Friday, July 10, 2009

Poor Laura

Everybody is so mean to her because she's just so damned amazing. People are intimidated by her body, and brains. Oh yeah, women have an advanced vocabulary so all the men are scared of her. She tried to be Lydia's BFF but she moved on to other people, and her own team doesn't talk to her.

Get over yourself. Maybe complaining that silly girls playing dress up were just trying to get TV time ruined any chance of friendship. It's not your silly over-inflated breasts.

BTW, Jeff hates Russell (who showed his junk a little earlier). This could be interesting.


ale said...

Funny, she was wearing heels and all that last night for Showtime, and tonight she's changed into a dress. Gawd, all those other women are just so vain!

Atheletes4Life said...

You would make a great houseguest Ale...... all the whining and complaining would make for some great catfights... you would take center stage for sure

callie44 said...

Hypocrite much, Laura?...geez. Wasn't she ragging on the blondes the other night for "prancing about half naked for the cameras?" Let's face it, Laura is bent out of shape REALLY badly because she wasn't immediately the center of all the universe and the HG the minute they all entered the house. Her lack of self esteem is kinda sad and pathetic considering her bio made her sound put together.