Thursday, July 16, 2009


Who is getting evicted tonight.

The key votes are Ronnie, Casey and Kevin.

Two of those three HAVE to vote for Braden in order for him to stay.

Tune in tonight - it should be a good show.

The feeds afterwards will be great too - but it might be painful to watch depending on who wins and who you are rooting for.

Be prepared for the alliances to be formed pretty solidly this coming week.


David__ said...

I have a feeling Chima is the one leaving tonight..

Reefer Jello said...

I look at Chima...I see Frank Gorshin as The Riddler!

Tony said...

i hope braden stays. it'll be nice to see him, jeff and jordan start to go after the AC

Loving Big Brother said...

Way to Go Ronnie.... way to pissed this room off...LOL

You know we the jocks can protect you right..... LMFAO

Ronnie played them and this room

This room wont like you now Ronnie and you can count on it

Loving Big Brother said...
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