Sunday, August 3, 2008

She DID make a promise.

Watching the Sunday show, half of which was dedicated to the "epic" battle between the two alliances, it is apparent that April did indeed promise not to put up Jessie this week. Word for word, the following was said:

Michelle: You’re not going to put me or Jessie up?
April: Of course not.
Michelle: Promise me.
April: I swear.

After Michelle jumps, she's being comforted by Jessie, telling him, "She promised me she wasn’t going to put you and me up." We knew April wasn't particularly honest, but Michelle herself seems to have forgotten or misunderstood what was happening- no surprise there, but come on!

Anyway, here's America's next decision: Which HG do you want Dan to hug for at least 10 seconds? Awkward.


Anonymous said...

so awkward, i get that its entertainment but why make him do shit that makes it look obvious that he is americas player while they were already suspicious. poor guy is going to get his game fucked up.

ale said...

Jessie would probably be the funniest choice. Poor Dan.

Anonymous said...

I think it is stupid to even have him have to hug anyone. I agree, why have him do stuff that makes it obvious that he is up to something.

bbwatcher2 said...

Hey folks dont forget he CHOSE to do it for 20,000 BUCKS! He knows he's not winning. He has NO game!
The best was when he tried to act cute and say "you look lovely Mrs. Chen" referring to julie and she replied "Mrs Chen is my mother"!..LOL...he tries to put on charm and he looks like an arse!

IndyMike said...

He can play this off like Eric and make up some goofy story about it being 'National Hug Day' and then give everyone long hugs - including his target - which I am sure will be Jessie - or maybe Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Dan is more of a loser than Eric, atleast Eric was socialble....As far as April and her promise, screw that skank for lying !!! I hope Michelle wins HOH and sends that whore packing !!!!! But then we might have to watch (the holey,virgin, never had a g/f -my ass-)Ollie masturbate...Maybe it'll be a 2-for next week..WOOHOOOO that would be nice !!!