Saturday, August 2, 2008

POV Results - Jerry Won - Michelle Unitard

Feeds came back just before 3am BB time and everyone won something in what must have been the POV competition where people kept or passed on things - or at least something close to that.

Jerry won the POV but is on slop (Perhaps for the rest of the season? Not sure). He also may have won $4k
Michelle has to wear a Unitard all week and is NOT happy.
April won $5k
Libra won trip to Hawaii and $1k
Memphis won a slop pass - fat lot of good it will do him!
And Jesse? I think Jesse won a note from home - but who will he want to hear from? Did he write himself a note before he left?

All this most likely adds up to Memphis going home on Thursday.

For now the HGs are sleeping.


Scott said...

I was reading some updates, and it sounds like three of them won some money that they can use to bribe others.

IndyMike said...

Yeah there was apparently los of deal making going on and Jerry took the POV in exchange for also getting the $4k.

Sounds like April pretty much had her pick of what she wanted and took the cash with the promise to share it with Libra and Jerry.

ale said...

Wait, wasn't she SO desperate to win the Veto, though? So, Jerry will not use the Veto, obviously. How does that ensure that Memphis goes home? Libra and Keesha were pretty dead set on sending Jessie home right up to the moments before the competition. Anyway, UGH @ having to see Manchelle in a unitard for the next week.

bbwatcher2 said...

jessie the body needs to go! Has anyone seen him pose naked on all fours???

bbwatcher2 said...

The best was when Keesha told Jessie u know what "fvck you"..your an arrogant pricck...lmao!!! Keesha rocks!