Sunday, August 3, 2008

Memphis works on Keesha

He is talking with her and she seems sympathetic to try to save him - but she also knows that April wants Memphis gone and thinks a lot of people will follow her vote.

Keesha has told him she thinks she and Renny and maybe Dan would vote out Jessie - but she can't think of a fourth - and he needs four votes.

Keesha also just revealed to Memphis that April did not keep the whole $10k - so it sounds like the deal where she promised Jerry $4k and Libra $1k was not public. I wonder if CBS will show it on Tuesday.

However - one dumb move by Keesha - she told Memphis that she thought Jessie would put her up if he won HoH. Memphis would have been smart to keep his mouth shut and let Kessha use that as motivation to get Jessie out - instead Memphis told her Jessie would not go after her (doh!).


mrsplants said...

these people are airheads except for Renny

bbwatcher2 said...

I love keesha but sometimes she talk too freakin much!!