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Big Brother Season 10, Episode 11 Recap

Here we go with what could be either one of the greatest swerves in Big Brother history, or a predictable disappointment. Will the outcast hens follow through with their plan to go against the oversexed Barbie? Will America (or the Big Brother producers) do the right thing and make Dan do the right thing?
If these events do occur, what will be the reaction? Will Jessie go nuts when he hears he’s evicted and trash the house on his way out? Will Michelle tear off her unitard and become that Superhero (with a not-so-fantastic ass) she claims to be? Is it possible that April will become so irate that a bit of color comes to her pale, undernourished face?
We’ve got a long way to go before we get to the moment of truth. As always, we get the reaction to the non-event of Jerry’s decision to not use the veto. Jessie says “everything should be a pretty smooth ride” as long as everybody abides by April’s wishes. “I know I’m not going anywhere. Sweet beans!” Does he really think he’s charming when he babbles that garbage? Oh, and put your shirt on, tool boy.
April says she feels “really, really good” about Jerry not using the veto. Of course you do, you silly twit. He did what you wanted. Memphis says there is “no alliance anymore. It’s time to start from square one.” For some reason, we see shots of Jessie flexing as Memphis talks. Why?
We move on to Keesha and Libra babbling in the bedroom. Keesha says that she hopes April changes her mind on who she wants to have go home because “Jessie is coming after me.”
”No, he’s coming after me”, replies Libra. “Me too.” “No, it’s me.” “Uh uh, it’s me.” Well, it stopped after Keesha’s “me too”, but it could have just as well gone on back and forth since these are two people that always have to have all of the attention. Libra does point out that Jessie, who is sleeping next door, does nothing but “sit in that room. He doesn’t add anything to the house.” In the diary room, Libra repeats that line almost word for word – just with a more volume and a headshake. The two decide that they need to get April to change her focus.
April enters the room sometime after that. When, I don’t know. The producers want us to believe it was immediately, and Libra is still lying in bed in the same clothes from the previous scene. But I don’t believe Keesha was wearing a bikini in the previous shot. Regardless, both of them start whining about Jessie to her, but she’s not too intereseted.
Keesha is frustrated, and babbles in the diary room about how hard she’s tried to like April. “When somebody is so fake to your face, and you can see right through it, it’s so annoying.”
According to April, Memphis is playing the game just as hard as anybody, but he’s just not as loud as Jessie. Libra tells the whispering Barbie to calm down, and that they’re just communicating their fears. Again, though, she’s a lot more expressive in the diary room, complaining about how going after Memphis is more beneficial only to April.
Memphis is now lying out with Keesha, and again we get to hear the usual garbage about lying and not breaking promises from Keesha. Memphis points out that “people are promising out their game”. Keesha adds in the diary that Jessie needs to go because he “eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and causes a lot of problems in the house”. After she notes that they need four votes, Memphis mentions something about getting Dan’s vote.
Wow, Keesha actually picked up on that hint, and moved on to Dan, who puts on the charm by telling her that she’s the “one person in this game I can talk to”. Hmmm. She comes right out and says, “I want Jessie gone”. Dan admits that he doesn’t want Memphis to go, but they both acknowledge that if their plan doesn’t work they’ll be the first to go next week.
Now Keesha is back in the bedroom with Libra, who asks what they’re going to do about the situation. Keesha is suddenly all tough, saying “anybody that thinks I’m gonna roll over and do what they want…” Libra points out that they only have three votes, but Keesha says her “instinct” says she can get Dan’s vote. Libra says she’ll do it if they can get the numbers, but that “it will be world war three in here”.
Keesha goes outside and brings Memphis into the bedroom. Libra immediately threatens him that she’ll kill him if she saves him and he puts her up the next week. Keesha again points out that they need to get Dan’s word. Surprise, surprise, guess who walks in at that second? Dan gives his word, but they all promise to not talk about it. Everybody jumps around and hugs.
Meanwhile, April is whining to Jerry how two of their alliance members “jumped” her and “double-teamed” her about booting out Jessie. Is that really how it happened? Jerry thinks they have the votes, but promises to talk to Dan. “Dan supports me because I brought him into our alliance. We saved him.” Oh, you silly old man.
Jerry does his part, and talks to Dan about how the hens are going to turn against their super fantastic, giant alliance. Dan does a great job at playing dumb. “This soon?” Jerry claims that April feels threatened, and that Dan shouldn’t listen to their overtures. “We agreed to support the HOH, and we shouldn’t break that.” Jerry goes into Jessie’s room and informs him that he’s safe. Is he?
Dan is now sitting outside by himself babbling to the cameras about how “crazy” everybody is. “Who does America hate more – Jessie or Memphis? If you want out Jessie, I’m going to be in trouble. If you want Memphis, I’m going to be in a lot of trouble. My rear is going to be under fire big time. America, you better make the right decision. I gave you an 18 second hug. Hook me up.”
Human interest time, as we visit with Dan’s football team in Detroit. Yeah, it’s awesome their coach is on television. I’m glad I’m not drinking every time I hear a cliché. Wait, I think I’m in love with Dan’s sister. His mom, though, doesn’t think he should have taken the America’s Player option. Well, I don’t think BB should have brought it back. We have to endure a bunch of clips of everybody thinking that he is America’s Player.
Wow, we’re already going to the living room. Julie jumps right in with a question to Manchelle about her unitard. “I love it and I hate it, and I do look great in it.” No, you don’t. Stop the madness. She’s asked if there’s any difference between this week and last week with Jessie being on the block. She lies and says it’s been the same. No, it hasn’t. Jessie slept this week; last week he was a raving lunatic.
Keesha gets the next question, and it’s about her sad birthday. She babbles that it hasn’t been forgotten, and we move on to Libra’s forced TV smile. Her question is once again about her family, and how she turned down a letter from home. “My husband would have killed me. We both have said that after this project is finished, let’s go somewhere. Why not Hawaii?” Meanwhile, Michelle is making faces that should not be allowed on television.
After commercials, it’s time for another awkward HOH interview. She’s asked if she’s still allies with Keesha and Libra, and she lies and says they are. Oh, this is going to be fun even if Jessie isn’t eliminated. “I definitely trust them a lot less lately. I haven’t had their support like I had expected this week, considering I saved them.” She did? When? Oh, by winning HOH. Yeah, I’ll hand her this point. April goes on, and we all just want her to stop. She’s also asked about dealing with Memphis, but it’s just dumb babble as she thinks he doesn’t want to stay there.
Julie can’t help but ask about her relationship with Ollie. “All of America is wanting to know this”, April claims. Um, don’t give yourself that much credit. She babbles about how fortunate she is to have him, and that he’s her savior (that’s what they call it these days), and “it’s nice to be able to get away and talk more on a little more of a personal level and not on the game”.
We get the final statements, and Jessie begins by wishing his dad a happy birthday. He has little more to say, but surprisingly says nothing about respect. Memphis gets up and sort of repeats Angie’s statement last week about voting for themselves.
Michelle begins the voting, and you know she voted to evict Memphis, as does “Hey Mama” Ollie and Jerry. Libra is next, and her phony smile votes to evict Jessie…and we go to commercial.
After we return, Keesha votes to evict Jessie, as does Renny. Now here’s the moment of truth, as Dan comes in to find out what “America” wants him to do. Dan almost calls her Mrs. Chen again, but Julie stops him. Yes, America wants Jessie gone!
Oh My God! This is going to be good. Surprisingly, he’s calm, but does babble “it’s your word, your word” to Dan as he walks out the door. Michelle storms out of the room, and Memphis tries his hardest to fight off a smile. Somebody is clapping, but we don’t see who. This is actually sort of anticlimactic since nobody is saying anything.
Returning to the studio, Julie tells Jessie he looks like he’s in shock. No, that’s his everyday look. He denies that he was surprised, and places all the blame on Dan. For some reason, he babbles on about how Dan “doesn’t even go to church every Sunday, and he’s Catholic”. Um, ok.
Julie asks if he has anything that he regrets doing in the house. Well, how about when he started the big fight last Friday? He probably would still be in the house if that hadn’t happened. “I actually don’t have one thing that I regret. I called out everybody for face value.” Julie says that “several” houseguest have called him arrogant to his face, but Jessie corrects her and say only Keesha has done that. “My name and arrogant shouldn’t be in the same sentence.” Hahahaha!
Now this part should be good – Julie names a houseguest and Jessie has to respond with the first word that comes to his tiny tool head. Jerry is first, and Jessie has trouble coming up with anything before saying he’s “in really good shape”. For Renny, he says she “was a trip the first week”. He’s “very proud” of Michelle, but April is “very deviant”. Of course, Jessie is “THE MAN!”
For the goodbye messages, April says if he is seeing this message she is “shocked”. Jessie doesn’t appear to be paying attention, though. Michelle says if he’s watching this then “everybody in this house is a bunch of liars. I will definitely get those people, and take them down personally by myself.” Memphis tells him that it was a mistake for him to be sleeping all week and not interacting with others, while Libra babbles that he “was a pain in my you-know-what. I’m definitely glad to see you go. There’s no love lost.” Keesha tells him that she “hopes you get lots of sleep. I’m not going to say that I hate to see you go, because I don’t. So, bye.” That makes me laugh. Renny is also hilarious as usual, as she says “sayanorra”. Wow, they went longer with Jessie than any evicted person I’ve ever seen.
After Jessie’s segment is finally over, we get to see the surprise wake up calls they received all night last night from fans. Surprisingly, Libra is the first to figure out that it’s “America” doing these wakeup calls. None of them are pleased by this, and after a couple of minutes of this segment I’m also annoyed.
Finally, it’s time for the HOH, and once again it’s a question game. These true/false questions revolve around these calls. Everybody is correct in the first round, but Renny and Ollie are out with the next question. Everybody but Libra and Michelle now go out, which causes Keesha to roll her eyes. (I never thought I’d say this, but go Libra!) Holy shit, Michelle is the new HOH!!! Wow, Jerry starts screaming at Dan! It’s funny how one of the “outcasts” is now the favorites of a certain group of people. “That’s for you, Jessie! I’m going to get them.” This is going to be a miserable week.
We conclude with a return to the living room. Once again, Michelle screams “this is for Jessie! I deserve this! Game on!” Ugh. Memphis is asked a dumb question about how it feels to still be in the house. Yes, his answer is that it “feels good. When the majority of the house keeps you, you feel the love”. Jerry is asked if being in the house is more difficult than in the Armed Services, and he replies that “I love it here. Game on!”
Oh boy, as we leave the show Julie announces that one competitor from each previous season will be coming in to participate in one surprise competition. Oooh, Brian’s picture is shown in the montage. For the final shot, we get to watch some more of Manchelle whispering to Memphis. “Don’t be mad at me”, he tells her.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you for the update & the great recap. We here in SW Missouri won't get the program until 1 AM & I'm taping it, but won't be able to watch it until Saturday night. Curiousity luckily didn't kill this cat - thanks to YOU!

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Is anyone else annoyed by how insanely happy April is no matter who wins HOH? I guess she did have some kind of sub alliance or something with Jessie and Michelle, but still. Who knows what Michelle is going to do in her post Jessie rage. I'd be a little more worried if I were her.