Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tonights HoH Competition - Who Will Win?

Today in the house is going to be a slow one - as I type this the Big Brother house guests appear to be getting an extended wake-up call. They will spend an hour or two locked down in the HoH room and then spend the rest of the day getting dressed and cleaning the house.

The real meat of todays live feeds will of course be the HoH competition and the scrambling after wards to secure alliances or make new ones.

So that all being said, who will win tonight's HoH competition?

I think it all depends on the type of competition but lets rule a few out right off the batt.

Jesse can't compete. Jordan is sore because she has been over training after not working out until the last 3 days - thank Jesse for encouraging her to work more so she was extra sore. Ronnie? No way - unless it is a pirouette competiton - I've seen him do those. Kevin - not happening - he'll bail at some point. Oh, and Casey (pictured)? Poor guy won't be around to compete.

Now those that might have a chance.

Chima - perhaps - she is the lightest HG which could be a factor if hanging is involved.
Michele - no clue actually - but she has at least been working out all season.
Lydia - I think she will feel confident enough now that she is all friendly with Natalie that she will throw it.

Russel, Natalie, Jeff - Actually I am not sure how Jeff will do - but he is the best hope of the non-athletes to win HoH. I'd say Natalie actually has the best shot with Russel #2.

What do you guys think? Who will win it tonight?

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Reefer Jello said...

I wanted to respond to this earnest question but I just don't seem to give a shit. These people are boring. Very boring.

Maybe it's hard for CBS for to find people willing to go on the show that have had some life experience and display some expertise and acumen.

This group seems poorly vetted by the network. They certainly weren't giving much regard for the male viewing audience. They want to bring back a past player and they picked that group of lamers to select from and then end up with the biggest dooshbag they ever had....back on the show.

The very second I saw ol' Jess heading in the house, I knew that this whole season was already phucked for me.

It is like having to watch Cleveland Indians baseball.

Reefer Jello said... edit function. I was saying English....

"Maybe it's hard for CBS to find people willing to go on the show that have had some life experience and display some expertise and acumen."

Tony said...

now i think the show might be better if they adjust the cliques to really fuck with the houseguests. forcing lydia with nat and jeff as one team as an example. it would possible light some sort of fire under some players, cause once the cliques are dropped Jeff and jordan are gone and then we have the Nerd herd season all over again.

Irishcurse said...

I think the only thing that would spice up this ( so far lam ) season would be a random execution. Maybe a live beheading ( hello Rat Boy).

I hope someone other than the Jesse crew win it. That's the only way to make this thing compete with the fish tank cam.

bish said...

It's hard to get a good cast it seems. Either there's too many young, annoying, emotional, god fearing people and it turns into the Real World, like we saw last year, or it's some pretty smart, mature people and then it ends up being too boring.

I think the need to revamp the rules or something. Everyone knows exactly what to expect by the 10th season, and most of the players already have a strategy before they even enter the house. And now there's all those stupid unwritten rules that have developed over the years. Like you can't hang out with people unless they are on "your side". They need to try and get rid of all that.
Or at least cast players that are willing to shake things up. For the past 3 or 4 seasons it's been insanely easy to call all the action before it happens. It's like a math equation. Plug in this person with this variable and this is who is nominated/going home.

I'll still continue to watch the show forever, but god damn if I won't complain about it.

IndyMike said...

Casey just banged pots to wake Ronnie up. Tune in around 12:45pm today on flashback if you want to see it later.

ale said...

hahaha Live beheading sits very well with me.

I strongly disagree about Natalie, she hasn't proven herself one bit in this game, and I hope that she ends up looking ridiculous in that stupid water proof outfit she had Lydia make for her. The twist will probably end up being the breakup of the cliques, and my money is on Jeff to win HoH and keep himself safe this week.

It's so sad, but a friend of mine was going to come over tonight to make dinner and bake, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to ditch her in favor of BB. ;/

DaveA said...

I think we will see BigBrother customize a competition that will help the nonathleats and we will see what happens when jesse is put up. Which one of the girls will put herself on the line to save her alliance.

Anyone think the twist will be a good one?

IndyMike said...

IOh - Big Brother told Natalie that she can't use the trash bag outfit Lydia made for her and she isn't pleased about it - which means I am :)

Philly Bob said...

I'm still rolling over the Pit Bull comment!