Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am SO ready for the show to start and the feeds to go live!

Less than 4 hours until I finally get to see the first episode. Then after the show ends at 9pm I am pretty sure I'll have to sit and wait wait wait until midnight to see the HGs on the feeds because they will hold off and turn them on at the same time as the BBAD goes live.

Lets see... so at 11:30 my time - 8:30BB time - they will be told thee is booze in the storage room and commence to drinking - except perhaps the 'have nots' who will be pouting that it isn't fair they can't drink.

Are you guys ready? Tell your friends if you dare, I know, my friends give me looks too when I say I am a fan. But BE PROUD! Of all the reality shows this is the one that has the MOST 'reality' to it is what I say! And try as they might, CBS can't hide the truth and we WILL know who is getting evicted long before the rest of those non-hardcore fans!

Are you with me?



Scott said...

You wouldn't believe how much grief I get from my pseudo-hipster friends for being a BB fan.

IndyMike said...

Oh yes I would. The key is to first state that the tv show stinks and you know it :)

Scott said...

Exactly...explaining the live feeds and how my job is conducive to getting sucked in helps.

ale said...

All of my friends know of it as my 'habit', and for some reason that makes it forgivable.