Friday, July 24, 2009

A Quickie - nominations made.

Nominations were made by Jesse and it is exactly how I predicted it! Ok - me and thousands of others... Jesse nominated Michele and Jordan.

The house doesn't seem upset or surprised. I guess some of then STILL think Ronnie might be the target even though it is Casey.

POV should be tomorow.

Have to add this - Casey shaved off his gotee today and got grief from production because he looks so different. He just said he was worried that he would be like samson - lose his power and get nominated. No Casey - that is next Monday if all goes as Jesse plans.


Anonymous said...

Does it matter? This is going to be a boring week.

Like others, I didn't like them at first, but now I don't mind Jeff and Russell.

Beaker is a dork.

Jesse and Natalie are lame.

Jordan isn't as hot or interesting as the eye candy of seasons past. I think she is getting this much "play" on this blog because of the limited options.

Casey is an over the hill white rapper wearing a muzzle because BB won't let you sing and he can't do anything improper because he doesn't want to jeopardize his job teaching 5th graders.

Everybody else is a snoozfest.

Reefer Jello is funny most of the time.

AName and Athletes4Life "aka last season's multi-named ALLCAPS poster aka Outcasts4life aka Lydiafan aka Keeshafan aka Oh My God aka ..." write a lot but don't contribute much.

Irishcurse said...

I think Jesse played this smart. He can take out 1 of the people against him if it plays out right, leaving only 3 against him. The 2 scenarios that can make him look good to Jeff, Jordan, Casey and Michele is if Casey wins POV he can put up Ronnie or if Ronnie wins POV it will look like it was part of the risk they all new going into the plan to get rid of Ronnie. So POV should be the climax of the week.

I agree with most of that ( Allcapsanon ) except Jordan. If you turn the volume down, she gets hotter again.

IndyMike said...

Actually Jordan is a natural beauty - the boob job I could care less about - but she it was too sweet and naive for the game - and she was recruited so - bleh. I think Natalie is attractive physically as well but I hate her game so she annoys me. I thought Lydia was very cute - her gameplay and HANDY work has kinda shot any 'like' I had for her though.

I still don't think this cast is bad at all - its all perspective - this is ONLY day 20.

At this point the only people out of the BB10 house were Brian and Steven. And Carol and Joe were the only two out of the BB9 house.

Way too early to call this cast/season a flop!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call the season a flop yet, but lets call it like it is, this season's cast is not as dynamic as past BB casts and it was such a let down to see Jessie get HOH again since we just suffered through a week of Ronnie trying to please him (more or less). Perhaps that will change once control of the house is wrestled (no pun intended) away from Jessie and his acolytes.

Are there any of the cast members that really have been funny, crazy, endearing or good game-players?

Regarding Jordan, I don't think she is not good looking, but I don't know if she is in my "top 10" big brother hot chicks.

I agree with what you said about Natalie and Lydia.

Tony said...

i love that production is pissed at casey for shaving. no they have to work a little harder to make crafty edits

Irishcurse said...

HAHAHA I didn't even think of that Tony. Considering they know he is the target this week, the edits will be tough.

Tony said...

wow... that "fuck you" look Lydia shot Nat was great. Lydia needs to lighten up some

AName said...

(AName and Athletes4Life "aka last season's multi-named ALLCAPS poster aka Outcasts4life aka Lydiafan aka Keeshafan aka Oh My God aka ..." write a lot but don't contribute much).

Is that all the people that dont agree with what you got to say so you bunch them together like poison

In other words you just proved my point. Hmmm, I wonder whos allcapsano(dont take a rocket scientist to figure it out) but like you said it dont matter because you all walk, talk and act alike and if you call yourself contributing, then you are in dream world to the 5th power

AName said...

Of course you agree with what he said allcaps. Whats new about that

Scott said...

Not true at all, my friend.

I don't agree with everything that's been said, and they don't all agree with me.

Tony said...

finally ronnie did something that made me laugh

Tony said...

ok... so maybe it is jesse that brings out the annoying in Natalie, cause tonight she is not annoying me at all and been rather fun and enjoyable

ale said...

Jordan just said, "I'm wondering if there's a plan we don't know about." Can we stop knocking her for being a bit of a dumb-dumb now? she's spacey, but I truly don't think she's THAT naive.

Also, I think she's naturally a very pretty girl...whereas most BB 'hot chicks' required layers of makeup and hair product to achieve that 'status'.

IndyMike said...

Yup ale - she isn't completely clueless she just is too 'trusting' and doesn't seem to understand how vicious this game is. And thats what I meant my natural beauty. Top 10... on looks and personality? Very possible - but faces and smiles are #1 to me - and her smile is a killer.

Actually I saw Laura one morning without makeup and thought she looked prettier than when she caked it on.

And Natalie has commented she doesn't even know how to put on make up.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's still early to call, but so far there are very few HGs whom I actually like. And, as it happens in every season it seems, the few I DO like get picked off one by one in the first few weeks. It's a bummer.

I do think Jordan is a very pretty girl, and I expected to hate her, but she's quite endearing.

I hated Russell at first but I'm liking him more after this week.

And Lydia... *wince* I thought I was really going to like her, but now I find that she's just a skanky McSkankface with jacked up teeth and a sickening whiny/babyvoice/little girl act that makes me want to punch her square in the box.

Anonymous said...

Also: why is Jessie trying to backdoor Casey? I thought they were working together because they knew each other outside of the house.

Did I miss something?

AName said...

LMAO At the duplication. It so funny

Thanks for replying in your original name Scott. You had me worried for a minute with all the bull about the anon name. But its cool to use other names like allcaps right(lmfao). At least I know using diff names is exceptable as long you agree(lol)

Scott said...

I have no clue what you're talking about. I have never, nor will I ever, use another name to post here.

Reefer Jello said...

I won't argue much about this cast. For the most part, it is similar to other casts from other years. But, I see one main exception....this cast doesn't have that one great foil that really can piss people off. Take the year we had Evel and Jen. There was a lot of tension and release as Dick dumped shit on her head and burned her with cigs, etc. IMO...CBS put Jessie back in the house thinking he would fill that role, seeing that they received a gazillion emails telling them that Jessie is a douchebag. They figured it wrong. Jessie is a flaming douchebag but he has no personality and he is ridiculous to have to look at.

If the final four comes down to Jessie, Russel, Natalie and much fun will that be to watch on the feeds? Really?