Saturday, August 23, 2008

Players selected for POV - Ollie is out.

Ollie won't be playing in todays POV competition - but he just spent some time in the HoH room reminding Dan about his promise to let Ollie decide who goes up if the POV is won and is used by anyone (Keesha or Renny will go up if Dan keeps his word).

Ollie has told Dan that he hasn't mentioned the deal to anyone but he just went down and told Jerry details of the entire discussion. and it is obvious that he had already told Jerry all the details about the agreement he and Dan have.

And now Ollie went and told Michelle all the details about the conversation. And again it is very obvious that Ollie has told Michelle everything before. So if there was any confusion on if Ollie has a game - with April out he has turned it on full force.

Finally - miss paranoid Michelle just told Ollie she thinks Memphis and Keesha may also be a couple - becuase both live close to the studio and Keesha didn't get a picture of her B/F when she was HoH.


Anonymous said...

mike, yesterday, dan told everyone up in the hoh, memphis keesha and renny, that he will use the veto and put up Michelle or Ollie if the veto is used on Jerry or Memphis. I'm pretty sure he will not stick to the deal if the veto is used, and if it isn't jerry will go home in a per his group. he doesnt seemed swayed at all by ollie jerry or michelle.

Scott said...

I don't think Dan buys Ollie's lies that he's not telling those two EVERYTHING!

IndyMike said...

Could be - I haven't seen Dan talking much to anyone in confidence but Ollie. Probably just like when we all thought Jesse had convinced Keesha to go against Libra and April and 5 minutes later we realized she was just agreeing to whatever he said to keep him happy.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Dan shouldn't listen to Ollie. If the veto is used, I'd say stick Ollie's ass up there! I mean, Dan has already borne all of the "Judas" crap for forever now. He might as well just live up to it!!! I can't stand the Michelle/Jerry/Ollie group so I'll be happy to see any of them go!

Anonymous said...

I tell you what, if Dan breaks the deal, he just as well be playing for 2nd place because the jury will punish him for it. The only ones that he will have is Keesha, Memphis and Renny and let the truth be told, 2 from that side will probably be in the final 2.. he would lose 5-2 easily

So all im saying is if hes going for a half mil, he stick to the deal and if he is going for 50,000 then break the deal... aint no alliance around worth 200,000 to me

Anonymous said...

ollie deserves whatever is coming his way. he was told by dan..per the agreement NOT TO TELL ANYONE about the deal. ollie immediately, before he was even dried off from hoh comp, told michelle about the deal. then he blabbed it to jerry (who can't hold his tongue to save his life). if this were a legally binding contract of words...which it is in the BB house...ollie broke the contract and hence, sealed his fate for dan not to abide by it.
i love that ollie is now planning on calling out dan during renom ceremony. thankfully dan is savvy enough to have told his pose the third part. blow away ollie! no one cares....michelle is still going up.