Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello out there! Four days to Big Brother 11!

Hey everyone, I see Scott has been busy updating everyone on the goings on with Big Brother, I myself was literally out of the country for the last two weeks and I was mostly off the net so I have been spending a LOT of time trying to catch up on the new HGs and the rumors surrounding the mysterious thirteenth HG (my guess would be Brian although Shelia is another one rumored to be going 'on vacation' for a few months.

If you plan on getting the feeds I'd suggest signing up for the "Early Bird Special" before they start on late Thursday as that seems to me to be the best deal (the whole 'season' for $29.99). With the ability to 'replay' any point in the season you will be able to get to bed early and still catch up in the morning!

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David__ said...

here's to a great season !