Monday, July 13, 2009

One of the things I hate about houseguests ANY season is when they complain about what the producers do and do not give them. The biggest crybaby: Chima.

In the last 15 minutes Chima has complained about: not getting the special little bag she came in with for her knick knacks, the shampoo, the food, not being able to access the internet for recipes, and not liking the flavor cupcake she got.

When will we have a house with people who don't do this? I cannot imagine ever letting it set in that I am actually in the Big Brother House. Seriously, is shampoo really all that shitty if you have some at all? These people are lucky the producers aren't purposely fucking with them more.

While walking around a snooty part of NYC this weekend, and hearing snobs converse while taking their Sunday strolls, my boyfriend and I were trying to come up with the most annoying things people can say that will completely turn you off of them. A few we came up with: someone saying something is "to die for", using "yoohoo" as a hello, and liking Mimosas. Chima brought up wanting to make mimosas. I NEED HER GONE.

I must say though, the girls are looking fucking HOT while getting ready tonight. Jordan nummies.


Ernest L Sewell, IV said...

What's interesting is that if the producers were going to mess with these guys, they'd know it. Removing little things from the house for a quiz is one thing, but to move shampoo around or keep something from someone (besides food aka slop)....come on. It's MUCH more interesting when the HG's just go bezerk on each other, than someone being paranoid about their shampoo. It's like Michelle from last season. She thought the damn earthquake was fake, and that Dan was American's Player throughout the competition. I mean come on...faking an earthquake?!?! She didn't even believe it when Craig Ferguson told her, or when Julie told her. $10 says she still believes it was faked.

Barb said...

I'd be ok with them messing with them and them knowing it. Cutting out the lights for a couple days, etc. Let's fucking do this.