Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Don't Worry, I'll Be Right Here When You Get Out"

Ronnie got called to the diary room, and Russell followed him the entire time asking if he had any new schemes. After he enters the diary room, Casey advises Russell that a silent game may be a better psychological ploy.


Anonymous said...

so funny - i love it. i just hope he doesnt go too overboard and irritate the other people with it. jessie or natalie have to go. i would love to see casey get it and put up jessie and natalie and backdoor ronnie as a safety

IndyMike said...

Russel will end up being perceived again as a bully if he keeps it up. he may think he gets a pass because it is Ronnie - but watch the feeds last night - about 5 minutes into it Kevin and Michele were looking very uncomfortable and the mood is pretty somber today.

Ahh - Ronnie back out and Russel followed him all the way to the HoH room.

Irishcurse said...

Russell is over doing it a bit. It is funny but he is gonna irritate people. The silent treatment is the best method. The house is lonely enough. It was funny when he was called to the DR and Russell was heading in to pester him, hearing Jordan tell Russell( I think it was Jordan )" Tell him to quit "

Loving Big Brother said...

I agree with both of you Irish and Mike on that one... Russell needs to let that go... Kevin, Chima and Lydia are still very much scared of him and the stronger players will use them to get rid of Russell.

Jesse is taking a calcuated risk but when you look at it realistically, he only have the girls and kevin right now. He really dont know how far Russell has gone with the other side or how long he will be in the game with his attitute which leaves Jesse on an island by himself

He has been mixing it up a little with Jeff but as long as Jeff is holding on to Jordan, that may not be a safe move either because she talks way to much. Jesse will have to make a move next week while the house prepares to get rid of Ronnie or he's dead in the water

Tony said...

this has me totally cracking up. russel is def my favorite at this moment. he does need to watch how far he takes it, but still has me laughing