Friday, July 10, 2009

Veto Comp Coming Soon?

Feeds went to fish, as the contestants for the veto comp were chosen. Chima picked Natalie, and won't shut up about it. Unfortunately, all the cams are on her, so I don't know who Lydia chose.

Edit: Lydia chose Jeff, which is interesting since last night he told her he believes that no matter who wins POV it should not be used. Jesse chose Russell. They appeared to have retired the random choosing method of previous seasons.


@LJBigBrother11 said...

Chima is a bit of a diva. She needs to be brought down a few notches (like being the first evicted). haha

Scott said...

I like the way you think.

callie44 said...

I thought before BB11 started I was going to like Lydia...but tonight she has shown me to be a petty, immature girl who may even be a bit skanky.
Her pictures make her look cool and a bit hardcore...she's not! She has done nothing but whine so far and even cry! No one cries and stays!
Chima reminds me of Libra, but with a really, really annoying laugh! I am not feeling her so far.
Oh well, time will tell.

Scott said...

While there are similarities, the main difference between the two is that Chima seems to have extremely low self-esteem, and constantly needs somebody to tell her she's pretty, funny, smart, etc.