Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh Memphis (Again)

Earlier today, Memphis talked with Dan about dumping Keesha next week. Now he's having the exact same conversation with Keesha about Dan. "Sometimes you've got to carry around some baggage just for the hell of it." Keesha is now finally understanding, though, that if Renny makes the final two she will definitely win the game.

Normally, I'd say this is a dangerous tactic for Memphis, but it's very unlikely that Dan and Keesha will be exchanging any notes. Plus, since he's promised to carry Jerry to the finals, he won't be breaking any promises there.

Workout time - and Renny and the hurricane

For the most part everyone is avoiding Jerry if at all possible.

He has to get a sense that no one wants to be around him.

People have asked several times if Renny will be told about the hurricane.

In previous seasons we have seen people affected in some ways by the hurricane, I believe in BB8 someone in the house was from Florida and if you recall there was one if not two hurricanes that came ashore then - they HGs were not informed. Nor were they informed about Katrina way back when when it hit. If someone in Renny's immediate family was injured from the storm I am sure they would let her know - otherwise the only way I think she might find out is from the Jury House if she gets to talk to home.

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 21 Recap

Well, here we go with a special holiday edition of Big Brother. What’s special about it? We’re going into this without knowing the new HOH (unless, of course, you’ve been watching the live feeds).
So we’re (hopefully) looking at an action-packed episode tonight. We’ll have the HOH competition, some campaigning, and the nominations. Oh, and lots and lots of reactions to everything that happened last Thursday. Oops, it’s not so action-packed after all. Look for lots of recaps and reactions, I guess.
Obviously, that’s where we begin, starting with the news that the show was a double-elimination. Dan says that his only hope on hearing the news was that his alliance would come out unscathed. Yeah, we know, Dan, you’re above using such an obvious cliché.
We now see once again Michelle’s eviction. What a great moment. Jerry also states the obvious (as usual) when he says that Michelle’s departure meant that any alliance he may have had is dwindling. Keesha “can honestly say” (how many times have we heard those three words this year?) that she felt bad for Michelle, but “I was one of her biggest targets”. Renny says she wanted to give her a vote, but she’s loyal to her alliance. Ollie claims he’s going to avenge her eviction.
After she walks out, we hear Memphis say “thank God” she’s gone, as Ollie sprints away from the crowd. “The things that came out of her mouth were ridiculous. She’s a complainer; a pain in the ass. She thinks she deserves this money more than anybody in this house.” Keesha babbles about how there’s no time to think about her eviction.
It’s time to move on to the first HOH competition, and Memphis laughs when the tie-breaker between Jerry and Keesha involves numbers. “She’s not going to be able to this math. We’re screwed.” Yet Keesha does win, and she’s excited. “I just needed it so bad, for me and my teammates.”
Dan’s also happy, obviously, especially since he thinks he knows who she is going to nominate. Keesha does exactly as expected, nominating Jerry and Ollie. Before replaying the veto competition, we again hear Jerry talk about how “you never feel safe” when you’re on the block. Is this old footage again? He says he just kept telling himself to “play your hardest” and “keep your composure”. Ollie repeats the usual “my back’s against the wall” b.s.
As you probably know, Dan won the veto competition, and he goes on about how “nobody’s dumb enough to think I’m a week player at this point”. He accepts congratulations from Jerry, and rounds up Memphis and Keesha to find out who they want to see go home. Keesha says “Ollie”, and Memphis says it’s the “best scenario” that could happen. Dan informs Renny of the decision, and he runs into the bathroom to celebrate with Memphis. “We’re taking them out one by one.” Meanwhile, Ollie is in the bedroom, clearly upset.
After Dan announces that he’s not going to use the veto, Ollie whispers to Jerry that “we don’t have a week to campaign”. Jerry laughs and says “life is short”. Ollie is then sent packing, and sprints out the door. Dan says in the diary room that “I couldn’t have written a better script for myself. Michelle left, and Ollie leaves about an hour later…the only person we have left to get out is Jerry.” Jerry whines that he wants everybody to talk to him over the next week, and everybody but Renny leaves the room. Renny is tired of him within seconds, as Jerry goes on and on in his analysis of what just happened. “We have nothing in common,” she says in the diary room. She finally gets away from him, and Memphis promises to try to keep him away from her. They all celebrate as we see the lonely old codger unpack his suitcase.
They’re all getting a bit too cocky, though, which is clear when we hear Memphis say it’s now a “cakewalk to the final four”. In fact, they all laugh when Renny says “he may win the game…you can’t get rid of him”. Trust me, there’s some foreshadowing here.
I guess there’s still time for useless segments, as we now see Renny confused over time differences between California and her home town of New Orleans. She seems to think that when it’s 8:00 in L.A., then it’s 6:00 at home, and gets angry when Dan laughs. Oh boy, this goes on wayyyyyyyyyy too long. Finally, she gets it right, and they all have a good laugh.
For more idiocy, we have a segment where they all make fun of Keesha’s laugh. “It’s definitely one of a kind”, says Memphis. Dan adds that the only time he’s heard laugh like that is when he was “walking by the hyenas at the zoo”. Please, spare us! I must laugh, though, when she wakes up Jerry with that awful racket, and his imitation is horrendous.
Finally, we get the HOH competition. It’s a carnival setting, which Renny says brought back memories of a child. Really, it’s just an oversize recreation of skeet ball. Memphis, Dan, and Jerry all say they need to win it.
First we have commercials, and then we finally get to see the competition. Instead of the usual skeet ball game, the score they get has to correspond to a question regarding the specific day something happened in the house. Renny says she’s only played the game once or twice, and her first roll is godawful. Memphis says he doesn’t remember any days, so he broke it down into weeks and went from there. Dan is confident he can get the first one correct, as it had to do with Jerry’s “Judas” comment.
Dan takes the lead on the first question, and the second question is when the “aliens” appeared in the windows. Jerry says his roll was “off”, and Dan is still in the lead in the second round.
The third question is the day that Brian was “blind-sided”, and Dan is still in the lead. For the fourth question, it’s the day Brian came back to host the veto competition. Jerry almost hits this question perfectly, but Jerry is catching up. Dan’s upset that Dan is doing so poorly.
Next up is the day of the earthquake, and Jerry hits the exact number. Dan’s still winning, but is only two points ahead of Jerry, who is beginning to gain confidence. The next question is the day Jessie was evicted, and Dan’s roll bounced ten away from where he aimed.
We’re now on the final question, and Jerry is in the lead by six “penalty” points. Memphis is bummed. This question is what day the house was given lollipops, and Dan says he needs a big play. He rolls exactly what he wanted, and it is the perfect score, but Jerry is only four off. Jerry wins! Yet again we get to hear about how he’s a survivor, while the others are clearly disappointed. “My heart sank into my stomach”, Dan says in the diary room, “and I know it’s going to be a rough week. I put Jerry up; I’ve double-crossed him twice. I have a pretty good feeling I’m going up on the block.” Keesha just adds that it sucks.
Sitting in the kitchen, Jerry says he has no idea where he’s going with this, so “just talk to me”. Yep, Jerry’s using this win to gain companionship. Keesha doesn’t buy it, and tells Memphis that “you always have in mind who you want to put up”. Dan joins them, and says he thinks it will be “me and Renny”. Memphis points out that all of them have fought with him, but he’s not going to make a deal with him. “He’s a loose cannon.”
Now it’s time for my (least) favorite portion of the Sunday show – the entrance to the HOH room. They all act excited, but Memphis sets it straight that they “all have to pucker up” with Jerry as HOH. Even Jerry knows it’s all an act as he shows off his pictures and knick-knacks. Everybody falls asleep as he tells a lengthy story about a stuffed animal named “Hissy” that’s in his box of treats. Dan says it best – “at the end of a long day the last thing you want to hear is a story from 1935”. Yet he knows that “staying awake may be the difference between me winning $500,000 and being sent home this week”.
With storytime over, Keesha heads back downstairs and starts strategizing with Memphis, who admits in the diary room that he’s “covering his bases” as he tries to win over all three of them. He informs her that he has no plans to ever see any of those other people again, and that’s why “I need you here”. I think he learned more than just how to make drinks in his previous career as a “mixologist”.
There’s lots of extra time to fill tonight, so now we get some footage of Renny sleepwalking. “Renny is completely off the reservation”, observes Memphis. Keesha adds that Renny is “completely hilarious, no matter what time of day it is. Even in her sleep.” She babbles more nonsense, much to the amusement of Keesha and Memphis. The next morning, Renny doesn’t remember any of it, and doesn’t believe Keesha whwen she explains how the candy got in her bed.
Back to gameplay – Renny is lying down and Keesha comes in clearly upset. Renny first asks what’s wrong, but immediately goes on to ask what she thinks “The Colonel” is going to do. Keesha thinks it’s the two of them, but Renny thinks the two boys would be his best bet. Keesha says she’s “really going to need you this week; probably more than ever”. Renny is convinced that Memphis WON’T be going on the block.
Meanwhile, Dan and Memphis are having a similar conversation in the backyard, and Dan advises him to say yes to anything Jerry offers. Memphis says that he’s going to point out that Dan put him on the block. They continue to debate whether it’s worth making a deal. Memphis says that no matter what, they both can’t be on the block.
Memphis heads upstairs to talk to Jerry, who says he’s been lying awake for hours and hours trying to figure out what he’s going to do. Memphis says that he wants to stay off the block, and work with him to decide who goes home. Jerry comes right out and says he wants to make a deal with him to go to the final two. Memphis says he’s willing to do that because he “wants to go head to head with the best person in this game, and right now that’s you”. Oh boy. Jerry says he’s going to put up Dan, and that one of them has to win the veto to ensure that Dan stays on the block. “He doesn’t deserve to be here”, Jerry adds.
Memphis agrees with the plan, even saying that he could never trust Dan. Wow, he really is saying everything Jerry wants to hear. Jerry says in the diary room that he is starting to really trust Memphis because he’s never seen him make any promises. “See, I’m not vindictive”, Jerry babbles as Memphis starts to leave the HOH. Memphis says in the diary room that the entire conversation was a farce to “keep the Renegades alive to next week”.
We’re now finally at the end of the show, so we see Jerry read the HOH script and stare at the pictures. Memphis says that he was initially very scared when Jerry won HOH, but now thinks he’s going to “escape” the week. Dan says he’d be “shocked” if he’s not put up, and Keesha and Renny both say something similar. Jerry claims that his decisions are not “personal in nature”; it’s all to “further his game”. Yeah, right.
The first key that Jerry pulls belongs to Renny, and the second key is Memphis. Yes, it’s Keesha and Dan on the block. Jerry says that both of them have nominated him in the past, and that in Dan’s case “it’s a matter of trust”. Keesha was put in because she’s won two HOH’s and a POV. Jerry says in the diary room that his plan is to get Dan out, and that Keesha’s just a pawn. “Renny is very loyal to Keesha. I think she’ll vote to keep Keesha in the house if they play any games with me.”
Dan is happy that it is Renny next to him, as it offers an opportunity for both of them to survive the week. The best case scenario would be for Memphis to win, as “he can take me off” and remain safe. Guess what Keesha said? Yes, it “sucks”, but she’s going to fight. Memphis says that since he has deals with everybody but Renny, the goal is “to get her out of here”. MMMM, we end with a nice shot of Keesha’s lovely cleavage.

Renny Approaches Memphis (Finally)

After bothering Keesha for the last 24 hours about Memphis' plan for the veto, Renny finally asked directly asked him. She turned on the charm, claiming that she's always "always thought good things of you as a person, even if we were never that close".

Memphis responded that he still hasn't decided what he's going to do, and that's it a touch decision as it's hard to determine who to trust.

Jerry Falls In The Pool

Well I had the feeds in the background when it happened but I am sure someone will have a clip or screen cap posted soon enough (and now you see a pic I snagged from Jokers...)

There was a banner plane NOT realated to Big Brother flying by and Jerry was trying to read it and walked backwards into to pool.

Fear not - Jerry is alright.

Here is the video as well.

Big Brother pulls out the games.

Yes indeed - when you are down to 5 people thing start to slow down a bit in the Big Brother house. So last night the guys got a few items to play with including the box of questions they have used in the past, some crafty stuff that looked like it included pipe cleaners, and some oversized playing cards that may be amusing to see on the show for about 5 seconds.

I have seen nothing to indicate that the plan is any different than it has been. On Monday Memphis will probably use the POV to save Dan which will force Jerry to nominate Renny.

Speaking of Games - there are a few more details about the POV game that was played. From the sounds of it BB took baby pictures of the HGs and combined them - so the HGs had to guess the combinations. As Ale had predicted, it was a variation on the HG face morphing contest. That will be shown on Tuesday.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keesha's Boyfriend

Another Pity Party

Both Renny and Keesha are convinced they're going home. They both believe that Memphis is going to save Dan, but Keesha is lying that Memphis won't tell her his plans.

"Dan's probably promised him everything in the world," Renny just said, "which is bullshit."

Oh Memphis, Part 2

As stated below, Memphis has already promised F2 to Jerry and Dan. Well, add Keesha to the list.

After discussing the situation with Renny, Keesha came outside and for the first time all season asked a direct question. "What are you going to do, Memphis? I'm not going to beat around the bush about it."

"I know I keep telling you this", he replies, but "none of these people I'm ever going to see again. If I get to the last 3, I'll take you with me. I've told you over and over without saying that..the thing is, all I really ask is, if you're in that situation next week, don't vote me out."

K: I'm not going to vote you out.

M: Whoever I'm up against, I just want that security.

He goes on to say that the only thing he wants is for the two of them to still be there next week. "My only way to do that is to secure that Dan goes with us, so I have to take him off."

K: I knew you were going to do that....oh, I don't trust Dan, its not that I don't wanna trust him, he just does all these weird things."

April's Ex-Boyfriend?

During her time in the house, April noted more than once that she has dated some athletes. Earlier today, Dan told Memphis that Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald was her ex-boyfriend.

Fitzgerald is originally from Minnesota, and this is his fifth season with the Cardinals. Last season, he caught 100 passes.

BB Makes The Soup Again

Michelle And Ollie On House Calls

Entertainment Weekly's Recap of Thursday's Show

I know this is old news, and very long, but I like the way this guy writes.

'Big Brother': Adieu Times Two
Ollie and Michelle underestimated Dan and were both evicted in one evening

DAN THE MAN Dan out manipulated everyone — including his allies

By Josh Wolk
Josh Wolk is a senior writer at EW and the author of ''Cabin Pressure: One Man's Desparate Attempt to Recapture His Youth as a Camp Counselor''Double eviction! If they keep this speed up, we could all be done with this by Sunday. Then we can get on to spending our time on more highbrow cultural events, like watching Death Race. But in the meantime, let's revisit the week (and sorry we're up late today; once again, New York bumped Big Brother for a preseason football game): When we left BB last Thursday, the houseguests were being repeatedly slammed into a wall — which is a lot like a recurring dream I have, from which I always wake up smiling.

Whenever an endurance challenge is introduced, I always press pause on my DVR and try to guess just how simplistic the houseguests' responses to it are going to be. But I could not dumb my brain down to as flat a line as it would take to imagine Ollie's playbook: "My plan is to go all the way." You, sir, are a shrewd strategist! But who am I kidding? It's unfair to blame the houseguests for obvious comments like these, because the producers must constantly pose unanswerable questions like "What was your plan for staying on a swing?" What possible answers could there be for that? Everyone gamely states the obvious, however, and yet I can tell it bothers Memphis; every time he answers these questions, you can see in his eyes that he has died a little inside.

When we picked up again on Sunday night the houseguests gradually dropped until it was only Dan and Ollie left. I have read the conspiracy theories that the producers are giving Dan insider information to help him win. The doubters ask, "Why else would he have known to put on a windbreaker for a long, drenching night?" My response to this is that Dan is not getting help; he just has a brain in his head. As a contestant, you should know that HOH competitions are often endurance contests, so why wouldn't you play it safe and dress warm for every one? What's the worst that can happen, you have to take a sweater off? As my mother would say to me as a child, "You can always take layers off. You can't always put them on!" Hell, I put on snow pants before I watch an HOH competition at home.

With Ollie and Dan left alone on their swings, so began what I call "The Week Dan's Brain Got the Best of Him." I have liked Dan's game play up until now, especially considering how doomed he looked at the beginning, pairing with supernova/lost cause Brian. He's thrown challenges so no one gives the obligatory "you're a physical threat!" rationale, and he's been likable to everyone, careful to let others make waves. But he pushed it too far this week.

NEXT: Allied forces

First, Dan promised Ollie that, if allowed to win HOH, he would give Ollie safety. Dan then, without bidding, offered to protect someone else that Ollie requested. When Ollie came up with no one else, Dan forced him to pick someone, Michelle. And then, without Ollie even asking, he offered Ollie the power to pick one nominee, and, if a POV winner took someone off the block, to pick the replacement. What the hell kind of deal was that? I'd hate to be there when Dan buys a car: I have a feeling the negotiation ends with Dan insisting on paying for the dealer's car to get undercoating, too.

Dan loves to brag about his reverse-psychology strategies: "I made one of the worst deals in Big Brother history...and I couldn't be more excited about it!" That kind of smug confidence and spinning of failure must be exhausting to be around: At dinner, him saying, "I just made the worst meal in the history of food...and I couldn't be happier about serving it!" doesn't make it any more appetizing.

(Although I'm sure the one person he does apologize to is his girlfriend Monica, judging by how eagerly — and often — he wears the "TAKEN" shirt that he got from her when winning HOH. He doesn't seem to have taken it off yet, and Memphis was disgusted by such whippery. I think Memphis is going to invent a new drink named the Dan: It's one part water, three parts whatever you want me to have, dear.)

At this point, I thought maybe Dan's plan could work. Yes, he made his alliance nervous when he put up Memphis with Jerry, but he told Memphis it was all in the name of keeping the Renegades, their super-secret sub-alliance, even more secret. Memphis was nervous about being a pawn, and Renny was nervous about Dan's complicated plan. But he appeased her the way he appeased Memphis — by offering her an alliance name! I wonder if that works in the business world, too. Perhaps the next time that I'm trying to take a page from the music section to put in the TV section here at EW, and the music editor gets mad, I'll pull him aside and say, "Tell you what. You give me this, and from then on, you and me will be called the Bad Boyz of EW." And if he still plays hardball, perhaps I'll make us matching Bad Boyz satin jackets. How could he resist?

Dan showed moments of self-doubt, talking to himself about the possible pitfalls of his strategy. But I'm not sure if that was actual doubt; I think it was just a good way of getting more screen time. Because what better way to make sure you get on the show than to make the producers' job easier by narrating your thought process? Hell, if everyone would just proclaim things like "Wow, Big Brother, now that I am seeing a giant challenge filled with spread cheese, lube, and pirate hats, my first thought is 'Whaaaaaaa?'" If producers get it there, they won't need to drag anyone into the diary room to say it again, so everybody wins.

NEXT: Michelle's mad skillz

A big motivator for Dan's soliloquies is the fact that he just likes to hear himself talk/yell. The problem is, when he gets too much time to plan his speeches, they make no sense. Take this quote of his when nominating Jerry: "I equate it to football. You took a shot at me in the game, I respect that, that's part of the game. This is just me getting a first down. But a first down for Dan does not mean game over for Jerry." You couldn't mix that football metaphor more if you had Knute Rockne making love to Pete Rose in the middle of it.

But the plan still made sense, to a degree: by filling in his alliance on his deal with Ollie, he didn't antagonize them by putting up one of his own people: they knew they all still had the votes to get out Jerry. (Though I'm still not sure what kind of sleight of tongue he used to explain it: Even knowing that their alliance was safe, wouldn't Renny and Keesha realize that the whole point of the plan was to keep Dan smelling like a rose, thereby making him a more deadly opponent in a final two?) And he was in a good situation: When Memphis won POV and took himself off, Dan could have gone along with Ollie and put up Keesha. Just as with Memphis, Dan's alliance still had the votes to keep her in. And even with Jerry going, he'd still stay in good favor with Ollie and Michelle and, one would assume, April, by proxy. But no, he put up Michelle, and that's when he knocked over the little chess board in his head.

(Before I get to that, I'd like to interject a couple of quick notes about the astronaut POV challenge: Try as the BB set designers might to construct elaborate scenarios, every single game tableau ends up looking like the set for a junior high musical. Also, I loved hearing Michelle brag about her puzzle-solving skills, right before she was stymied by her inability to pull magnets off of a board. It should have been of little surprise: Earlier, when the phone rang (for Jerry's tearful call from his wife), Michelle bellowed, "Do we answer it?" No, Michelle, you put a unitard on it. When Michelle figures out how to solve the ringing phone puzzle, she can move on to something a little trickier, like, say, an "I left a loaf of bread on top of the toaster, why isn't it making toast?" conundrum. Then, and only then, is it time to work her way up to magnets.)

Anyway, back to Dan's misbegotten strategy: Memphis urged Dan to put Michelle up in his stead, because if he dinged Ollie, they'd all be left living with a crazy Michelle. Rather, crazier. "I just don't want that kind of hostility in the house, to be honest with you," said Memphis. "And she's even like a friend, and she's still a bitch." Hey, what are friends for, if not to call you a hostile bitch?

Dan ultimately did put up Michelle, but did so in a nonsensical way. He devised an elaborate game called "Replacement Nominee Roulette," where everyone at the veto meeting had to declare whom they thought he should put up, and Dan had arranged it so everyone would pick someone else. His goal was to stir up such animosity in the house that he could slowly back away, his actions forgotten as everyone focused on their new enemies. But as Renny accurately said, "You honestly think that was all necessary?" First of all, how was this name-checking stunt supposed to foment legitimate anger when everyone knew that he had assigned each person someone different to name? In the end, Ollie freaked out, but the target of his bowl-tossing, barbell-flipping rage was still Dan. So, with Michelle equally apoplectic, now Dan has two people on the jury (and again, probably April) who hate him.

NEXT: Ollie, Ollie, oxen free?

I have a question to insert here: Why did Ollie...hell, why does anyone buy someone swearing on their mothers/children/significant others/gods anymore? It's been going on for years on BB, and it's a vow that's just as often broken as it is kept. Why do people still consider this oath a valid currency? What does it really mean in the context of a goofy reality show? That's a schoolyard promise; if you buy that, you have to buy crossies as its legitimate antidote. If I were someone's mother and my child invoked my name in a Big Brother pact and broke it, I would be no angrier at them than if they had stepped on a crack and risked breaking my back.

Ollie's anger seemed less spurred by his and Michelle's likely elimination than by the humiliation he imagined he'd suffered in front of millions of people. What reputation was being sullied? Well, up until now, he'd cultivated the perfect image of a clean-living...oh, wait, he held gropefests under a blanket for the cameras. Well, at least America knew he was a, actually, he contradicted himself on a minute-to-minute basis, agreeing with whoever came within a three-foot radius of him. All right, at least America knew that he was a powerful competitor...though he never really won a competition, and in the subsequent veto challenge, he was the only one not to find a single one of his veto medallions in the haystack. Well, at least America knew where he stood when it came to turning his hat sideways. And not even Dan can take that away from him!

Michelle was bounced first, but not before giving a speech in which she parroted everyone else's "Vote for yourself, not the person next to you." This has been used so often that it doesn't mean anything anymore. It's the Big Brother equivalent of saying, "I've had enough of those Washington insider fatcats!" She was so sure Dan was America's player, and was surprised when Julie said he wasn't. ("Oh my God, then he's crazy," she said, in a brilliant pot/kettle retort.) Though to her credit, it was a little misleading of Julie. No, Dan wasn't permanently America's player, and yet he was for the week he dinged Jessie, which was what rightly raised suspicion.

Then there was the rapid-fire HOH competition, "Future Headlines," which was a nail-biter. It looked like Jerry had it in the bag before a last-minute rally and tiebreaker victory by Keesha. Through it all, Keesha looked like she was going to have a heart attack; she was shivering and wincing throughout. Boy, Keesha is a very attractive woman, but someone should tell that to her facial expressions.

Keesha put up Jerry and Ollie, naturally, and Dan won the POV, keeping things as they were. Ollie was bounced, 3-0, and walked out of the house without hugging anybody. He looked steamed talking to Julie, but told her that he was less pissed than confused at Dan's shenanigans. Hey, join the club. He did concede that, having betrayed Dan in the show's first week, it could have been a case of "an eye for an eye, a two for a two." Yes, and remember Ollie, what goes around, comes a frown! (Check out PopWatch today, where Lynette Rice will interview both him and Michelle: You never know what other clichés he might mangle!)

And now there are five: a strong alliance of four (one half Renegades!) and Jerry. Jerry has been on the block so many times that he's left a denim shorts ring on the nominee chair, but he's always been rescued in lieu of someone more objectionable. This may be it for him, however. I don't see the Dan alliance fracturing quite yet; I think they'll stay to the final four, but it'll be interesting to see where things go from there. My prediction? Dan will come up with another game called, "Confusing Plan Roulette": He spins an elaborate scheme that makes no sense whatsoever, and whoever's head explodes first is eliminated.

What do you think? Is Jerry really the stealthiest player out there? Does Dan have a chance in hell of winning?

Oh Memphis!

Just minutes after verifying his final two plans with Dan, Memphis is now promising the same thing to Jerry! He did add, however, that this plan exists no matter what he does with the veto. Always talking Big Brother history, Jerry is going on how the two of them together would be the biggest coup ever. Ugh! He adds, though, that Dan in the jury house will help him, and warns him that Dan will turn on him.

Once Memphis finally gets his turn, he tells him that he believes that Renny is their biggest challenger because nobody will win against her. Jerry doesn't agree, and that Dan is the person they need to worry about. "I can see Dan winning, but not Renny."

It's Now Confirmed

Nobody has really said exactly what happened last night, but there's rumors that Memphis threw it for Dan. Renny is pissed, and won't talk to either of them. Keesha just said that they now know that one of them is going home.

It is too bad for them, but if this is true it is good game play as both Memphis and Dan make it through the week. Hey, one of the four has to go home this week.

EDIT: MEMPHIS DID WIN! He's now chatting with Dan to ensure there's no "future antics" if he saves him.

POV Winner Not Known -Yet

As of 7am BB Time - 10am Eastern we don't have a clue who won the Power of Veto last night.

The feeds returned at around 3am and everyone was really pretty quiet and almost no talk of the competition. By 4am everyone was in bed.

I can't even guess who won - but I suppose if it was Dan or Keesha they would have seemed a bit more excited. If it were Memphis or Renny then they might have received a bit more attention - which leads to the guess that perhaps Jerry won and everyone knows he most likely won't use it - which would probably lead to a tie vote and Jerry getting to break the tie.

In that case Dan would be the one to go home if Jerry's talk to Memphis yesterday is to be believed.

Stay tuned - they will probably be sleeping in today so it will be a while before we know who won.

Friday, August 29, 2008

POV to be played at 3am Eastern.

BB let Keesha and Renny drink some wine - then announced the POV competition would begin in 2 hours.

How nice.

So the feeds will be going dark as soon as BBAD ends.

Oh by the way - if you don't have the feeds - there is now a link up above for $5 off the monthly subscription - that means $10 a month by my calculation - thats damn cheap! Part of me wants to cancel my subscription and re-sign up just for that deal but I don't think it would work. And that is in edition to the two weeks free feeds. So for $10 you could watch the rest of BB10 since it ends on Sept 16th!!

BBAD Folks must be havin fun tonight.

I tuned in the feeds over an hour ago.

So far I have heard Jerry come out of the DR and tell Rennyhe needed to take his pills - and then Renny say she was ready for her Diary Room visit.

The HGS are on an inside lock down while the back yard is prepared for the POV competition that should take place tomorrow.

And as I type this everyone seems to be getting up - I swear I didn't hear BB tell them to but they seem to realize they are on BBAD so they are all up now prepared to talk about whatever for the showtime viewer's enjoyment.

Nobody Feels Safe

I have to say this about Dan and Keesha. They're not wallowing in their misery, yelling expletives at the person who put them up. There's no conspiracy talk, thank God. Yes, "it sucks", as Keesha so eloquently put it (to the haters, that's sarcasm), but they've already moved on to general small talk.

Yet Memphis and Renny don't feel any better, as they know one of them will go up if either of the nominees wins the veto. Keesha thinks if she wins, then Renny will go up, and Memphis would take the place of Dan if that's how it plays out.

No Surprise In Nominations

Yep, it's Dan and Keesha. A quick shot at the wall of pics show their keys missing.

Post-Eviction Michelle

Exit Interview With 'Big Brother 10's Michelle
Aug 29, 2008, 01:58 PM | by Lynette Rice

Categories: 'Big Brother', An EW Exclusive!, Reality TV

Look who got backdoored! talked to Big Brother's Michelle Costa, the 28-year-old real estate agent from Rhode Island, about Dan's devilish deal with Ollie, the red leotard, and what she hopes to say to Libra once she goes to the jury house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before I begin, I have to ask: Your bio says you were the only one to object at your brother's wedding. Did it work? Did you stop the ceremony?
Michelle Costa: No, it didn't work. They said I was the crazy sister who was upset at losing her brother, so they actually took me out of the church. Let's put it this way: I didn't like the girl, but they separated three years from the day they got married, so I was right on the money.

You don't know who was evicted after you last night, right?
No! I can't wait to see their face! I'm hoping it's either Dan or one of the two girls so I can say, "I told you so!" They whisked me away, so I didn't get to see anything.

You seemed really worked up while talking with Julie Chen. Did you sleep okay last night?
I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm trying to put everything in perspective. I'm hoping it's a big dream, and I'll wake up and still be in the house. I just didn't like the way I was put out of the house because of someone else's deal. If they want to take me out, be man enough to say they wanted me out. They were honestly afraid of me. I wish they had the cojones to tell me that.

You thought that Dan was a plant in the house. So who planted him?
I thought he was a plant like America's Player... but not really. The entire house thought he was. They just thought he couldn't be that weird. He's a Catholic school teacher — at least, I think he is. I don't think he will be one when he's done with the show.

That deal he made with Ollie was too good to be true. Shouldn't your anger be directed toward Ollie for believing someone would basically hand all their HOH power to someone else?
When Ollie told me, I was like, "Shut up, you made this deal?" If this deal goes through, it will be the biggest ever in BB history or the biggest flop in BB history. I don't know if Dan planned it from the beginning. I'm confused with Dan because he did a lot of things from the beginning of the show that were questionable. I should have put in him up when I was HOH, but I had other agendas.

How did you feel when Jerry started to call Dan a Judas? Was that fair?
I absolutely thought it was fair. Anybody can say whatever they want in the house. He swore on the Bible and on the cross to Jerry. I'm Catholic, and I don't believe in doing something like that, to give your word and not go through with it.

Explain your connection to Jessie. Why did you find him so relatable?
Me and Jessie got into [an] alliance probably on day 2. He brought in Angie, and I brought in Memphis. We thought they were little shady, so we thought we had to be careful. We looked at each other and said it was just us two. We talked about a lot of personal stuff. It was strictly platonic. I tend to get along better with guys than girls, and the girls in the house definitely proved to me I'm right. Girls are just crazy, feisty, and jealous. I like to be brutally honest, and I don't think a lot of women can handle that.

You looked good in that red leotard.
Oh gosh, yeah. Well I guess maybe it was a little better than going to Hawaii. I'm still trying to decide that.

Boy, did that piss you off. In retrospect, do you regret hammering Libra about being a bad mother for not picking the letter? Or do you still think she made a bad decision?
I still think she made a bad decision. She should have taken the $10,000, the letter, or the POV, especially being the mother of three kids. They are learning to do stuff like crawling. She spent a whole week upset about wanting to see her kids. She could have taken the money and taken her whole family on a Hawaiian vacation, but I don't think she'll take her family or her husband to Hawaii. I think it's a bunch of crap, she's an absolute idiot, and I can't wait to tell her.

A 75-year-old retired Marine and a 53-year-old beauty salon owner have outlasted you. How does it feel?
Oh, she's a salon owner? I knew she was lying. She told us she was retired. I'm pissed off. It shows me they must be really scared of me. They had to backdoor me to get me out. I'm angry that they are keeping them around. It just kind of makes me wonder: Are they tough competitors?

If Dan is in the final two, will you vote for him?
Absolutely not. We don't [know] what's going to happen, but honestly, I think he threw the money out of the window with that whole Russian roulette thing. He threw everybody under the bus. I already knew he was a piece of work and should be watched. I definitely think he will be out this week, if not next.

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Jerry And Renny

Jerry is holding court with everybody. Renny just came up, and immediately Jerry asked her, "how about we talk about a scenario where you don’t go on the block?"
Renny doesn’t respond, so Jerry has to for her. "Why don’t you ask what I want in return?"
"Ok, Jerry, what do you want?"
"I want to control your vote." He goes on and on about how Dan needs to go, and Keesha is going up with him to ensure the vote. "I'm playing smart."
Prior to this, Jerry spent 20 minutes lecturing Dan on how wrong he was to go against Ollie and him.

Dan And Keesha To Go Up?

Jerry's up in the HOH with Memphis, and has told him that he wants to work with him the rest of the way. He says he plans on putting up Dan and Keesha, with Dan his target. Memphis is supposed to "play like hell" to win the veto, but not to use it.

If two guys are nominated - one will likely leave Thursday.

The popular opinion seems to be that Dan and Memphis will be nominated.

If that is the case then you can say bye to one of them because even if one of them saves themself with the POV the end result will most likely be a tie vote which Jerry will get to break.

Stay tuned - nominations are today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Brother Has A Heart - Keesha Gets Her Stuff.

In previous seasons if memory serves, the first person to win HoH on the double eviction night didn't get anything - since it was lost so fast after it was won.

But this go round Keesha got her basket of goodies - including a letter from her boyfriend which she had been worried about.

Now we just wait for Jerry to go get into his HoH room.

Ugh, Jerry wins.

Although the feeds are still on bubbles (come on production guys, press the button!), BBAD is on the air. Jerry Week is about to begin, with Jerry proudly wearing the key around his neck. He says he's prepared to speak to everyone, and hear all ideas. Uh huh. Memphis says he hopes Jerry stays upstairs the whole week, and stays out of his way. Renny is certain she'll be out the door. In fact, no one feels safe at all (as they shouldn't) and they (and we) have no idea what he'll be doing this week. Scott, this second HoH is certainly just as climactic as the first. I shouldn't have made that comment about Jerry, damn.

Waiting on the second HoH

They are just waiting to do the second HoH.

Jerry is in the DR and the others seem to agree he goes next unless he wins HoH or the POV.

The feeds will most likely be blocked when they do it.

My guess is that Julie is interviewing Michelle and Ollie - and then she will conduct the HoH with the HGs to show on Sunday.

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 20 Recap

Ok, I’ll admit that Tuesday’s episode didn’t quite live up to the hype. Blame that on the editing that almost made Michelle look cool, calm, and collected. Tonight then has to be the night where we see seven people go insane, right?
Probably not, as it is double eviction night, which should limit the amount of time available for Ollie and Michelle’s meltdown. You think CBS would have pushed back the festivities if they had any clue what was going to go down? Seriously, they could have spent a whole hour on the reaction to Dan’s silly veto meeting shenanigans.
Here we go! Wow, we are going to see SOME of the explosive action. Ollie speaks first, and this had to be much later in the day as he’s pretty calm as he complains about Dan “disrespecting me and mocking me”. Dan says that it was “my goal to cause utter chaos and confusion by the time the ceremony was over so there would not be a target on my back”. I’m not sure if that plan really worked to achieve that goal.
Jerry still looks confused, but does say in the diary room that “Ollie put a lot of faith in a man that could not keep his word. My plan is to do and say absolutely nothing.” A good plan, if only he would have followed through with it. Well, he did in some respects, as Dan never heard his constant babbling over the next three days.
Michelle is now seen completely losing it. So many words are bleeped that I can’t even follow what she’s saying, other than that Dan is a plant. “Don’t play me like I’m a fucking idiot. I’m sitting in the nomination chair because of roulette? You’re fucking with the wrong person!”
Dan is shown walking outside with Memphis and Keesha, babbling something about if you “make an omelette you have to break some eggs”, while Jerry and Ollie console Michelle. Ollie is convinced that Dan is a plant. “I’m gonna call him out. Let’s do it.”
Ollie heads outside and tells Dan he needs to “tell some stories”. Keesha responds that “I know you two (Ollie and Michelle) turned on me”. Michelle is walking out at that very moment, and goes ballistic. Keesha just laughs and says, “I’d be crazy to be mad at (Dan)”. Michelle adds that Dan’s football picture is fake. Yeah, ok.
Ollie informs everybody of the three-part deal that they already knew about. Dan decides to walk away, and babbles about how those that light fuses never stick around to watch it blow up. Ollie continues to tell the story of the deal. “I was in control this week. I was HOH.” Memphis responds that all he cares about is that he’s off the block, and in the diary room shakes his head at Ollie’s conspiracy theories. (Of course, they don’t show Ollie calling Memphis a faggot.)
Keesha asks if it was supposed to be her on the block if it was up to them. “Pretty much, yeah” replies Ollie. Memphis finally asks Ollie why he doesn’t think they know all this. “I could care less if you knew it or didn’t know it. Just know who you’re working with.”
Ollie now heads upstairs to ask why Dan “played me for a fool”. Dan’s response is that it’s just a game. “If you like to play games, you could have stayed home and played Monopoly. You test my manhood, and you disrespected me in front of millions of people, and you think it’s a game?”
Ollie heads out, and now it’s Renny’s turn to yell at Dan. “Do you honestly think that was all necessary? I’m getting too old for this shit.” They all then watch Ollie toss things around, including candy, a lamp, and some weight gear.
Michelle now comes up, and after being warned that Dan doesn’t want her to yell, repeats over and over “why did you do that to me? Out of all the fucking people, why did you put me up? I’m the only person in this house who hasn’t screwed you.” Oh boy. “It’s not fun getting backdoored for something you didn’t even do.” Come on, Michelle, you’re playing a reality show game. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her yell at the camera crew to not film her.
We now go to the house, and Julie informs them that it’s double eviction week. Ollie claps for some reason. We head right to the final statements from Jerry and Michelle. Jerry babbles about ups and downs, and if he’s sent away it’s a “bump in the road”. He goes on with more silliness.
Michelle then gets up, and talks about how grateful she is to be here, and once again copies Angie’s speech from over a month ago about voting for your self. Ugh. She claims she loves all of them.
The voting now begins, and Keesha votes to evict Michelle, as does Memphis. Ollie votes to evict Jerry, and a clearly unhappy Renny votes to evict Michelle. It’s 3-1 against Michelle! Thank God!
Julie announces the vote, and Michelle is calm as she hugs only Jerry, Keesha, Renny, and Ollie. Sorry, Dan and Memphis! Ollie runs out to grab some gloves for the HOH, and we quickly return to Michelle. Julie asks why she became the target. Michelle believes that she was targeted the whole time, and repeats the whole plant theory. (Get over it.) “One plus one does not equal two to Dan”? What does that even mean? Julie does a surprisingly great job at deflating her by informing Michelle that Dan was not a plant. “Then he’s crazy.” Julie asks “crazy smart”, and Michelle says no because “he’ll be sitting here in a few minutes”. I suddenly want Dan to win this game.
Oh, and now we learn that Michelle was sent out because he was “petrified” of her. She claims that she’s been “very, very calm”. Oh really? “Dan tried to say he was sorry after, but he can take his sorry and put it you know where.” Now that’s classy. Thankfully, this segment is over.
We move on to the HOH competition, and, as expected, it’s a question competition. The game is “Big Brother Headlines”, and everybody has to pick which house guest viewers chose would fit some phony headlines, and taking a step up or down depending on the answers.
The first “headline” is who America picked “gets lost on his way home from work”. The answers are either Jerry or Keesha. Keesha is the correct answer, and everybody gets a point except Renny. The second question is about comedy tours, and whether it would be Dan or Renny. Renny is the correct answer, and everybody but Memphis gets a point.
The third question is about being a hero for saving a family from a burning building – Dan or Ollie. The correct answer is Dan, and only Jerry gets a point. Next up is who would be entrusted with national security secrets – Jerry or Memphis. Again, everybody but Memphis gets a point. Dammit, Memphis!
Headline five is about whose life story would be a feature film – Jerry or Renny. Renny is the only one with the correct answer this time. The sixth headline is about being arrested by the fashion police – Memphis or Ollie. Jerry and Keesha are the only ones correct this time.
The final “headline” is about beating Jessie in arm wreslting – Dan or Keesha. Good question! Renny, Memphis, and Keesha are the victors. Jerry and Keesha are tied! They have to answer with a number for the final question. Oh god, this is not the right pair for this. How many lollipops were displayed is the question – they both answer 100! The second tie-breaker is if you add the times in “One Giant Leap” is the total time. Jerry guesses 320, and Keesha goes with 500. The correct number is 1,556. Keesha wins!
After commercials, Keesha is asked for nominees, and chooses Jerry and Ollie because the others stood behind her all week. We go right to commercials, and when we return it is time for the veto competition. This one is called veto in a haystack, and the winner is the person who finds two veto medallions the quickest. Ollie leaps ahead of everybody, but Dan finds one first. Renny, Memphis, and Keesha aren’t too far behind. Dan immediately grabs the second one, and wins the veto! I think Ollie may be toast!
We come back to see Keesha and Jerry laughing about having the same guess on the first tie-breaker. Julie rounds them up for the veto meeting. Jerry pleads his case first, but says he “said it all” the first time around but he’s held up with everybody. Ollie spits out a piece of hay before beginning, and babbles that “it is what it is. Dan, you like to play a lot of games. Let’s play another game, and hopefully I’ll be lucky.” Despite appreciating Ollie’s humor, he obviously decides to not use the veto. We see Dan and Memphis walking away as Julie tells us that one of them will be evicted when we return.
We come back to the living room for the voting. Dan votes first, and chooses to evict Ollie. Renny is next, and also votes against Ollie. Memphis is next, and you can guess how he votes. It’s now Jerry against four other people. Ollie knows he’s the one evicted, and sprints out the door before it’s even announced.
As we wait for the interview, we hear Jerry ask that everybody just “talk” to him. “I’ve had no sour grapes, and I never had had them.” Oh really? Too bad we can’t show them some tape from the last few days. “Hell, I could have won the HOH.”
Ollie says he knew when he heard it was 3-0. “It was my turn, I guess.” He complains that he didn’t compete as well as he wanted to. You think? You didn’t win anything! No HOH; no veto. Yet he’s thankful for the opportunity. He admits that he was upset with Dan, but says he was more confused than upset. “I don’t know if that’s the best decision for him.” Ooooh, good question from Julie, as she asks if Dan’s betrayal is any different than what he did to Brian in week one. Somebody please explain to me Ollie’s nonsensical answer. He says he was more upset that he involved everybody in the house in his plan.
After one good question, though, Julie has to jump into TMZ territory by asking about April. Ollie says that he hopes for a “bright future” with the silly girl. “I plan to keep her around as long as I can.”
Wow, we don’t get to see who the new HOH is. I guess I’ll be watching the feeds…if they decide to show them. As we see the final shots of the house, it is simply amazing how Jerry is sucking up to those “terrible” people.

Double Eviction Night Post!!

Here we go !! Post away!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dan's HOH Blog

Head of Household #7: Dan
First off, I have to thank AMERICA for voting me America's Player!!! Finding out that I was voted America's Player was a huge surprise for me personally. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I am very humbled by those who voted. I did my best to give you (America) exactly what you asked for, especially with the masculine yet awkward 18 second hug.

In this house I try not to take ANYTHING too seriously because this is a once in a lifetime experience. Everyday I am in this house I try to stay as positive as I can because even when the chips are down a positive attitude can pull you through a lot of tough situations.

Regarding the actual game of Big Brother, it has been a lot tougher then even I imagined. I came in this house trying to play as hard as I can right from the start and I found someone with a similar mindset in Brian. When Brian was evicted it changed the entire game for me and I realized I had to shift gears to play the "weak player" strategy. I've had to throw A LOT of competitions to get to where I am now and being a competitive person it was a very difficult thing for me to do. I'm not a huge fan of losing so to intentionally lose is a lot harder then it may seem. But make no mistake about it, with every competition I have thrown (I like to call it the Art of the Throw) I have had SO MUCH fun doing so. Anytime I would throw a competition I would try to "one-up" or do a more convincing job of each throw, and whether I fooled anyone or not, I hope you all got a kick out of it!

This brings me to my current state of the game as HOH. Clearly I have abandoned the Art of the Throw and am now playing the game as hard as I can. This week by gambling with my hidden alliance member (the Renegades) Memphis' life in the game, I took a huge risk. Lucky for me it has paid off so far, but I have had to do some shady things in the process. I did break a major deal with Ollie by nominating Michelle (someone who I actually like, but is a tough competitor) and it was not an easy decision. In this game you have to make tough decisions because you are fighting for your life every week. Whether or not the decision is right or wrong I am sure I will find out, but at the end of the day I felt it was the best move for me and my alliance in Keesha, Renny, and Memphis. It is nearly impossible to win this game by yourself, so I hope that trusting my alliance does not come back to haunt me!

In this house I try to have as much fun as possible, which includes messing with Renny, making fun of Renny, Swim Club (which has been canceled due to lack of enrollment), poking at Renny, eating Renny's dinners, trying to feed birds in the backyard, making Renny cut my hair, doing cannonballs in the pool, and of course acting like a "mature" 24 year old teacher. Big Brother has given me the opportunity to do things I never thought possible, which includes acting like a kid again, and I am taking that and RUNNING with it. You can't take life in this house too seriously because you will never get out alive!

Some people may wonder why I have not gotten angry at Jerry for the "Judas" comment or any of the other personal shots people have taken at me. The reason that you do not see me respond or fight with them is because I know that people say things in the heat of the battle that they may or may not mean. I do not take any of the things people say in this house personally or seriously.

Real quick I would like to play a game, its called Big Brother Word Association (don't worry, no more Replacement Nominee Roulette, that didn't go over so well did it?). It may give you some insight as to how I actually feel about people in this house.

Renny - Caring/Crazy
Memphis - Strong/Loyal Friend
Keesha - Midwest Girl/Great Heart
Michelle - Defensive/Strong Willed
Jerry - Giving His Best Effort
Ollie - Confused without April / Funny
Brian - Hilarious/Loyal
Stephen - Wild/Smart
Angie - Fun/Guarded
April - Driven
Libra - Opinionated
Jesse - The Hulk

On a personal note, here are a few loves of mine if you are interested (if not skip this paragraph). Monica, coaching high school football, teaching young minds, spending time with my family, running, following Michigan State University sports, and hanging out with my friends.
Pretty wild, huh?

I may take some flak for things I have done in this game because I am a Catholic School Teacher, but I would just like to say that I take my job and responsibility as a teacher VERY seriously. It is my passion in life and I hope that the students that I have taught and players that I have coached have not lost any respect for me or look at me in a negative light, because no amount of money in the world is worth that happening. If I could deliver a message to the Men of St. Mary's it would be: Keep the faith in God even in the most crazy situations, trust Him for guidance, and play as hard as you can within the confines of the rules of the game!

Last but certainly not least I have to thank my family, friends, fans, the city of DEARBORN Michigan, students and faculty of Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep (who I hope are still keeping my teaching job for me), the St. Mary's Eaglet Football Team (BEAT EGR on Thursday and get the Red Rowdies going!), and of course my beautiful girlfriend (whom I love VERY much) Monica for their support. Seeing the photos and reading the letter from home has re-energized me in this game. At this point I am playing this game for my family and everyone back home in Dearborn! I hope I have made you all proud even with some of the shady moves that I have made (and trust me I KNOW they were shady, but I am trying to WIN). My thoughts and prayers are with everyone back home in Dearborn and of course with the Orchard Lake St. Mary's FOOTBALL Team, get a win and start the season out 1-0. I miss you all, TAU Monica.

And always remember, OLSM #1 In Michigan!

a.k.a Father Dan
a.k.a America's Player 2.0 - the new and improved version, a little bigger, a little stronger, and better looking ;)

P.S. I really am going to go to Confession as soon as I get out of this crazy house, so get ready for a marathon session.

Uh Oh!

All day long, Renny and Keesha have been indicating that they're possibly starting to believe Michelle and Ollie's stories. The fact that Jerry hasn't approached them is leading them to believe he has a pact with Dan, even though NOBODY has seen the two of them talk. Ollie was even sociable to Keesha for a few minutes, although they mainly talked about religion and relationships. Dan and Memphis have noticed this situation, and plan on talking to the two later tonight.

Dinner Is Served!

Dan and Memphis cooked meatloaf (with a little help from Renny), and Michelle and Jerry actually took a break from bad-mouthing them to join in. Renny went and asked Ollie to join them, and he just gave her a thumbs down motion. Wow.

Oh, it's not faaaair...

She just doesn't understand! She has no idea why she's up, she doesn't deserve this, and it's just not fair! She's by herself in this game. She's not in an alliance with Ollie, and she doesn't even know why she's up there based on a deal that someone else made. Oh, did I mention she just doesn't understand?! We know, Manchelle. We know you don't get it, trust me.

She's talking to Dan, telling him she thinks she's being set up. She got thrown under the bus...she doesn't know what's going he a plant? She's confused. She asks Dan why he didn't just put her up in the first place. But here's the thing, she got to play in the Veto. She could have won it, and avoided the situation. So the whining about unfairness and being back doored is completely invalid. Part of being backdoored is not being about to play in the Veto, which she did. I'm not sure if the tears were genuine, since nothing about Manchelle is.

Is The Whispering Beginning To Work?

Ollie and Michelle decided last night that they're going to work on creating doubt in Keesha and Renny's mind about Dan. They also plan on calling him out for being a plant when they're locked in the HOH together tomorrow. Michelle just put some garbage in Keesha's ear, and she's now asking Memphis what he thinks. They both agree, though, that Michelle and Ollie are just grasping at straws.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kankle Bitch!!!

Oh, Jerry, for somebody that prides himself on being nice you sure like to dish out not-so pleasant terms of endearment. He's talking about how "they" will be following them to the jury house, including "kankle bitch". Would that be Renny or Keesha? Michelle and Ollie love it.

Pity Party

Just moments after Jerry claimed that they've been nothing but nice, Michelle has to open her big mouth. "How is he a football coach? He's a fucking liar. He ain't no fucking football coach. He's a fucking cheerleader. That's why he's always got to be there because he has to go cheerlead. Dan don't know how to suck a pussy. But he knows how to suck a dick. Some other guy probably has his pussy now." Ugh. They've spent their entire time playing pool talking about what terrible people Memphis and Dan are.

Oh yeah, and Michelle added that Memphis would probably like a little "Brokeback Mountain action".

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 19 Recap

In 1975, Neil Young famously sang, “Tonight’s the Night”. Yes, I know Rod Stewart also had a song with that same title, but let’s ignore that travesty.
But tonight is the night every fan of Big Brother should be watching. Depending on the edit, it could be the most epic episode in years. In fact, with Thursday’s episode featuring a double eviction, there’s a fair chance that we’ll actually see the fallout from the explosive veto meeting that was held yesterday.
There’s so much material, though, that it should be interesting to see how they structure tonight’s show…especially since they have to waste a segment on one of the houseguests receiving a phone call from home. Otherwise, we’re going to see the reactions to the nominations, some campaigning, the veto competition, more campaigning, a plot to shake up the house, and the actual veto meeting. It’s impossible to fit all the fun into 47 minutes.
So here we go with the reaction to Dan’s nominations. Ollie says he “couldn’t be in a better position right now. I get all the good stuff that comes with being HOH. I get to call all the shots, but my hands are clean.” Memphis is still pissed, though, and waves off hugs from Renny and Michelle. “I think Dan’s plan is crap.”
He does shake Jerry’s hand, though, and we once again get to hear about how Jerry is a “fighter”. Yes, we get it. Dan babbles about how the nominations will look to Ollie like he’s doing as he wanted, but will hide the awfully-named “Renegade” alliance. “Any risk I take in life is very calculated.”
Memphis follows Dan up to the HOH, and is asked if he’s really pissed. Memphis confirms it, and adds that he’s “taking a huge, huge risk”. Dan tells him to keep playing it up that he’s pissed, and Memphis says that won’t be a problem.
Dan now adds the bombshell that Ollie gets to pick a replacement nominee if the veto is used. Memphis can’t believe it. “What the hell were you smoking when you were up there?” Dan replies, “that ain’t happening”. He adds that if Ollie wins the veto and takes down Jerry, then “Michelle is going home”. In the diary room, Dan adds that Ollie is dumb to believe that he would send one of his own home.
Keesha is sleeping, but Dan wakes her up to ask if he made a mistake. Keesha won’t comment, but does admit that she doesn’t think “it will go the way you want it to”. Renny (literally) bounces in at that moment, and Dan repeats the question. Renny and Keesha have now finally figured out that Michelle and Ollie are together. Wow, that only took two weeks.
Keesha asks what happens if Jerry comes down, and Dan responds that neither of them will go up. Renny’s a quick one, that’s for sure. “You’ll have to put (Michelle) up!” She adds that if he puts her up, she’ll come back and “xxx you in the ass”. Hahahahaha! She’s not any happier when Dan once again says that they just have to trust him.
It’s now that evening, and Ollie is now telling Jerry and Michelle the third part of the deal. Michelle says that “it’s a pretty good deal”. Um, yeah. Jerry’s not so confident. “I think that’s a terrible deal that Ollie made with Dan. I don’t trust anybody in this house that they will live up to their end of a bargain.” There, my friends, is the smartest thing Jerry has said all season. Hats off to you, my friend.
Jerry also points out that they don’t have the votes, since Dan would break a tie vote. “He has us by the balls.” Ollie doesn’t agree. “We got the game in our hands right now.” If Dan doesn’t follow through, Ollie promises that “hell will be unleashed on him”
After commercials, it’s time for “America’s vote”. CBS put up a poll to see who would receive a phone call, and you can see Renny and Jerry’s eyes light up. Luckily, we can’t see Manchelle’s eyes, as she has her hands in front of them praying that she wins. Keesha doesn’t show much emotion, but cries in the diary room about the prospect of talking to her parents.
Michelle runs off into the bedroom to cry, and Renny goes in to comfort her. Ugh, we get to see her cry some more in the diary room. “OMG, I would be so grateful to America, because I think of everybody in the house I’m the one that’s by them self the most.” Jerry also comes in to cheer her up. Jerry also cries in the diary room while talking about how he hasn’t been away from his wife for this long.
It’s now the following morning, and a phone that has been placed in the living room begins to ring. Michelle is putting on jewelry, and after gathering everybody in the living room starts wondering if they should answer it. Ugh. Finally, she does, and it’s Jerry’s daughter. The phone is handed on one end to Jerry, with his great-grandson grabbing the other end. He completely breaks down when his wife takes the phone.
Michelle then starts to cry as Jerry concludes the call. Funny thing is that some people were bitching afterwards that he didn’t tell his wife that he loved her, when he clearly ended the call that way. (We also don’t see Michelle’s temper tantrum that she threw the rest of the day because she didn’t get the call.)
With the sap portion of the show out of the way, we now see Memphis join Keesha and Dan in the HOH. Keesha asks if Memphis thinks Michelle would vote him out. “If you would have asked me two weeks ago, I would have said no. If you had asked me last week, I would have said I don’t think so. You ask me this week, and I have no fucking clue.”
Keesha then asks who Michelle would have put up if she had won HOH. “Not Ollie”, says Dan. They quickly figure out that two of the four of them (including Renny) would be up in that scenario. Memphis answers Dan’s question about the best scenario with “Michelle goes home”. Dan says in the diary room that Michelle is a “tough competitor”, so why should he not send her home? For that to happen, though, somebody has to win veto.
It’s now time to pick players for the veto competition. Dan pulls out Renny, Memphis gets Keesha, and Jerry gets “player’s choice” and picks Michelle. Dan’s not happy, but Jerry explains that it’s his best move since Michelle would remove him from the block, and Dan could not put up Ollie.
Obviously, Ollie’s not happy that he wasn’t picked, so he heads upstairs to “reassure the deal”. Dan says that Ollie “must be crazy” to think he’s going to follow through with the third part of the deal.
For the actual competition, everybody is dressed up as astronauts, and brought out onto a set that looks like Mars. Silly Big Brother. Dan babbles about how he always wanted to be an astronaut. Think that was scripted?
The contest involves “floating” across the surface and picking out puzzle pieces. The winner is the person who puts their puzzle together first. There’s two heats, though, and the winners of each will face each other for the veto.
Dan says that (as usual), his plan is to not win. He wants Keesha to win the first heat. Michelle babbles that she’s “hanging on a thread”, so she has to ensure that she survives by winning veto. She goes on and on about how she was making herself move across the fastest, but it’s really not that interesting. Dan explains her best – “what she has in strength she lacks in brain power”. Hahahahahah! Hahahhahaha!
Sure enough, she struggles with the puzzle, despite the fact that she claims she’s “really good with puzzles. That’s what I do at home all the time.” Didn’t some other twit make that same claim last year?
Keesha, meanwhile, says that she figured out the puzzle right away, and she’s way ahead of the other two when she gets the last piece in place.
The second heat features Memphis, Jerry, and Renny. Memphis knows he has to win it, and Jerry also again says “my life is on the line”. Renny is having fun, especially since she gets to wear a costume.
Jerry’s age is clearly a hindrance, though, as we see him struggling with the pieces. Again, though, he’s great at puzzles in his own mind, even though Memphis is waaaayyyyyy ahead of him. Yes, Memphis wins.
In the final heat, Ollie says he’s happy because he “knows” he gets a final say in the veto meeting. Dan also is happy, saying “I couldn’t have orchestrated this thing any better”. Keesha struggles this time around, and Memphis easily wins. Ollie still thinks that Dan has to replace Memphis with either Renny or Keesha, and giggles in anticipation. Dan promises that they’ll be shocked with what actually does happen.
After commercials, Dan and Memphis celebrate by bouncing around the HOH. Memphis asks if Michelle is still the target, but is concerned by the hostility that will be created if Michelle is nominated. Oh, if you could only see the future, Mr. Mixologist.
As they continue to talk, Keesha rings the bell. Dan now informs her of part three of the deal. Renny also comes in just as Keesha figures out that either her or Keesha are now supposed to go up. Renny can’t believe her ears, and Memphis jokes that “Dan is not very good at negotiating”. Dan tells them that they can’t let Ollie know what he’s going to do, and that they “better have my back” when it goes down. “You’re going to need protection”, laughs Renny.
Later that night, Ollie asks to talk to Dan. He says in the diary room that he’s now not completely sure that Dan will follow through. Dan tells Ollie that he’s trying to talk Memphis out of using the veto, and Ollie responds that he wants Keesha to go up when the veto is used.
It’s now almost time for the veto meeting, and we see Dan watching the spy cam in the HOH. He says in the diary room that “no matter what happens, somebody is going to be mad at me. In order to take the attention off me, I’m going to have to cause drama and fights between everyone else in the house.”
He decides to turn the veto ceremony into a game, and calls Michelle up to the HOH. He says that in the veto meeting, he’s going to ask everybody who they think should be the replacement nominee, and that he wants each houseguest’s name brought up. “That’s going to make an enemy, possibly, out of the person sitting across from them.” Hmmm, that’s an interesting theory. He asks Michelle who she would want out, and she says Keesha. He then cons Ollie into promising to say Renny.
Renny and Keesha are then brought up and asked the same question. Keesha agrees to say Michelle, but Renny’s not happy with this plan. “I think it’s a copout. You really don’t want to make a decision, so you’re making it look like Keesha and I are doing it for you.” He then tells her that Ollie and Michelle are going to say their names, and Renny now gets fired up enough to say that she’ll do it. Dan thinks that he’ll be able to sit in the HOH and watch the fireworks that ensue.
We now get to see Memphis perform the scripted portion of the ceremony. Ollie still thinks he’s “in the driver’s seat”, while Dan says when he woke up he knew he had to stir things up to take some of the “eyes off me”.
Everybody is brought in, and after Jerry babbles about how he doesn’t expect Memphis to use it on him, Memphis indeed takes himself off the block. Dan then gets up, and says how as HOH he’s already made two people mad at him, and now a third. But…”everybody in this house knows I like to have some fun, and I have fun by playing games. Right now, we’re going to play a game - a very high stakes game that I like to call ‘replacement nominee roulette”. You can see the blood drain from Ollie’s face. Oh wait, actually it’s going back into his head as his rage intensifies.
The rules are that Dan is going to ask everybody to truthfully name who they want as the replacement nominee, and if anybody refuses to answer then they will go up. Michelle is first, and names Keesha. Ollie says Renny, and Keesha then says Michelle “since my name was thrown out there”. Renny does the same to Ollie. Jerry sits confused.
After babbling about gambling and losing bets, Dan says that Ollie lost the bet so Michelle’s on the block. WTF? Even after knowing how this went down, I’m confused. So is everybody else.
Michelle is completely confused. “How did I get backdoored for somebody else’s veto? I swear to God that if I find out he’s a plant (Dan), which I know he is…seriously, do you think I’m stupid? Do I have stupid written on my head? If you don’t think that I don’t know what the fuck is going on here. Then you have another thing coming.”
Dan is now seen patting himself on the back in the diary room. “Wow, I surprised myself with that one. I’ve been playing this game very passive, laying low, but when the opportunity presents itself to take a big shot in this game, you have to take it. I just lit a fuse to the dynamite, and I walked away.”
Ollie is seen throwing a bottle, and in the diary room he says “if he wanted a circus, he got a circus. He’s done nothing in this game but piss people off. For him to disrespect me in the way he did, I’ll guarantee you that it’s rectified before I leave here.” During that statement, we see him smash an outdoor light fixture.
Wow, I really wish that we could have seen more of Michelle’s rants, especially when she screamed at the cameras to stop filming her. They BETTER show more of this on Thursday!

Sorry bout that.....

I have shirked my responsibilities and allowed some folks to go a bit overboard it seems. My 'real' life has been keeping me from adminning here the way I would like so I have made a copy of the keys to the store and handed them to Scott. Hopefully between the two of us we can keep the idiots at bay a bit.

Oh, and no more anonymous posting either. Most likely one person ruined it for the rest, but that is how it usually goes.

And with that, carry on!

They think they have Renny...

Ollie was talking to Renny in the bathroom, trying to get her to commit to keeping Manchelle. He asks her if she'd vote Jerry out. Renny gives him one word answers, and seems non-commital. Now he's in the punk room with Michelle telling her that they've got Renny, and he thinks they can get Keesha. Michelle thinks that Dan put her up to see her reaction, and watch her dig herself out of the game. She thinks Renny is on her side, because she comforted her after the ceremony and told her to stay calm (...ok?) She's got her eviction speech planned, talking about asking the voters to "right the wrong" that was done to her. Sound familiar? She definitely hasn't given up, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, Renny is reiterating the brief conversation with Keesha, where she tells Keesha that she said yes because she would like to vote Jerry out, just not this week.