Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Brother house guests get a new toy. HoH prep.

The Hgs were on an inside lockdown for a while and when they came outside they found a ne contraption in the back yard.

Chances are they will have a similar device for the HoH competition tomorrow night and they get to 'practice' with this one. The one they get tomorrow night will be different but similar - most likely much fancier looking.

The HGs roll a wooden ball down a see-saw type of ramp and push down hard at the end to launch the ball towards a bin.

So tonight's competition will involve some skill and a lot of luck.

Ronnie is outside with the others although he is distancing himself a bit from the rest of the HGs in the backyard. Russel is not attacking him.

As I am writing this up he is heading back to his HoH room so his social interraction may be done for the night.

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Reefer Jello said...

I think CBS tells the houseguests to cool it with game play during the hours that BBAD is on. All they do is sit around and laugh and bullshit for three hours. Rarely does any game action happen during those three hours. It has to make for some of the most boring TV that has ever happened. I usually watch with the sound muted just in case Laura or Jordan bend over.

Tony said...

so it looks like Casey is rather good at the "device"

IndyMike said...

Earlier today Michele told Jeff and Casey she wasn't really crazy about throwing the HoH (it was said she and Chima should to ensure Ronnie could be nominated and in exchange they would not be nominated with him).

Being as Michele and Chima both stink at the toy - the odds are neither will win - so Casey wants to tell Michele and Chima to go ahead and compete - but they can be put up as pawns as well.

Irishcurse said...

Casey is on to Russell. Russll was just up talking with Rat boy and had to crawl out of the room. Casey had already searched the house twice looking for him. BUSTED!

ale said...

Watching Russ crawl was so pathetic to watch, along with his paranoia the whole time he was in the HoH room. If anyone figures it out though, it'll be Casey. I don't see this fake hate thing going very far unless Russ actually does win tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Irish, it doesnt matter anyway. Ronnie is their target and Russell and Jesse is to follow in weeks to come. On the other hand, Jeff and Casey are the targets

In other words, if Jesse, Natalie and Russell wins, Ronnie wont go home. If Casey, Jeff(because jordan cant win anything)Casey and Jeff go up.

The others will go after the atheletes more than likely if they win

David__ said...

Does anyone know what went down at the kitchen table a few minutes ago? It sounded like everyone agreed Ronnie needs to go home next week. Someon correct me if I'm wrong.

bish said...

Okay, so, wait. What exactly did Jordan say to Ronnie anyway to get herself nominated? I don't watch the feeds but I come here every day. I definitely did not expect any of it to be cleared up in Tuesday's episode, but for anyone that doesn't watch the feeds that had to be the most confusing thing ever. It seemed to come absolutely out of nowhere.

So was it something that Jordan said specifically that made her the easy out? Or was it just Ronnie being a huge pussy and not wanting to go against Jesse?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

IndyMike said...

Ronnie was trying to prepare Jordan because he WAS going to put up Casey in Jeff's place. But Jordan called him out on breaking his word/changing his mind yet again and told him to stop talking to her about stuff because he never keeps his word and just does what Jesse & company want.

So he went off pouting and decided since she was mad at her already and Casey wasn't, he would put her up.

Irishcurse said...

It should be interesting today leading up to the show tonight. Rat boy has less than 10 hours of privacy left. I just want to watch him being uncomfortable.

Tony said...

i really want to see Casey get HoH tonight just so we can see Rattie panic till the nomination ceremony

David__ said...

I'd love if Casey got HoH. Either him or Jeff would rule. So, is Jordan still out the door tonight? Or Laura?

Reefer Jello said...

If Laura is tossed tonight, that will just about kill the male hetero dynamic for CBS.

Not too much for guys to check out with this bunch. Those spectacular titties are wicked pissah.

Gay guys must love this years crew but they should have included at least one other honey.

Tonight will be a demonstration of the Ugly, (Ronnie,) getting to shit down the neck of the Beautiful.

Another reason to hate that little weasel.

Irishcurse said...

They are all being sent to the HOH room right now. This should be fun

Anonymous said...

Jello - This gay guy is not that excited about the dick in the house. Jeff is attractive, but overly manicured. Those eyebrows of constant surprise and shaved torso don't do a lot for me. Russ is hot, but I don't like that he is totally shaved. I did like the beard he had before turning it into a porn stache, which I guess is sort of hot. I forgot about Jessie, he's just gross and probably can't get his dick hard.

Mike and Nick were waaaaaaaaay hotter, I think.