Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 15 Recap

Welcome to Renny Week; seven days that should be pretty calm and predictable. “Should be” are the key words, though, as any time you put wackos like Michelle, Keesha, April, and Jerry in a house together things could change at any moment.
We begin, as expected, with the reaction to Libra’s eviction. Will somebody cry out, “ding dong, the witch is dead”? Keesha admits that she’s not liked by everybody, but it still feels good to be kept in by a unanimous vote. April claims that she wasn’t sure if she had the four votes, so it made more sense to play it safe.
Michelle, though, has to make it all about her, complaining that she was the one person who didn’t get a hug from Libra as she walked out the door. “Too bad – she took out Jessie so she deserved to go home.”
After Libra’s exit, Keesha wanders around thanking everybody. Jerry, of course, has to make sure she believes it’s because of him. “I told you.” Renny has suddenly become paranoid because every name around her picture has been eliminated. “It makes me look like a target. It stands out.”
We move on to the HOH competition, and we see Renny’s win. Keesha jumps up and says, “give me a hug, Renny”, but a sprinting Michelle jumps in front of her to congratulate Renny. In the diary room, Renny says that the promise of pictures of her mother inspired her to win the contest.
Keesha finally gets her hug, and is ecstatic in her diary room interview. Actually, she even uses the word “ecstatic”, which surprises me. April, however, is not so happy, and she admits in the diary room that she’s probably going to be on the block this week. “This is where the game begins.”
Memphis is almost as happy as Keesha. “Renny winning is the best thing that could happen for me. It’s perfect, perfect, perfect.” Renny is not happy, though, when she overhears Memphis’ plan to move into Keesha’s room. “You get to talk a lot in those rooms – discussing the game every day while I’m upstairs. I believe that Memphis can charm Keesha. It does make him a threat.” She gives Jerry a disgusted nod as he tells her, “good job, kiddo”.
April and Ollie are now seen in the living room, and Ollie seems more upset than April. “Smile”, she says. “It’s just a game.” Jerry joins the two (as usual), and April notes that everybody in the house is noticing his constant presence with the pair.
Meanwhile, Memphis and Keesha are both talking about how Renny’s win allows them a sigh of relief. He tells her that “we could easily make a run for this game”. Oooh, maybe Renny’s not so crazy for being paranoid of these two together.
To rid themselves of Jerry for at least a few minutes, Ollie says he’s tired and asks April if she’ll lay down with him. They walk past Memphis and Keesha, which causes Memphis to ask if he thinks those are the two Renny will put up. Keesha nods an emphatic yes.
April is now in her usual position, straddling Ollie, while complaining about Jerry. She says she’s going to “let it all out if I’m put up against him”. With the three minutes up, Jerry walks in on them. The pretend to sleep so they don’t have to chat with him, but April whispers that both of them need to talk to Renny later. “I really hope she puts me up against Jerry”, she tells him. Ollie adds in the diary room that the plan is to do everything they can to get Jerry put up. So much for alliances.
Renny is sitting in the bedroom with Keesha when Memphis walks in and playfully gives her a shove. They both giggle, which enrages Renny even more. After he walks out with laundry, she asks Keesha what “his story” is. Immediately, Keesha is worried that Renny may not be putting up April. Renny asks if he has promised to take her to the end, and Keesha says no. (Oops, that’s a lie.) Keesha does admit that she’s working to get people “on my side”, but Renny warns her that “he wouldn’t take you to the end, because he wouldn’t win against you”. Keesha responds that nobody would take her to the finals, but Renny quickly corrects her that she would.
In the diary room, Renny says “I’m not a stupid person. I see a lot that goes on.” She tells Keesha that Memphis is a threat; that he’s “very sly…he’s like April”. Keesha agrees, adding that the only difference is “he’s quiet about it”. In the diary room, Keesha admits that she’s getting worried about Renny, and that she needs to “keep her targets on one side of the house”.
After a commercial break, we have the segment that normally I detest – the opening of the HOH room. But as I said the other night as I watched on the live feeds, this is the one time when the tears and sentiment appear to be legit. In the diary room, Renny says she really wishes her parents were alive to see her on television. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her struggle with the key, but we do see the tears as she immediately catches a glimpse of her mother’s picture.
The boys wait outside to let her have a minute, but it’s not surprising that April and Michelle (along with Keesha) are there to console her. The rest of the house file in, and Jerry says he’s surprised to see a different side of Renny. “She’s so much of a clown, yet there’s a very serious side to her that I hadn’t really seen before.”
After the tears are over, it’s tonight’s wasteful silly segment. April has a stuffed animal, and we get to see everybody play with it. The only good part of this segment is Renny kicking it around. I could be wrong, but I think this segment was from days, if not weeks, ago.
I guess that segment is a segue so we can see just how sad she is knowing she’s probably going up on the block. Ollie asks her if she thinks of him as a friend and not a boyfriend. April doesn’t know how to answer that. This segment could have been filmed any day at any time. Well, it couldn’t be filmed at night, because few words are spoken except where Ollie is supposed to make his “deposit”.
We’re now back in the HOH, where Renny is telling Michelle how much she likes her. “You know that you’re talked about, but I still like you.” Having buttered her up enough, she asks Michelle if she’ll be put up if she wins HOH next week. “Absolutely not.” Michelle claims she’ll swear on the Bible and/or her parents, and that she hasn’t “broken her word” in the house. Renny admits in the diary room that she was working on “reeling her in”, and we see her admit to Michelle that “April has a big target on her back”. Yeah, Ollie hits that target every night.
Renny goes on to say that she’s not comfortable with how some people are starting to act in the house. “Good guys finish last, right? So I’m going to have to sort of get mean in this game”. Michelle eats it all up.
It’s now food competition time, and it’s described as the “Big Brother version of rock/paper/scissors”. The only difference is that it’s done with their mouths, with crickets, pig ears, and slop as the food they will eat if they win the round. Dan wins the first round by selecting crickets, and after saying a prayer he downs the dozen or so on the plate.
Michelle wins the next round, and must do the same. She gobbles it down in seconds, and unfortunately we get a look at her wide open mouth after she’s finished. Jerry then defeats April, and must eat a plate of slop. Damn, this should be easy for him…but it’s not. His teammates, including Memphis, are not happy with his performance, but Jerry eventually downs it all. Or does he? He struggles, but finally does finish.
It’s now Dan and Memphis once again, and this time Memphis must eat pig ears. No problem, although Memphis has trouble swallowing it. Michelle wins the next round, and she gets her favorite delicacy – pig ears. Ugh, I hate the fact we have to witness her chomping away. “Mom, that one was for you.”
April also wins by choosing pig ears, but she says because she’s a vegetarian she “hasn’t eaten pork since I was 13 years old”. Jerry hopes that she can’t finish them, because he’s been on slop for 18 days. April has no problem, and the team of her, Dan, Keesha, and Michelle are not on slop for the week. Too bad for Memphis, Ollie, and Jerry…but America has voted they get one treat. Unfortunately for them (and hilarious for us), it’s lollipops. Ollie claims to be excited.
Time for another wasted segment – Ollie is scared of birds. Again, this is ancient footage. Yes, it’s funny when he sneaks back inside when he sees them, but I could still live without out it.
Ok, time for actual game play. Dan comes up to the HOH, and asks Renny if he’s in danger. “I may need you to go up as a pawn.” She tells him that she’s trying to after “the trio without making too many enemies”. Dan’s not happy with this plan, but she “has to do what she has to do”. He reminds her that he, Memphis, and Keesha are definite votes towards whomever she wants out.
They’re now joined by Memphis, and he says “get the hell out of here” when she asks him the pawn question. “I’m not ok with being a pawn for anybody. It’s not a risk; it’s a mistake.” Memphis pushes for April and Ollie to be put up, because Jerry is the weakest of the three, and he points out that he and Dan would be Jerry’s targets if he somehow wins HOH next week. Renny points out that “he put my ass on the block”.
Now Keesha and Michelle come in, and Renny also asks them if they’re willing to be pawns. Renny repeats what she’s already said twice, and again Memphis points out that there’s now way there will be a split decision regarding Jerry, April, or Ollie. Renny is suddenly concerned about Ollie’s thoughts, and sends Michelle to get him.
Once Ollie appears, Renny begins to question him but eventually sends the rest of the crew out. She won’t say who she’s putting up, but informs him that a lot of people want to see April gone. Ollie says if that happens, he’s not “throwing in the towel. We’re not here just to make a relationship.” Why have you yet to show that, Ollie? Renny admits that she wants Ollie to stay, but Ollie makes a pitch at putting anybody but April up…including Jerry.
So it’s now time for Renny’s nominations, and I’m again surprised at what we’ve seen tonight. Instead of the silly stuffed animal and/or “Ollie loves April” segments, we could have seen April’s pleas to Renny, or Ollie’s second, last-second attempt to save themselves.
Oh well, as Renny looks at the wall of pictures, we get to hear Dan once again talk about how you never know what’s going to happen. April admits that she expects to be put up, but “it’s hard to swallow since I am such a nice person.” (Hey anonymous April lovers, please read that last line.) Ollie is also worried, and has finally realized that “being attached to April is not playing out well in my corner”.
Keesha says she’s also worried because of all the talk about putting Memphis up. “I love Renny to death, but her thinking sometimes is completely off the wall.” Memphis again adds that putting him up as a pawn is a “mistake” unless “you want to make me as an enemy”.
As she puts the keys in, Renny tells us that it’s “time to shake up the house a little bit…nobody’s going to make decisions for me”.
Finally, the keys are pulled. Dan’s comes out first, followed by Keesha, Ollie, Memphis, and Michelle. The nominations are Jerry and April. Tell me how that “shakes up the house”.
Renny says she nominated April because “you are the most ‘tough-cooking’ woman I’ve ever met”. April is clearly not happy…but who would be? She tells Jerry that he’s up because he put her on the block way back in week one.
Keesha doesn’t understand why she put up Jerry instead of Ollie, but Renny again tells us that it’s “payback” for the first week. Jerry also states the obvious, saying that it’s not a good feeling to be nominated. “Man, they turn on you in a second.” Of all people, he should know that. “My attitude is big boys don’t cry.”
April says that she excited that Ollie wasn’t put up against her. “I’m hoping that people will start seeing that Jerry is a floater, and to possibly get him to blow up on somebody.” That may be the smartest thing she’s said all season.
We’re now finished…see you Tuesday!


ale said...

The food comp should have been way more hardcore. Crickets? Come on, kids eat those in their sleep.

I also found the tension leading up to nominations was actually downplayed, weird.

Christine said...

I didn't watch the episode toight so this recap was my first experience with it, guess I was way off in my guesses about the foodcomp!!! I was wondering how lame Renny's nomination speech was going to be and she didn't disappoint, it was lame!!

I really liked her alot and am WAY disappointed with her HOH week and its NOT that she did her own thing, its more how she acted so oddly and against how she'd been in previous weeks...a case of power tripping maybe??

great recap Scott
( ::stroke stroke:: )

I'll give a more in depth response after I actually see the episode :)

bish said...

Renny was so disappointing this episode. Her asking every other person in the house if they wanted to be a pawn was so sad. She kept saying she didn't want to have everyone on the other side mad at her. Well the logical choice is to put up April/Ollie, that way you only have to deal with one of them after the evictions.
Keesha had it right when she said Renny's thought process was just off the wall.
And her whole sit down with Michelle in the HOH. How ridiculous. I don't know how it actually played out, but the way they edited it made her look like she had gone completely mad with power. Her and Jerry should have teamed up since they both seem to have a really skewed view of how much power they actually have in the game.
I was never a Keesha fan, but I'm starting to warm up to her more and more. She has a terrible way of going about things, but her head seems to be in the right place most of the time. I'm hoping for a Keesha/Memphis/Dan final 3.