Friday, July 10, 2009

The HoH twitters....

Jesse was sending out twitters last night - here is what he had to say:

BigBrotherHOH: Coming from the Big Brother House Jessie "Young Gunz" will be giving you the play by play on whats hott and ALL THE DIRT up in this piece.

BigBrotherHOH: First ever Big Bro HOH to ever tweet to the peeps!

BigBrotherHOH: Big Bro sayz this s only one way jose...too bad


BigBrotherHOH: I would like to give a shout out to all the friends, family, fans, and past house guests of mine and of course other respected seasons.

BigBrotherHOH: (also just to give a heads up to all... I am NOT an english major... I know I am horrible @ spelling!!)

BigBrotherHOH: 500,000k money in the banKKK!!! Now to the nitty griddy, coming in as the first HOH the bitter-sweet consequences follow,

BigBrotherHOH: granted not having to worry about food to support my 200lb frame 18.5" Guns! But also having to come up with the..

BigBrotherHOH: two competitors to place up on the block. Making it sleepless nights and as you might all guess makes for me being tired. HAHA!!

BigBrotherHOH: Don't worry as does BB have some surprises for us INSIDE the house... I have some surprises for everyone when the time comes too!!!

BigBrotherHOH: To show its me when I step away from this twitter session and walk back into the house I'll give ya a "BERRRRRRRRRRRP!"

And with that last post ends the 1st ever twitter session from the BB house. Thrilling eh?

So how are they doing it? Well the twitter account is only following one other twitter account - called BBinternal - which is private - so my guess is that it the actual twitter Jesse is using and someone is copying tweets to the 'official' one in order to be able to edit out anything they like.

Jesse's twits added up to about zero for real content but I am sure some will be thrilled and hey - they got me reading.

To follow the BBHoH twitter just go here:


Wes said...

Twitter is ghey.

Christine said...

Jesse is a twit so it works that his tweets were so lame, I wonder if anyone told him of the character limit...does the HOH have access to twitter for their whole reign as HOH or just at limited times??

anyone know??

callie44 said...

Jessie needs to go and the sooner the better....essshhh!!! Hated him the first time and now maybe even a bit more.