Sunday, July 19, 2009

The overnight update. Flip Flop!

Here is what has gone on since the last post in brief:

  • Jesse and natalie told the others they still want Laura out - get Ronnie to say he will put up Casey as a pawn.
  • Ronnie tells Jeff and Jordan what he is thinking of and they aren't pleased.
  • Jordan tells Ronnie Russel was calling him names and Ronnie decides that he is going up again.
  • Ronnie talks with Chima, Kevin and Lydia away from Jesse and Natalie and they decide to go after Russel and not tell Jesse or Natalie.
  • Ronnie calls up Laura to tell her and get promises from her and Natalie shows up - Laura has to hide in the HoH bathroom for 10 minutes (pictured above) .
  • Laura promises to go after Michele and maybe Natalie next week if she wins HoH.
  • Laura and Jordan talk but as far as I can tell - neither lets the other know about the plan.

Want to see the sneaking and plotting for yourself? Click below for the 3 day free trial of the live feeds. You can even go back to this very scene with Flashback. Just get the feeds and then go to Flashback and go to around 2:15am pm on July 19th.

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Reefer Jello said...

What this crew needs is to have Evel Dick move into the house and give them some four AM pots and pans.

Irishcurse said...

I love how Geek Rat Boy wants people to make all kinds of promises yet he tells everyone. " It's a game, there will be lying". I hope the plan goes through and Laura wins HOH and puts up Rat Boy and Jesse. When she nominates them she says " Its a game, people lie".

Scott said...

I'm glad you updated, Mike. When I went to bed Chima was updating Natalie (terrible move), and I knew the fun was about to begin. I was going to go through the wayback machine to update, but thankfully you beat me to it!

I love how Ronnie can openly lie and claims "it's part of the game", yet expects nothing but complete loyalty from verybody!

Chell said...

OH man last night was good!! I really needed to go to bed but I couldn't stop watching the feeds! Lol!!

I am sure there will be more flip flopping again today! I really hope Ronnie sticks with the plan to put up Russel! It all comes down to who talks to him last before the POV ceremony. When does that take place? Today or tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, its 3 or 4 guys in this group that would not take that crap off of evil dick. Their was not one guy in that whole crew that had the balls to stand up to evil except maybe the guy that is dating Jen now