Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Brother - Season 11, Episode 10 Recap

Welcome to a night that CBS has promised will include a “game changing” announcement. Most people are assuming this means that we’ll see the dissolution of the cliques, but for once I’m really hoping the producers truly make an unprecedented move that we’ll all be talking about for day. Yeah, I know - wishful thinking.

Of course, we’re also going to see a live eviction, and a HOH competition that everybody predicts will involve endurance. The HG’s have been on lockdown since early last night, and it’s usually been at this point in the season where they do have such a competition. Again, I’d like to see a little innovation.

Julie opens the show by announcing tonight is “graduation”, and the cliques are over. They’ve all sort of figured that out anyway, so it won’t be as big of a shock to them as CBS hopes. Wait, the power lies in our hands? Uh oh, this should be interesting.

Here we go with the footage from the rest of this week, and we start with the reaction to the nomination of Casey to replace Michelle. Both Casey and Jeff are pissed that Ronnie wasn’t nominated, and babble what you would expect about “Teflon Ron“ Ronnie is getting a bit too excited as he brags about how he survived another week.. Jessie says he put Casey on the block because he’s a bigger threat and is coming after him. Um, ok Oh, I must say I still love that footage of Jordan complaining about Ronnie staring at her.

After the ceremony, Casey heads outside and Jordan apologizes. “It’s all good, man - season of the dork”. Jordan then complains about the smiling looks she was getting from Ronnie. “I just wanted so bad to tell him off”, she says in the diary room. “The only reason you are still here is because you are Jessie’s bitch”. God, I love this girl.

Casey adds that Ronnie got him by using the “Ronnie jedi mind trick”. “They got rid of Laura because she wasn’t a sheep. Same for me…people have short memories in here.” Jeff then comes out, and says “they’re all off in a corner somewhere” when Casey asks if they’re celebrating. They then bitch about the “zinger”, which really wasn’t nothing more than a silly one-liner - “move your feet, you gotta new seat”. Really, it was Jessie attempting to be clever…and I mean attempting. Jeff goes on, though, about hiding behind your sunglasses.

Time for something to disgust everybody. We see Lydia wandering up to the HOH in the middle of the night, and crawling into bed with him. “I like to watch Jessie sleep”, she says in the diary room. “Sometimes he moves, and he smiles…or his face has different expressions on them. Maybe Jessie’s dreaming about baby unicorns (yeah, right). Maybe he’s dreaming about, I don’t know, riding his motorcycle. But it would be nice if he was thinking about me.” Please gag me now. “Because he’s asleep, I could snoop. I could play practical jokes on him.” (Or you could use your mouth or hands on him, as you have done countless times.) “I really hope Jessie never makes me mad, because I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. Maybe while he‘s sleeping I could get revenge.” A nice edit then shows her leaving without having any inter…uh, action with him.

Thankfully, we move back on to gameplay. Jordan is looking fine as usual while sunbathing, and she says in the diary room that she’s not going to do any campaigning because Casey’s honesty will “get himself in a little bit of trouble…I’m the greatest pawn ever.”

Yet Casey does attempt to gain some momentum. Kevin is outside with him, and he talks about how it must suck to do whatever Jessie wants him to do. Kevin doesn’t really respond, “I’m just amazed that there’s no outrage over Jessie having some sort of deal.” Kevin perks up a bit, and asks if he has the votes, adding that Chima is his “weakest link in the chain”. Casey doesn’t agree. “Lydia is in love with Jessie. He could be laying in bed with another bitch, and she’ll make him breakfast”. Kevin claims that she would indeed vote for him ‘if you have the numbers”. Casey adds that if he stayed, he could go after them without Kevin getting any of the heat. We all know that Kevin loves anybody but himself to do the dirty work.

Casey now begins working on Russell, who asks if he’s talked to “your boy” since being put up. Casey informs him that he’s number four on that team. “I’m number two.” Casey puts up a convincing argument that Jessie would never put up Natalie before him, and probably also Ronnie. “You don’t need those dudes. I think you, me and Jeff could do some damage.” Russell says that Casey is giving him some good points, and that “it’s a huge gamble that could pay off”. Yeah, sure.

Wow, that’s all of the previous day’s footage we’ll see tonight? Interesting. We come back from commercials to Julie talking about Jeff and Jordan’s “relationship”. What about Lydia and Jessie? Or Natalie and Jessie?

You know what’s seen here - lots of footage of Jordan and Jeff looking adorable. We then head to Jordan’s hick town to watch her family view “footage” of her on the show. There’s no real need to go through what’s said here, but Jordan’s mom does seem to like Jeff.

Then we move on to Jeff’s hometown, and they all laugh at the “technotronics” line. Dad says he’s acting just like he does at home, and his mom laughs at how he’s never been good at spelling. After some more adorable footage, both families say they like the two of them together. Both mothers are a bit over the top, hoping that they do “make babies”.

After this package is over, we move on to Julie’s interview with the house. Of course, she immediately goes to the “200 pound banana in the room”. Casey jokes that the banana suit “makes it easy to choose what to wear, and it shows off my tan”. She moves on to Ronnie, and how last week it looked like the house was against him. She wants to know if he’s surprised he wasn’t nominated, and he babbles the standard line about “actions showing people‘s true colors”. Julie presses for some names, and he just goes on about how “they know who they are”. God, please make it stop.

Julie moves on to Lydia, and her tensions with Natalie. As the camera moves to a bug-eyed Jessie, she asks if their fight was really over beds. Lydia plays dumb, which she’s great at doing. “It was about beds. It wasn’t about anything else.” Oh please. Julie doesn’t buy it, and moves to Natalie. “There was more brewing”, she adds, but refuses to bite when Julie keeps going. “I plead the fifth”, Lydia finally says. We end the segment with footage of Michelle falling into the mud pit…with little comment but a thank you from Michelle.

Oh great, here’s Jessie in the HOH room. Her first question is about Lydia and Natalie, and Jessie claims that they’re relationships are all “platonic”. Oh God. He then denies they’re fighting over him. She keeps going, asking if these relationships are real. Jesus, Julie, stop it. And one more question - are they playing him? Julie, please. Some of us have yet to eat tonight. He does admit it’s a possibility. “Everybody’s in here for a reason - to win a half million dollars”.

It just won’t stop. Julie’s final question is which of these women he’d like to be stranded on a desert island. “I’m going to have to plead the fifth.” My god, even Julie says his answer is lame, but again carries on.

Thankfully, this segment is finally over, and it’s time for the final statements. Jordan goes first, and is just adorable as she says she doesn’t have anything to say except she hates going against one of her best friends in the house.

Casey then stands up and apologizes to letting people down. “The reason I’m in this position is because two house guests stabbed me in the back - Ronnie, the manipulative dorkapotamus with the God complex, (and) Jessie, the self-absorbed smedium-wearing egomaniac with the personality and IQ, oddly enough, of a banana. Both of these guys stabbed me in the back, and they’ll do the same to the rest of y’all. It’s funny that you (Ronnie) talk about actions..after what you did to me.” Go Casey!!!

So the voting begins, and it’s as expected. Jeff goes in first and votes to evict Casey, as does Ronnie (ugh) and Natalie. After commercials, we see Chima vote to evict Casey, but Russell votes to evict Jordan!!! Michelle, though, votes to evict Casey, as does a mustachioed Lydia (ugh) and Kevin.

When the house receives the news, Casey tells everybody to “knock them dead” as he hugs everybody. “Your word is mud”, he says as he walks out, and Natalie gives him some lip back. This goes back and forth a bit, and he asks her if she’s “his pitbull. Go make him a sandwich.” Oh man, I love this!!!

After he walks out, Lydia hugs Natalie as she babbles more about Casey not living up to his word. She’s also pissed about the stray vote. Um, Natalie, you did the same last week. There’s lots of bleeping going on during these couple of minutes.

Julie starts the interview by saying he went out “guns blazing”. “I had to”, he responds. “You can only take so much. People are on you, and it’s hard to take some of that stuff for weeks at a time.” Julie points out that Jessie was turning red, and he says that he should. “He doesn’t impress me in very many ways. He didn’t win the first HOH, and the one he won I think was luck.”

Julie then asks about his gameplay, and how he got played by Ronnie in the first week and that this week everybody would be “down with the plan”. He admits he made a mistake in “being too trusting”. When Julie points out signs that Ronnie was becoming pals with everybody again, Casey says his big mistake was in trusting Jessie.

We end, as usual, with the goodbye messages. Russell claims that he tried to come up with the votes, while Ronnie is gloating (as usual). Ugh. Jordan tells him how awesome he is, and then Natalie babbles how she really is 24, not 18, and with a college degree…and that’s why he’s sitting out there while she’s still in the house. Um, no. This goes on like it normally does, and gets less interesting as the segment drags on. Julie thanks him for his honesty, and after informing Casey that the cliques are done we’re done with Casey. “And that’s not all.”

Julie informs the house guests that they need to gather in the living room, and Natalie babbles “no more cliques”. See, I told you it was no surprise. Julie goes through with the dramatic speech anyway, and continues on about how one of them will soon be granted a “mystery power” which can be used in the next two weeks. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this could change the course of the game, and only the person who has it will know they have it. Please don’t let it be Ronnie!

She can’t tell the house guests who will have that power, as it will be a vote by America. Winning HOH and veto is supposedly more important this week than ever, as it’s the only way to guarantee safety. She then tells a stunned group to head outside.

Julie then explains to us that the mystery power is the “coup d-etat”, and the winner of that power will have the ability over the next two live evictions to overthrow the HOH by replacing one or both of the nominees. This could be interesting!!! I may even vote…for silly little Jordan!!!

And here we go with the new HOH, and sure enough it’s an endurance competition. It’s the hanging on a swing comp that we’ve seen in previous seasons. There are also six envelopes to entice people to drop out early; with one containing $5000.

A giant diploma is entered, though, that they crash into as they’re swinging around. Yeah, this won’t take long.

We get one final look at the house, and Chima says she’s dizzy. Sure enough, they introduce “rain”, which I’m sure pisses off Natalie since she didn’t get to use her trash bag costume. And that concludes this week’s live eviction episode!!!