Friday, July 24, 2009

Have/Have Not Results (And Other Saucy Tales)

The Brains are on slop/cold showers/etc., and it sounds like Jordan won the competition. Yes, I'm as surprised as you. Chima's not happy at all to be stuck on cabbage and cocktail weenies, although Jordan explained that she just had to punish Ronnie.

Meanwhile, Natalie's head keeps growing. She's calling herself co-HOH, and is already planning what she's going to do next when she wins HOH. I think she's catching on to Lydia's hookups with Jessie, as a bit of hostility is growing between the two women. "At least I have some sort of morale with Lydia", he says in response to Natalie's complaints about some comment Lydia made. Besides the fact the sentence makes no sense, is "morale" what the kids are calling it these days?

Downstairs, Lydia is confirming that she indeed used her hand on him this morning (10:28 am for those with the wayback machine) and on many other occasions. Kevin wants to know if "it" is pretty, and she says she hasn't seen it, and that the "other parts" are huge. This morning's session was the best, she added, because it was in "Natalie's bed" while wearing Natalie's clothes. "Using sex as a weapon; I'm all about it."

Edit: Lydia just added that she has NOT used her mouth on him, and WON'T! Besides the sex talk, it's a pretty interesting conversation. Kevin knows much more than he lets on.

Further edit: To clarify, the best time was when Lydia performed the act in Natalie's clothes and in her bed (last week). Today, however, was Jessie's best "performance", although she had to use her sweatshirt to..uh, clean him off.


Anonymous said...

Lydia has used her mouth on him, you almost could tell that by hows shes under the covers. And if Jesse is smart, he may consider getting rid of her soon.

One thing for sure, Natalie is with Jesse thru thick and thin and Lydia will throw him under the bus as soon as she can. Natalie may run her mouth a lot but Lydia is using sex to get her thru but you can tolerate that right. You really amaze me Mister Morality

Scott said...

Why is it wrong for me to have an opinion but you can toss jabs at me whenever you comment? Seriously, it gets old. You like different people than me; big deal.

And I'm certainly not justifying Lydia's behavior, and I predict that she doesn't last much longer.

Anonymous said...


Also dude, Natalie is not calling herself co-HOH, Her and Jesse are joking about the fact that Casey was telling people that Natalie was co-HOH everytime Jesse got the HOH. Please check the feeds before you make these dumb statements about people you dont like. You have a one track mind and you dont know how to sway from it at all.

Scott said...

You don't have to yell! :)

I'm wondering who you think I like or dislike, because I'm actually not crazy about this entire cast. And despite what you believe, I have stated multiple times that Jessie has been easier to deal with this year. If somebody in that house doesn't grow some testicles, he's going to take the money.

bish said...

Ugh. The more I look at Lydia/hear her speak the less attractive she becomes.
I really wanted to like her right off the bat but it seems that everything she does annoys me to no end.
I'd rather have Natalie give me hand relief.
I can't wait until Lydia blows up at Jesse for absolutely no reason.

Anonymous said...

As long as you tell the truth, I wont say a thing because thats just your bias opinion but when you back your opinions up with false accusations, then i am going to say something regardless of how you try to twist it like im throwing jabs at you. I will end it on that

Tony said...

man the alliance is gonna go down in flames and fast. i was afraid we were just gonna have a repeat of week one, but maybe there might actually be a little more excitement.

off topic... can we please get rid of the "Anonymous" option soon?

Cal said...

Agreed... if he/she/it doesn't have the courage to identify, close it off. Let the kid troll somewhere else.

IndyMike said...

Lol - yeah - its gonna have to go. We are welcome to our opinions - and you are welcome to yours 'anonymous' - however we removed the 'anonymous' option last season because some people seem to 'hide' behind it - and when you start attacking others as some (or one) 'anon'user is doing, it is time to lock it and require registration.

Btw - Lydia and Jesse are in bed again - wonder if Jesse is gonna get another.

IndyMike said...

By the way - we are pretty damn honest around here - we actually are fans of the show - we just won't kiss butts in the hopes of former cast members stopping by and visiting - we call it like it is - warts and all.

Scott said...

There is also the matter of interpretation. We all can see the same footage and come out with different "facts".

In the end, it really doesn't matter. It's a TV show that we all either like or love to hate. I don't take any of it personally, and neither should anybody else.

Irishcurse said...

By interpretation , Scott means hot chick pics. Which is why I come here. He gets the best perv shots. It's like he is a natural at finding them

AName said...

So tell me Scott and Mike , if you get rid of Anon and I get a real name, what have I said that would make you stop me from continuing to voice my opinion. Do you all need a real name so you all can attack in unison. Can a person stand up for their ownself without needing support from all of his or hers followers. just curious

Are we going to turn this into a board that says if you dont agree with the main cliques of this board that you will be booted.

Are we to become the KGB and force everybody that come on this board to think and act alike accordingly

That would be so much fun wouldnt it. Then you all could flock together and make what you say be like THE GOSPEL

No hard feelings if I offended anyone, just stating my opinions

Now do i get deleted because i stated my opinions. When you think about it, it dont matter because you can come back over and over again. I just wonder will you delete everybody that are not on the same page as you

Scott said...

You can certainly voice your opinions. I've said that from day one. I responded earlier simply because you seem to know exactly who I like or dislike, and that I'm supposedly falsifying entries to further my "bias".

Notice I've never called you any names, yet every time you post you have to call us "losers" or some variation of that. Let's just watch the show and feeds and have fun. We can debate our various interpretations of what we see, but there's no reason to be vicious to each other. That's what the Hamsters are for!

Reefer Jello said...

So Lydia's claiming that all Jessie scored was some stinkfinger and all she gave him was a palmsqueeze?

Even the sex on this year's show is lame.

Next, we'll hear that Kevin let Ronnie put his big toe in his ass.

I already miss those pretty titties.

AName said...

Come on man... The losers names was apllied to the people who are picking the losers in this game.

Kinda like, all the people who are screaming that they are not going to watch anymore which means they are not going to comment anymore because the other team is winning.

We can easily reference that to:

The sore loser whos at the park playing ball but cant win so he takes the ball and goes home so no one else can play. thats a losers attitude to me.

that should be called the jordan rule no matter how good she look. LOL

Anyways, im out man... you have your opinion and I have mine. I just like putting mine up against people whos opinion differ from mine

That seems to make people mad around here

IndyMike said...

No - I don't think you said anything yet that would get you 'deleted' as you say but at lest now there is no confusing things you say with another 'anonymous' causse we did have more than one believe it or not.

I ALWAYS pick the losers. Last time someone won that I wanted to win from early on was probably hmmmm - no clue - hated dr will this early on - didn't like adam - wanted Daniele to win BB3 but she got screwed by a non sequester or she would have won.

So frankly I am never happy with the outcome - but I watch every year.

Jesse will get his sooner or later - I feel he is is a negative in the house and ANY alumni would have been - the other HGs are taking things he says as gospel - he says you can't talk game in the jury house? YES YOU CAN - but they believe him.

Anyways - come - go - whatever you like - its one thing to make fun of the HGs - when you attack the other people posting here then you usually end up crossing a line that gets people ticked.

Unless it is making fun of Scott's picture collection. Thats always expected to be commented on ;)

IndyMike said...

let me amend one part of that to say they I was happy when Will won, I enjoyed Adam winning - oh and I was rooting for Eddie BIG time! Loved that hater!

Tony said...

i think most of us on here feel like we dont have a dog in the fight this year. much like scott and indymike there only players i dislike there is no one that i was on board from day one like i was with Adam or ED. dont get me wrong i still love to see jordan walk around in a bikini, but i hate when someone is brought in and didnt got through the typical tryout process

Irishcurse said...

From what I heard Jesse telling Natalie earlier . It seem the plan is to put up Jordan and Michele and then backdoor Casey. They didn't say what they would do if Casey was selected and won POV. I guess he could always fall back to the Rat boy plan and make himself look good. Otherwise he runs the risk of having to put up one of his floaters ( Lydia and Kevin) which could trigger a numbers shake up against him.

It says they are playing a game again , so I take it that it's nomination time.

Tony said...

at all the blog sites for BB11, i havent seen anyone really into this years cast and most feel like recycled player has really put this season at the pace it is now. i personally dislike the clique gimmick and look forward to it ending soon

Irishcurse said...

Yeah, the ones I have read ( BB message boards) blame the lower ratings on Jesse and the cliques. I think it's more to do with the cliques and the somewhat lame cast.

I started out not liking Russell but like him now. So to AName, the only player I don't like is Ronnie. The others I change day to day. I could really care less who wins ( except Rat boy). I just tend to give my opinion on what I see ( without name calling people except cast members.) If you are rooting for the same people from start to finish, so be it. That is your view point and what keeps you watching.

Tony said...

i'm with richie. the only person i hate is ronnie this year. i dont want jesse to win for the fact this is his second go around. i do look forward to seeing what russel does once the cliques are over and if he has a of power

IndyMike said...

Ratings - haven't even checked them - but they traditionally don't pick up until August. They weren't bad to start. This show always gathers steam as it goes on through the season.