Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lydia Confronts Jessie

Lydia is PISSED that Jessie told Natalie (who now wants a house meeting) everything that she told him this morning. They go back and forth about how they're both blamed for their "partners" (Natalie and Kevin) words. He claims that he's in the trenches for her - "they are throwing grenades, and I'm picking them up and throwing them back".

Dumbest statement of the fight comes from Lydia - "it's easy to pick on me because of how I look." Um, no, Lydia, it's because you're acting idiotic.

I have to hand it to Jessie - he's able to take anything either of these twits say and turn it back on themselves. Within five minutes, Lydia believes that Jessie revealed NOTHING to Natalie, and that Kevin is to blame for all of her problems.


Tony said...

how does jesse go from the dumbest person in the house one season to the smartest the next? this house is full of morons from top to bottom

Irishcurse said...

Yeah this cast ain't so bright. Michele is suppose to be a brain and isn't showing it. It's not like Jordan is gonna cure cancer anytime soon.

ale said...

Two seasons of Jesse's crap, and I still don't understand where in the hell he gets his lame analogies.

Lil said...

Tony > Jessie


Unknown said...

WOW! I work at a middle school and I am always amazed how some adults never grow out of this behavior! As always it is all about Jessie! Whatever the drama and/or cat fight as long as it about him he is happy!