to read. very articulate.
it concerns me that he seems to be worried about his job a lot. i'm not sure why. he has done nothing so far to make him lose it. paranoia i guess. i thought it was fake at first...the threat from his boss...i guess it isn't.
the school he teaches at should be honored to have such an obviously devoted staff member who really loves his job and those kids! spite of the pay!
dan does seem quirky (wearing same clothes, not wanting to use ds bathroom, his weird games) but he does keep this game interesting and so for that reason i like him a lot.
for weeks now, memphis has been my favorite to win (brian, steven, and ang first). my luck hasn't been good at all this season. i have realized by dans writing that if he wins final two with memphis i will be thrilled with whomever wins...honestly, dan would do better with the money on his salary.
i'm getting ahead of myself. this week is crucial and memphis better step up to the plate tonight!

Christine said...

Thanks Scott, for posting this!!!

I agree that its the best hohblog this season if not ever. Very
insightful. I like that Dan realizes and will admitt to shady moves and his knowing its just a game.

Dan's HOH week has been the most fun to watch, very playful and lots of great personal stories(from MOST of the house)

Looking forward to tinights show, I really hope Memphis or Keesha win HOH so the four cann stay together and entertain us for another week.

This is the most enjoyable season of BB in a while...the end game sure will be interesting.

Thanks AGAIN Scott!!!!

DaveA said...

This is the point in the game where the alliances seem to break down. this is the week that Evil Dick and daughter sent Eric and his GF packing for trusting them. If Renny and Kessha realize they are better off with Mancelle and Ollie because they are easier to beat and send out than Dan and Memphis are???? oh boy, that would mean Jerry goes tonight and it's up for grabs in the Double Evict. Tonight is going to be very interesting and telling as to how the game will end.

Sandiekay said...

I love Dan.......and I am old enough to be his mother. Hope he is safe for this week and gets the chance to hang around. Would love to see Memphis and Dan at the end.

Can remember back to when I thought Keesha and Renny were great, that has all changed. If they believe they can go farther with Ollie and Michelle they deserve what happens. They will toss them so fast their heads will spin.

Unknown said...

Tonight is going to be interesting for sure!! I just hope that Michelle doesn't stick around I can not stand another minute of her. There have been some annoying bb players in the past but for me she is the worst.

At first I liked Renny and Keesha.. I still like them but I am wanting Memphis to win. Dan is gaining ground but I thought that this week was kinda a I wanna be all big and bad and make a move but then I wanna blame everyone else type thing. Kinda shady

Unknown said...

is michelle worse than amber?

Christine said...

i have been away from feeds all day, did BB give them all siutcases?? thus tipping them off to double evictions tonight???

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, when they did the double eviction last time, they told the person that someone on staff would be picking up there items for them...

Maura said...

Great blog. Gotta love Dan. I'm rooting for The Renegades.

Unknown said...

Yes I think that Michelle is worse than Amber!!!

callie44 said...

no one is worse than amber!!! michelle is as ugly as amber..the hair is almost identical...but michelle has by far the dirtiest, most foul mouth of all the BB woman ever. she disgusts me

Scott said...

It's a tough call. There really was never a more pathetic moment than when we saw Amber pray to her necklace, but Michelle's diary room rant about Libra was an all-time low. They both are completely delusional and self-absorbed. I'm going to say Michelle, but that's probably because I have to endure her right now.

DaveA said...

since I don't watch the internet feeds I would have to say I hated Amber way more than Manchelle. Maybe Amber was on TV more but there is nothing worse than a cryier. foul mouthed is something you can laugh at but crying? way worse to watch.

Zoot Mantis said...

To quote my hero...Amber...

"God bless you God!"