Sunday, July 12, 2009

POV underway.

No huge news today - there has been lots of talk but in the end the situation is this. Russell plans to use the POV to save Lydia and Jesse will put up Braden in her place.

Jesse and Natalie had discussed putting up Jordan or even possibly getting Russell to take of Chime ("sheema") but Russell wasn't having any of it.

So for now we just wait for the post POV reactions. Jordan thought for sure she was going up before the ceremony began.


Atheletes4Life said...

Lydia off the block...Braden up... bad move by the jocks but with this group, you never know what will happen.... i actually like casey;s head game better than all of them... ronnie will get caught soon or a later and everybody will turn on him.... He thinks hes got game but he is really lame

Out of all the losers on this show...please get rid of jordan next... even though she has the best tush..... she acts like the game is over already and she havent even been put up yet.... she will drive us crazy if shes nominated..... This is got to be the worst collection of houseguest ive ever seen

Scott said...

Jordan won't last long, but I hope for my love of screencapping she lasts a few more weeks.

Atheletes4Life said...
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