Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't Expect To See Much Of Ronnie Today

He's been holed up in the HOH almost all day, constantly watching the spy cams. Russell spent most of the morning camped out in front of the HOH door on the "chess couch", but is now outside with everybody else.

Jessie is still supportive of Ronnie, though, and is currently in the HOH giving him a pep talk.


Reefer Jello said...

Ronnie told Jessie...Oh Jessie, everybody's mad at me. I need some tender loving. Can I give you a blumpkin?

Jessie says....Well OK, but I don't have to dump right now so it will have to be later.

Tony said...

such a coward... showing his true colors

Irishcurse said...

He can only hide for 2 more days. After that he will be screwed. I don't know why Jesse is talking to him. I don't know what Jesse can gain unless the house divides again and the way its played out so far, that's possible.

IndyMike said...

I don't think Russel will go next week and he might even make the jury house. Jesse is smart to play the 'i'm your only friend' game as long as he isn't discovered. Might get him a vote if he makes the finals - or keep him from being nom'd if Ronnie gets HoH again.

If Ronnie goes - Jesse shrugs it off - no biggie.

And Jesse is completely right in his advice to Ronnie that the house has a short term memory and to just be patient.