Monday, July 13, 2009

Lydia Versus Braden!

A huge fight occurred a few minutes ago completely out of the blue. Lydia was telling Kevin a traumatic story from her past, and suddenly Braden sat down next to them to thank her for orchestrating his departure. Lydia went ballistic, and when Kevin jumped to her defense Braden called him a "beaner". The situation escalated, and now has moved into a kitchen fight between Jeff and Lydia because it's all Jeff's fault that Lydia was nominated (not true, btw). Kevin keeps going on about how Jeff shouldn't align himself with a "gringo bigot". Oh, and Lydia also screamed at Jordan for a few seconds. This could be a fun day after all.

Edit: Braden told Jeff ahead of time that he was going to start this encounter. Here's some of what was said:

Braden Thanks for getting me put up on the block. Go get more tattoos! Get one on your leg that says Week 2, cause that's when you're going out.
Kevin: It was actually my idea to put you up.
Braden: That's fine. Why don't you stick a banana up your ass?
Kevin: You're full of fuckin' shit!
Braden: What do you know? You're a mexican from San Diego. You're a fuckin' beaner!
Lydia: WHAT?!? Do not even disrespect a certain culture that way


David__ said...

Lydia is gonna blow herself up. Mark my words.

callie44 said...

let's remember....Lydia also said, "F-ing white G*^Dam* gringo." regarding Bredan.....not as bad as Bredans slur but why does she have to use the words white or gringo?
To me, if you don't like it when someone is disrespecting a persons race or heritage or whatever you don't say stuff like that. I think Lydia is full of crap and a huge drama queen.

IndyMike said...
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IndyMike said...

Lydia actually baited Braden into calling her names if you ask me. The 'beaner' thing was uncalled for but the things he said to Lydia were pretty much things she was saying about herself daring him to say them back.