Friday, August 15, 2008

Jerry And His Big Mouth

Well, now everybody knows about the plan to boot Keesha instead of Libra. Silly old man.

(Edit: Sorry, I inserted the wrong video. I'll update it when it surfaces.)

I also read that last last night Renny pledged to take Michelle to the end. How did that happen? Oh, I found the video.


Anonymous said...

Michelle acting like she didnt know Jerry was going to do that after he rehearsed it with her. and dan acting like he is playing the perfect sympathy card

understand somethin dan, ollie and renny. you should go far in this game but you want win it. there are more important people for the competitors to get rid of

it amazes me how these people think that they are good because people are going after the stronest villians. reminds me of shelia and sharon of bb9. sharon was a pawn for 6 weeks and thought she was a strong player.

They are not going after these people because they are not a threat. plain and simple

Anonymous said...

Renny is just being smart, she can tell how much keesha is attached to memphis and dan and she cant stand the trio of april, jerry and ollie. It would be a very good move if michelle could keep her mouth shut but she will tell memphis who then will tell keesha

and lets be smart, nobody in the house wants to go to the finals with dan or renny. youre 2nd place for sure and all the people in the house know it

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:52- I used to think like that and still do a little bit (b/c i cant stand the way ollie is playing) but there is someithing to be said for lying low for a while until the big threats are gone!! It almost worked for sharon and sheila last year. I don't want anyone to play that way the WHOLE game and then win it!! They don't deserve it then but it is good gameplay at first don't you think?