Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Jesse, now Russel, the Rat has hope.

Just when I thought today was going to be very boring I caught Russel out of the corner of my eye in the HoH room with Ronnie.

I have no idea if the feeds caught the entry - I certainly didn't get the feed pulled up until the conversation was well underway.

What I heard was Russel telling Ronnie that everyone wants him out - even Chima and Michele, he wavered a bit when Ronnie asked about Jesse.

Russel says he personally doesn't want Ronnie out - so he needs to win HoH - then he will put up Casey and Michele to get Casey out.

Russel seemed to imply he can't start being nice to Ronnie because people will suspect - however Russel did offer to go get Ronnie food - something Ronnie passed on.

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ale said...

This is pretty smart of Russ, if you ask me. After antagonizing Rattie the past few days, he's saving face with him while also leaving everyone else believing that he wants him out. I really think Jesse managed to get him to believe they can keep working with the Rat. Amazingly.

Irishcurse said...

I hope he is just screwing with the kids emotions. Giving him hope only to stick with the plan and back door him. I doubt it though. I can't stand more of the rat talking constant strategy. It will be tough for him to talk strategy depending on who is HOH. Please, if there is any justice , let Casey, Jeff or Jordan win HOH.

Reefer Jello said...

I have a question that one of you BB fanatics might be able to answer.

CBS claims that these people don't know each other when they come into the house.

If that is then did Lydia get Chima's face tattooed on her left arm?

IndyMike said...

reefer - wasn't funny the 1st time you asked it in the other area.

Reefer Jello said...

I don't care if it is funny or not. What's the answer? How did Chima get on Lydia's arm like that?

Loving Big Brother said...

This happened between 12 and 1 am house time last night

Jesse met with Russell last might while them 2 cleaned the backyard and explained to Russell how Ronnie has never let them down and he was only acting out of fear that Ronnie was coming after him..

The fact that Jesse and Natalie stuck their self out on the limb for Russell makes him know that he has loyal friends and he didnt trust Casey and Jeff becasue they are on the opposite side.

Jesse also told Russell to keep acting like he hates Ronnie so it will look real... This is a great move for Jesse because he had nowhere to go if they got rid of Ronnie becasue he would have been the target next and he got word that kevin, Chima and Lydia was gunning for him too.

Casey suspect something is going on as he watched Russell and Jesse and then Russell and Natalie whispering

Anonymous said...

Be careful reefer, if youre not co-signing with the crap that scott and mike throws at you they will come at you in the worst way. I guess its their board and no one else can have any fun with it

Reefer Jello said...

Really? That's a shame. It's NOT a junior high school newspaper.

Maybe that's why there's not too many posters this year.

I've been trying to figure out who it is that Chima reminds me of and it just came to me this afternoon.

Chima looks like Daisy Duck with attitude.

Scott said...

Just give Ronnie the money, and Jessie the consolation prize and cancel this travesty of a season.

Anonymous said...

Sometime shit just dont go your way. LMFAO@Scott