Friday, August 29, 2008

Jerry And Renny

Jerry is holding court with everybody. Renny just came up, and immediately Jerry asked her, "how about we talk about a scenario where you don’t go on the block?"
Renny doesn’t respond, so Jerry has to for her. "Why don’t you ask what I want in return?"
"Ok, Jerry, what do you want?"
"I want to control your vote." He goes on and on about how Dan needs to go, and Keesha is going up with him to ensure the vote. "I'm playing smart."
Prior to this, Jerry spent 20 minutes lecturing Dan on how wrong he was to go against Ollie and him.


ale said...

Has he forgotten that there's a Veto to be played? He probably has, poor guy.

mlt said...

If Jerry puts up Dan and Keesha and Memphis wins the POV, Memphis will probably use it to take Dan off (regardless of what deal he makes with Jerry). Then Jerry will have to nominate Renny and the boys will control who goes - my guess is they keep Keesha.

What Jerry doesn't understand is that Dan is still playing him - by Dan's insistence to Ollie last week that his primary goal was to keep Keesha safe. Now Jerry believes that Dan's primary alliance is with Keesha.

What Jerry also doesn't understand is that if Dan had stuck to his deal with Ollie and put up Keesha, Jerry would have been out the door on Thursday. He actually owes Dan.

Uhh... got to love the ironies of this game.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you Memphis will take down Dan and Renny goes up and gets voted out because they know she can win in the end.

Sheryl said...

Thats only if everything goes just right... but we know that rarely happens in the big brother house! Memphis has got to win the pov, but he doesn't seem to be able to win much unless it is handed to him.

DaveA said...

proof that Jerry doesn't understand how to win. If he goes to the end with anyone but Memphis and Dan, he loses. I guess we are back to this.......DUMB ASS!!!

Anonymous said...

If the Old Dude's absolute plan is getting rid of Dan this week, then the odds are that he has succeeded in doing so by putting up Dan and Memphis. The only way that Dan does not go up is if HE wins the POV because Memphis will take himself off the block.

So here is what I anticipate the eviction scenarios to be depending on who uses the POV

Jerry wins POV

Dan vs Memphis – Keesha and Jerry (perhaps even Renny) vote for Dan to leave

Memphis wins POV

Dan vs Keesha – Renny and Jerry vote for Dan to leave
Dan vs Renny – Keesha and Jerry vote for Dan to leave

Dan wins the POV

Memphis vs Renny – Keesha and Jerry vote for Memphis to leave
Memphis vs Keesha – Renny and Jerry vote for Memphis to leave

So, one of “the Renegades” is most-likely going home. The only chance they both have to stay is for Dan to win the POV and convince Keesha to vote for Renny to leave.

. . . BTW, I already miss My Girl Michelle and her East Coast style of Sex Appeal!

bish said...

So many different scenarios can play out here. I love this shit. I think Memphis is the only safe one this week. They'd be stupid to not take him to the final two. As much as I'd like to see him win, that car he won on day 1 is such a huge asterisk that the jury is not going to be able to over look that.

Dan is also a not bad choice to bring to the final 2. There is going to be at least 3 if not 4 people in the jury house that hold a personal grudge against him, and I'm pretty confident they won't use logic or look at his gameplay when they vote.

Renny did a great job at staying off the radar entirely, but personally I'm not convinced she did anything spectacular to earn the votes. However I can see her winning because of staying off the radar, and being old and hanging around so long. So I don't think it would be beneficial for anyone to bring her to the final 2.

Keesha is my favorite to win right now. She won a few comps. She stuck her neck out there a few times, and she got into peoples faces, but managed to avoid going home. She's played surprisingly well, and if someone is dumb enough to bring her to the final 2, she should get all the jury votes.

I really don't see any scenario where Jerry makes it to the final 2, but if by some twist of fate he does, I think he stepped on too many toes to get enough votes. I don't think there is a right move for Jerry this week. I think the best he can hope for is getting out someone he doesn't want to see win. Which is probably Dan. But I think the smart move for everyone else in the house would be to get rid of Keesha right now.

Solid final 5, and this home stretch is going to be a barn burner to say the least.

callie44 said...

jerry also thinks he can play in the hoh next week...i hope no one tells him differently.

ale said...

If Memphis wins the Veto, I could wager that he would use it to save Dan. What will Jerry do in retaliation? Nothing. He can't even play next week.

AName said...

Jerry is done anyway. No matter what happens, The only one that might even consider saving him is Renny. Put the boys up Jerry and take your chances with the gurls. Im just hoping he takes memphis with him(lol)

Doesnt matter, if they go up against either keesha or Renny they will come in second