Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 14 Recap

Welcome to eviction night, aka the evening our weeklong nightmare of Michelle as HOH is over. Of course, it could be even worse in an hour if one of a couple of different suspects ends up taking her place in that hallowed room.
Before we get to that, though, we have a lot of material to endure before we find out who is the next HOH, and the contestants have done a great job at creating material designed to make us question who will be evicted this evening. I wonder if CBS had a hand in raising these inquiries. Oh no, they’d never manipulate a game show.
Let’s jump right in with the reactions to Jerry’s insane POV speech. Libra is actually quite funny when she sarcastically asks if Jerry had received the “Big Brother manual. Big Brother is not a game of honor, trust, and loyalty. This is not the Marines.” Renny adds that “the Colonel” ends up looking worse than Dan when he personally attacks others like he did.
Dan stands up, and babbles about how people can believe whatever they want, which makes Libra repeat the phrase “it’s a game” over and over as she walks away.
We now see Memphis in the HOH with Michelle holding his hands over his head in disbelief. “What was that all about?” Michelle lies and acts like she was worried he was going to use the veto, but feed watchers know he rehearsed his speech with her right before the ceremony. “It was just unnecessary”, he adds. “I think it was unnecessary.”
Libra walks into the spa room, where Dan and Keesha are hanging out, and apologizes for some reason for Jerry calling him a “Judas”. Dan acts like he’s depressed in the diary room, but suddenly screams out that “it can’t get any BETTER for me”. Well, not really, Dan, as the entire house believes your America’s Player. He believes the entire house has sympathy for him…which they don’t. Well, they probably did during his speech, but in this season that’s all forgotten within minutes.
At the end of this conversation, Keesha says that she’s not going to hate Michelle if she gets evicted, leading Libra to say “you’re not going to get evicted. I can bet my last dollar on it.” I guess it’s time to jump to a conversation that puts that statement in doubt, especially after Keesha responds with “that’s what Jessie thought, too”.
Oh yes, Big Brother’s editors don’t disappoint. April is now seen bitching to Ollie how she “can’t trust Keesha as far as I can throw the bitch”. Yeah, that wouldn’t be too far for that scrawny little twit. April points out that she is just as much at fault as Libra in the Jessie eviction, and Ollie does his usual game of agreeing with anything she says. At least in this case there’s some truth in the statements. (BTW, nice cam angle on Keesha in a bikini.)
Memphis and Dan are now seen sitting outside, and they complain to Keesha about how bored they are. Keesha babbles something about needing somebody’s back, and Memphis responds that “I’ve got your back, darling…I’d jump in front of a bullet for you”. Oh, I bet Christine wishes that was directed at her. After she goes back in the house, Memphis points out that they have free sailing “for at least two weeks” if they follow Keesha and Renny. Dan agrees, and says he has some dumb names ready for their alliance. They both agree that Renny is the wild card of their group.
Now we cut back to Ollie and April snuggling in the bedroom, and continuing to plot Keesha’s demise. They know they have Jerry’s support in anything they do, and decide to ask him to vote out Keesha. “He’s going to attach himself to people so he can be a swing vote. He’s playing both sides.”
Ollie then approaches Libra and asks if she wants to “still be here”. He tells her that they want to flip the house again because “Keesha is getting way too complacent”. (Is that the proper use of the term?) He asks her if she’s close to Dan, but she replies that she doesn’t know where she stands with him.
After a dumb analog about being a heart attack patient and Dan’s her defibrillator, she approaches Dan in the kitchen. April’s stripper heels walk a few feet away, and Libra makes her pitch. After complaining that he’s talking to loud, Libra talks about possibly having a “ninth life”. Dan says he needs more information, and Libra says there could be once again a split vote. In the diary room, Dan acts like he’s considering the offer, especially since Libra being in the house would remain a huge target. Still, he’s pretty noncommittal.
Oh boy, for the first time in this season we get the useless diary room discussions on both nominees. I don’t really miss this feature, and true to form it’s really a useless repeat of everything we’ve heard from everybody all week. I do cringe when April complains how she “feels bad for America” because they have to listen to Keesha’s voice. Well, I’m no fan of it either, but April really needs to stop believing she’s America’s Angel.
After the break, we go to a puff piece with Libra’s family. What’s interesting is that as an intro they’re using the conversation she had with Dan that started the conspiracy theorists believing that Dan and Libra were brought into the house together as a team. Libra’s husband is shown giving one of the twins a bath, and talks about how he encouraged her to sign up for the show “to have an experience”. He goes on to talk about how Libra’s mother is such a help, and (after a short statement from her oldest child) we cut to footage of Libra crying over her kids.
We then see the family watch her win the Hawaiian trip, which the husband says “was a good choice”. He’s not happy, though, when they show the clip of Michelle saying her kids should be taken away. “Nobody should ever wish something like that on a mother. It’s as cold as you can get.”
With this segment over, we finally join the house in the living room. Wow, Dan gets the first question of the night. Hopefully, this will stop the whispering about how the fact that he hasn’t received any previous questions is suspicious. Julie asks him about how his faith influences his gameplay. Jerry looks on as Dan admits that he’s made some mistakes, but the “first thing I do when I get out of here is to go to confession”.
Jerry’s up next about his veto speech, and he admits that some of his speech was the “heat of the moment”, but that he still feels that “religion became a prop”. Dan responds that being called a Judas didn’t bother him; he just wishes as a teacher he had been called “Mr. Judas…the only thing I can do in this house is forgive him”. Jerry’s clearly not happy with that retort.
Memphis is up next, and is asked why he acted shocked when the Judas question came up. I don’t really get what he’s saying, but he questions whether Jerry knows the Judas story, and that Judas ended up hanging himself. “As long as Dan doesn’t hang himself, I’m cool. When personal attacks come out, the instinct for me is to stand up for people that I care about.”
Renny is now asked who has surprised her the most since they entered the house. “I think they’ve all surprised me. They’re really a wonderful bunch of young people.” Now that’s a nice, seemingly prepared speech.
It’s now time to mute the television, as we talk to Michelle in the HOH. Wait, you mean I can’t do that? Ugh. Julie points out that she’s been hanging around April lately, so what’s the status of her relationship with her? After wishing her parents a happy anniversary, she goes on about how she feels bad for her because her word “got broken with me last week…she knows that I actually keep my word in this house”. Oh boy.
Next up is a question about the more hateful things she has said in the house, including statements about Libra’s kids and how Dan was going to burn in hell. She says she regrets what she said about Dan, and that she doesn’t think Libra’s a bad mother. “There’s just decisions she’s made that could have been different. I would have taken the letter, and I don’t even have any kids.” (Insert Scott eye roll here.)
The segment ends with Michelle talking about how great it was to get a letter from home. Yes, she loves them and misses them…as does every contestant.
It’s now eviction time, and Keesha gets to make her final statement first. “If you do evict me, there are no hard feelings. Even though there have been crazy moments in this house, I have loved every last minute of it.” (That’s not what you said last Saturday evening as you were screaming outside.) She goes on with taking responsibility for her actions last week.
Libra follows with how “crazy” the game is, and that “each week it changes on a dime”. She still stands “proud and tall” with what she did last week, but stumbles on the next couple of sentences. Once again, a nominee basically copies Angie’s speech from two weeks ago about playing the game “for your self”.
The voting now begins Renny, who votes to evict Libra, as does Memphis. We now go to commercials, and when we return Jerry votes to evict Libra. I guess the plan to swerve the house isn’t going to happen. Dan, Ollie, and April also cast votes to evict Libra. It’s unanimous.
Libra seems to take it well, and hugs everybody as she walks out. “Have a good time, and enjoy this game.” After useless footage of the remaining houseguests standing around, Julie begins the interview by asking a laughing Libra about her alliance. She says they were explosive because they were all so similar. “We wanted to push the envelope all the time”. Outside the house, she says they’d all get along fabulously.
Julie moves on and asks about the theory that she was the mastermind behind every eviction. “They gave me a lot of credit. I deserve some of it, but not all of it.” She admits that her role in the various scenarios did eventually catch up to her.
Next up is the inevitable questions about leaving her newborns. She talks about the “paradox” of “leaving your family to help your family”, and how she felt she needed to go “against the norm”.
Ollie begins the goodbye messages by complaining about her going against April’s wishes last week. April then continues this theme, saying that going against her “came back to get you”. Renny says that also being a mother created a “special bond” between them. Jerry, of course, whines. There’s no need to recap his gibberish, so we end with Keesha’s Hallmark statement about how she’ll never forget her. That’s the best you can do?
It’s now HOH time, and it’s called Diary Room Confessions. Oooh, the game involves Julie reading things that one of the previously evicted people said, and they have to guess who said it. Well, the first question’s a gimme, as it involves a nap that paid off. Yet, nobody buzzes in, and Julie is forced to repeat. Renny finally buzzes in, and gets it right. She chooses to eliminate April, who is not happy at all about this. (Smart move.)
The next question is who said “the player got played”? Dan buzzes in, and correctly says it was Brian. He eliminates Jerry. (Another smart move!) The third question is about loneliness, but Ollie buzzes in before the question is finished and makes an incorrect choice. I now love this competition!
Memphis buzzes in on the next question, but is eliminated by saying the answer was Steven. The next question involves somebody who called Jessie a tool, but Dan is incorrect with his guess of Angie. (Blowing another HOH, Dan?)
It’s now down to Keesha and Renny, and the final question is about one of Jerry’s speeches. Renny buzzes in, and correctly guesses Brian. Renny is HOH! The studio audience goes nuts! Three people in the backyard aren’t happy, though!
We get a final look at the house, and Renny is alone in the bedroom collecting her thoughts. April and Ollie, meanwhile, look worried. They should!


Christine said...

yes, that is the proper use for complacent.

were you peepin in my window?? cause as Memphis said it I was like Damn some girls have ALL the luck!! lol

Scott said...

I wish!

BTW, what were you wearing during that segment? Hehehe

Christine said...

why Angie's Skull bikini, of course!! lol

Scott said...

I need to think about that statement for a few minutes. As anon would say, LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

With Libra now gone, some of the screaming will stop. Some, I say.
Keesha and April, MIchelle and Jerry do a good job of screaming so I am sure more fights will erupt.
Cracked me up when April said Keesha didn't like her because she was prettier than Keesha.
Getagrip, girl...!!!

Scott said...

I think this week will be pretty calm. Julie asking Dan the first and third questions should shut down some of the conspiracy bullshit, and I don't think there's anybody in the house who doesn't think April and Ollie are going up. Jerry's really the only one deluded enough to think he'll be able to get Renny to do what he wants...ok, maybe April is also that deluded.

Susan said...

Did anyone hear April tell Ollie that Keesha was after her because
she was prettier than her, you could tell by the look on Ollies face that he didn't think so!!