Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Will This Triangle Play Out?

You know that both Lydia and Natalie are expecting to stay in Jessie's HOH. How will he juggle these two?


Unknown said...

Both Nat and Lydia will have to fight Rattie the Fatty for the HOH room. He is going to try to nest up there w/ Jessie.

Anonymous said...

Dont matter, smoothe Jesse will handle the 2 ladies, he got it under control

DaveA said...

Isn't nat a teenager?

ewwwwww creepy old man jesse

bish said...

I guess Natalie can just sleep on the floor again, while Lydia and Jesse take the bed.
Or maybe she can curl up in that giant rotating chair, like a cat.

DaveA said...

Ok, So I looked it up and Nat and Jess are about the same age so it isn't creepy.....I don't know why but she looks like a kid to me.

Oh well...I still want jesse to do something stupid and get the girls to turn agains him.