Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Julie on Craig Ferguson and her big announcement.

I stayed up late tonight to see Julie visit with Craig Ferguson. She was on for about five minutes and I can summarize what she said.

First she made her 'exclusive announcement' which was that she is expecting a baby boy.

She then went on to talk about how the HGs went into the house (just the 12) and after socializing a bit they were divided up into the 4 groups.

They were then joined by a 13th HG who is a former HG as we all know. She didn't reveal who it is but as anyone visiting this blog would know the current 'favorite' in the gossip world is Jesse from BB10.

My personal guess (and Scott's) is that there were 4 former HGs that competed for the 13th spot. The others that have been rumored to be competing are Brian (BB10), Cowboy (BB5) and Jessica (BB8).

Live feeds start Thursday after the show premier at 8pm Eastern!


Dan said...

Yay! Thanks for opening the comments back up for us "unregistered" users...

Christine said...

A BOY!?!?!?! Her big exclusive announcment is that she is having a BOY!!! geeeesh!!! But thanks for staying up and watching it and writing it up for us.

only 8.5 hours! Can't wait!!

IndyMike said...

Dan - hate to say it but if things get heated we'll have to shut em down again - but hopefully only adults will choose to visit this year ;)